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What out tonight?


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Well if its clear the Moon will be prominant so it will make it difficult but not impossible to have a look at one or two other things.

Try for M44 The Beehive Cluster in Cancer, its an open cluster of stars and is a nice object to have a look at, some nice double stars, Castor in Gemini will be worth a try as will Mizor in Ursa Major.

Ursa Major is home to galaxies M81 and M82, known as Bode's nebula, use the lowest power eyepiece you have to try and get them both in the same field of view (fov).

you will have probably seen all these objects mentioned on the forum and may have already observed them, plenty of other options but as I said the Moon may be your best bet tonight.

I guess you have already downloaded Stellarium, if not, get it as it will help you to plan what you fancy having a look for.


good luck :)

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