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Calling on Colchester Astronomers


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Hi all!

Ok, first this isn't a request to get together although I welcome any such idea.

No, this a request to help me bring a stop to the irritating spotlight that is plaguing Colchester's sky from a well known night club in town.

I plan on writing to the council and asking them if they could consider stopping it altogether. I live about 2 miles away from it and it roams across very part of the sky at night. My request is that if any one agrees with me, could you also put a letter in to the council and ask that they review situation?

Try to believe I'm not some killjoy who has an issue with nightclubs, I just don't see the point in the spot lights. Anyone in town can't see the spotlights due to the orange illumination of the street lights blocking it out. Everyone else can though and it's really the fact that the spotlights crawl all over the night sky.

Maybe Colchester isn't the only town with irritating search lights in the sky?

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I hear your pain, I'm about 45 mins from Col so dont have the same light but I do have a row of semidetached houses behind me with those damn 500Watt Halogen security lights its like a damn disco in my back garden.

Sorry I'm not closer else i'd gladly join you on this one.


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Cheers hayju01, I often pass Bob Russell on the way to work and I'm going to collar him. He's a good guy (so I've heard) so I'm sure he'll be able to bring it someones attention - it's not really in his remit, but I'm guessing he can point me to the right person.

We'll see what happens. As for your neighbours, may I suggest sabotage? :)

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Sky illumintaions such as the one you describe are a form of advertisement and need planning permission (Court ruling regarding a similar instance in Guildford as few years ago). I would start with your local planning department. If you don't get any joy, try writing to your MP.

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