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Its always interesting to read people making predictions boyond their own lifetime. Can hardly ask them to explain themselves if they're wrong. I shall still add this to my increasing list of reasons to stop the planet so I can get off.:)

Clear skies


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I expect this story from STV has somewhat exaggerated the content of the talk. It is part of a day's talks at the Edinburgh International Science Festival and is thus primarily targeting Joe Public and schoolkids/students. Spicing things up a bit with talk of impending apocalypse probably seems a good way of drawing in the crowds :)

The astronomers in question are well regarded (the two Astronomer Royals) and I know from personal experience that John Brown (the Astronomer Royal for Scotland) puts a lot of work into public outreach and making astronomy sound exciting and fun. All credit to them.

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One of 2 possibilities: The web article is journalistic tripe (most of it these days is) or the 'eminent' scientists have sold their souls to Mammon. (I guess both could be true.)

The argument that population explosion could destroy civilization as we know resonates with me. I'm 68 years plus a few months old. I can well remember when Earth's population was estimated to have passed the 3 billion mark. It has doubled plus some since then. If this rate of expansion continues, food will become the force of friction leading to wars when absolutely assured climatic events occur. The affluent and better educated nations mostly have declining or stable birth rates. It is the poor, and under-educated nations where birth rates continue to explode. Many argue that the exploding birth rate is the underlying cause of non state-sponsored terrorism.

I'd like to be able to attend and hear the debates.

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Just a friendly reminder that religion and political discussion are not encouraged on the forum - too inflammatory.

I believe that the population of the earth is due to reach 7 billion this year, possibly around May according to National Geographic.

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What! I could have predicted that, exactly what evidence are these theories based on!

If this is the type of intelligence we should expect, then I say Bruce Willis for world leader "yippe ka yay mother BEEEEEP" :)

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Don't panic!

(large friendly letters, don't you think)

No Vogon fleet headed this way yet, not dolphins doing back-flips whilst whistling the "Star-spangled banner"? Then there is no need to panic.

That's all very well but I'm 42 years old this September. Co-incidence???



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What is really getting right on my nerves is all this 2012 ****, really, i ask, they put some scientist on Discovery, Nat Geo and The History channels, they walk up to a 2000 year old wall with a lot of decapitated heads on it and start babbling on about astrology, " what the hell ", there scientist, aaahhh, the amount of time I've heard this woo woo, they should be singled out and burn't at the stark for heresy.

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