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Don't panic!

(large friendly letters, don't you think)

No Vogon fleet headed this way yet, not dolphins doing back-flips whilst whistling the "Star-spangled banner"? Then there is no need to panic.

Just for clarification: Should we panic only if BOTH these events occur or either one? I think I've heard and seen the dolphins whistling our national anthem whilst doing back flips (of course single malt, if applied liberally enough can cause Americans to perceive things strangely - or perceive strange things - or strangely things perceiveds - or . . . )

Now, if'n I'd seen them fish-like mammalians whistling "Dixie" whilst doing back flips - and spitting nickels - sideways - I'd start to worry or at least know that I'd sent of lot of coin to Scotland. :)

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The argument that population explosion could destroy civilization as we know resonates with me. I'm 68 years plus a few months old. I can well remember when Earth's population was estimated to have passed the 3 billion mark. It has doubled plus some since then. If this rate of expansion continues, food will become the force of friction leading to wars when absolutely assured climatic events occur..

Someone who knows more than I, told me that 1/4 of all of the people who have ever lived on this planet are alive today. Nearly 1/4 of the living are Chinese. No comment or hand wringing offered on that basis, I just thought it an interesting statistic.


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