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Feeling Frustrated

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Am I the only owner of a WO megrez 72 who feels frustrated there aren't any tube rings specifically designed for the 72?

Having contacted FLO, Ian King and WO themselves, the consensus of opinion is that I should go for the (IMHO) less attractive finder/guidescope rings (e.g. Here), as opposed to the 90mm CNC variety Here

Brantuk Has been very helpful in this matter, and his photos show that tube rings for the meg72 do (or at least did) exist at one time.

Being a tight-fisted so-and-so (short arms, deep pockets :)) I'm reluctant to cough up £80 or so for the 90mm CNC rings only to find they're a little too loose! I'd also rather like to avoid spending money on finder/guide scope rings if "proper" rings are to be had somewhere.

Any (further) advice - especially from meg72 owners - would be very grateful

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Hello i mount my megrez72 using the PS Photo Deluxe Dovetail with 1/4" Camera Adapter, can be found here.

Accessories @ Modern Astronomy

I just ordered allen screws on ebay to connect it to the foot, Using it side by side on an adm dual mount it is very solid.

Ahh! Now that might just do the trick - depending on how far forward the scope can be positioned to counteract the weight of a DSLR on the back. Thanks for the suggestion!


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