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Heya, i was wondering if it could also be used without retracting it?, so you will have less focal length and less magnification! (potentially have less eyepieces you need 2 buy!:))

Is this possible and has this been tried?

Also since i don't have a light shroud yet this could prevent stray light ?

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Sorry mate, that won't work. Moving the secondary and focuser by shortening the tube doesn't change the shape of the primary mirror (its f/ratio), so it will focus in only one place. There are 'focal reducers', but I don't know of any for newtonian designs.


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haha :icon_salut: what a dummy :S:P

next time i'll think more before firing away my silly questions :)

thanks for responding anyway!:BangHead:

Ask as many 'silly ones' as you wish - as long as you are willing to pay the price.....

You have to answer the same ones later on when you are an experienced old fart like me.

How do you think we all got so clever anyway? By bugging the heck out of the more experienced folks, that's how! :eek:


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