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At Last..My First Light...and WOW


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Some of you might remember I joined the forum back in Jan/Feb this year, having broken my arm and having time to spend thinking what to do.

Well I ended up with a GSO 8" reflector on a Celestron EQ-5 mount and tripod but because of the arm have been unable to put the kit together to try. Been consoling myself by buying kit (of which I reckon two bits are must haves!)

The clear nights we've been having have been too tempting and last night, with absolute clear skies, I couldn't resist any longer so, with great care (not to say a little struggle) put the bits together and waited patiently.

As the stars started popping out, gadget number one came in to use, the red-dot finder. if you haven't got one, raid the piggy-bank. This was fantastic for ranging round the sky. So easy to pick out stars and the scope wuld be spot on.

But he main target was obvious. Once Saturn was identified and had reached a position the scope could access I started with a 26mm, good, went to a 15mm, interesting, a 6mm, WOW, 6mm plus barlow too fuzzy so back to 6 and WOW WOW WOW.

Now many of you old hands would see this as very ordinary, but to actually see Saturn with its rings quite distinct from the surface was just indescribable. Nowhere near as good as the photos but it was real and live.

My only regret is leaving it too late this year for the Orion Nebula, but it'll come back.

Oh, second essential bit of kit, a small step-ladder of course:hello2:

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I know exactly what you mean. I saw Saturn for the first time a few weeks ago, and it was a truly WOW moment :(

I just want to be looking at Betelgeuse through my telescope as it turns supernova, I'm sure that would be a WOW moment :)

Clear Skies

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This is what I'm waiting for .... my first 'scope will be here by the end of the week, and like you, I'm gutted at missing Jupiter and Orion, but Saturn is in prime position and I can't wait to drink it in!!

Oh, and a watched Betelguese never boils!!

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I had my first good view of Saturn last night before the moon washed it out. It was my first good session with the SW 200 PDS and I was amazed. The rings are beginning to open, too much moonlight to see the Cassini division, but some detail was visible on the planet surface. I'm adding my wow.


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Im sure, everybody remembers their forst Saturn (Wow) moment. A truley beautiful gem of the heaven's she is. ;-). Keep going back to her because local sky conditions can make a huge difference night by night. Enjoy!


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