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Sorry I haven't been around for a while - 3 weeks ago bent down to pick something up from garage floor and BANG my back went, aggravating an old injury from HMF days - so there I've been flat on my back, all those clear nights missed, and getting very frustrated!! Only able to read astro books and mags (it made it even more frustrating) - hope to have the 'scope out soon and viewing again.

Regards to all


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That's tough luck Ralph. Back problems are usually time related as far as recovery to a point where you can function reasonably well.

With a bit of therapy, perhaps you will soon be viewing again, although stooping to gaze into an eyepiece is always a risk of lock up too.

Hope you don't have too long to wait.:)


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hi ralph

in a similar position myself m8.i was out of work for 5 months last year with a cervical whiplash injury,it to has just flared up again last week cant look up or down or side to side, so on the sick from work and cant use the scope and bins.......its doin my head in!!!!!!:)

take it easy m8


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