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yellow haze


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Days of warm still air tend to produce poor visibility. A mixture of natural moisture and dust from human activity. A problem of living in this country. The best times for viewing are when it is very cold as the air holds little moisture, and after a cold front has brought rain to clear out the dust.

The last couple of evenings have been classic misty/dusty weather. Looking at the forecast, there is nothing coming up in the next few days to resolve this. Just look in daylight at long range visibility.

The bad thing about binos is that fitting light pollution filters is (to the best of my knowledge) near enough impossible.

The good thing about binos is you can throw them on the car seat, drive to somewhere dark, away from the pollution, and view immediately.

Sorry. No instant fixes.

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Also at this time of year you can add-in the effects of pollen.

I remember a full moon appearing yellow/green due to pollen.

The last two nights here have been like a yellowish/gray soup, not good at all for observing.

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