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EQ5 With 200P( Dob)

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Hi everyone,

I have been offered a used EQ5 for £120. Its a few years old and has had a fair bit of use but works fine. I am wondering would it handle my 200P OTA for visual use only. I know the 200P can be bought supplied on this mount but mine is the Dob version and is a little longer i think.


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Most would say that the 200P is really on the limit for an EQ5 mount, so I guess that the additional weight and 200mm length of the tube would be pushing it. An HEQ5 would be your better bet for your OTA

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Thanks for all the replies guys. I went ahead and bought the EQ5 . Just one more question. Would it be any more stable if mounted on a pier or is it the head itself that would be on the limit? I have a nice length of 8'' steel pipe begging to be converted into a pier. I don't have the first clue how to go about it though LOL

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A pier does stiffen things up. Tripods suffer from a twisting action.

I made mine (for an EQ3/4) by welding flanges onto the top of a piece of pipe and using the mount head's tripod attachment points to connect to the flanges. I have done a few piers this way. The trick is to bolt the unwelded flanges onto the mount head first, then offer them up to the pipe for welding. The one in question was finally cut up to mod into a Takahashi pier which has a sturdier top so I have no pics of the simpler one, but this is its latest incarnation. I am a truly lousy welder!!!



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