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second saturn


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Oh yeah, it's About 90 seconds at 10 frames per second with an spc 900.

I turned up the gain a little this time as my previous ones have been a bit dark, and I think that helped bring the colour through a bit.

It's the post stacking tweaks that I'm really just guessing at in registaxx. The wavelet settings, rgb etc.

For example I found by checking the luminance box, some of the blue fringing off the bottom disappeared.... but it's all guesswork

It looks to me like the shadow of the rings is too dark, but I can't tweak that without losing something else in the picture (there may be a cloud band under the shadow which is making it look dark):)

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Chris, try turning the gain down a bit, then stretch the histogram in the post processing stage. That will help to reduce noise. Or if you can manage it, increase the capture time to 360 sec. (I haven't tried this long yet but regularly use 300 sec.) and you should get enough good frames to leave the gain up and still get a smooth result. This also can have the benefit of giving you more freedom re. the lowest quality settings.

Not sure what you mean by the shadow under the rings? But I wouldn't loose too much sleep over it at the moment. The Blue fringe can be due to a couple of things, possibly Atmospheric Dispersion if the planet is at a low elevation. Try using the RGB align function (in the Wavelets Tab) in Registax, try the estimate button for automatic results or the manual method if you aren't satisfied.

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