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Size isnt everything

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I bought my first scope back in January and had a few clear skies to use it but being a novice and was struggling with the goto mount it then sat in my lounge slowly becoming an expensive dust collector this was mainly due to lack of use owing to the cloudy Scottish skies and yes i contemplated putting on ebay but then i went on a holiday to egypt (Sharm el Sheikh) and went on a stargazing night which was amazing and they had huge telescopes which dwarfed my Skymax 127 and we got to view Saturn as you can imagine it furthered my intention to put mine on ebay as if i could see saturn clearly through these massive optics what would my 127 give me :), then the other night the sky was so clear and i was sitting watching the box when the moon came out and was impressive in itself to which i quickly unpacked my 127 set up and viewed to my pleasure then using stellarium i spotted saturn with the naked eye and thought lets give it a go and i was amazed and surprised at what i was able to see it was there clear as day and when i popped on the 10mm eyepiece it was better than the view in egypt so my 127 WILL NOT be going on ebay and i am more eager than ever to get out even it means staying up to the wee small hours thank you Saturn and my Skymax 127

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Hello, amature astronomy will occasionally give the newcomer instant satisfaction but patience will reward when seeing is better especially with high magnification. 127's aare great compact scopes.


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In my own experience, Astronomy isn't a full time hobby. By that I mean the enthusiam dies down somewhat until you have a clear night with superb atmospheric conditions.

Since getting my Skywatcher back in February of this year I have had the scope out on every clear night, so things may be changing for me!

Welcome to the forum.

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