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Found 60 results

  1. I am looking for a Vixen HR 3.4mm eyepiece. I have a 2.4 and it is great on a good night, but usually a bit too much power for my FLT132. Is there a chance you have one that you don't use? Thanks for looking Ian B
  2. Vixen Polarie Star Tracker with Vixen Quick Polaris Locator Compass in mint condition - For Sale. This mint condition Polarie Star Tracker and Vixen Polaris Locator Compass have only been used during the course of a review that I carried out for Vixen UK and will be supplied in their original boxes with manuals. This tracker is the ultimate in portable camera tracking mounts being lightweight yet manufactured to Vixen’s usual exemplary high standard and the additional Vixen Polaris Locator Compass makes polar alignment for wide field imaging quick and simple. The new price for the two items would be £399.00 For sale at £195.00 delivered. Payment by bank transfer - WILL NOT SELL OUTSIDE UK. Polarie Star Tracker Vixen Quick Polaris Locator Compass
  3. My first post here – hello! – and I would welcome some advice. I have a Vixen 4” refractor (not the fluorite lense) on a Super Polaris mount, which I bought new about 25 years ago. I do enjoy looking at the major planets and some of the brighter Messier objects – I still remember my children seeing Jupiter and Saturn for the first time! However, I’d like to move from this being an occasional hobby for a few hours on a clear night, to something more serious, with a focus on astrophotography. The Super Polaris mount seems to have been discontinued a few years ago, and there’s no ‘off the shelf’ motor / tracking equipment available. The telescope functions very well, but it looks as if there have been significant advances in optical technology since I bought the Vixen, and I guess that a much superior telescope would be available at a reasonable price. I guess one approach would be to buy a new mount – perhaps something like the Sky-Watcher EQ3? – so that I could continue to use the Vixen and use the tracking to begin to do some photography? Or would I be better off selling both the telescope and the SP mount, and buying something more modern? What would you do, and what would you recommend?
  4. After a long break, I'm getting back into Astrophotography and finding that I'm missing my old Vixen GPDX mount. I'm quite interested to hear if anyone has anything similar for sale. I'd prefer a mount with GOTO but I'd definitely consider something with drives and a guide port. Thanks for looking.
  5. bigrbuk

    moon 29/11/12

    From the album: Moon

    Moon taken on my iPhone afocally and hand held to Heritage 130P with Vixen NPL 10mm EP.
  6. For Sale: Vixen Advanced Polaris Altazimuth (APZ) Modular Mount condition: brand new in box (tried out once) price: 389€ + 15,99€ postage (EU-wide)
  7. Looking for a Celestron (made by Vixen) circle V 32mm ERFLE eye piece or a Vixen own branded one. The Celestron was silver with orange lettering. 1.25 inch 31.7mm fit. Vixen own could be 31.7mm or 36.4mm screw fit (which I would prefer). Cash or swap for another ep perhaps.
  8. This was a bit of an impulse purchase from ABS! Having recently picked up a nice Vixen GP mount, I fancied being able to use it with SkySafari via a SkyFi box. The GP came with MT1 motors which as far as I'm aware are not compatible with the SkySensor 2000 PC controllers, so I needed to change the motors anyway. The GotoNova kit came with two replacement Servo motors with optical encoders, a handset with eight line display, the gears and bolts to install it, plus cabling and power lead. Installing it was fairly straightforward, although I did find it fiddly getting the RA motor installed and aligned correctly. The covers are black, somewhat spooling the lovely green finish of the GP, but I will live with that. Once installed, I checked everything was working, and it all seems fine. The motors are quieter, and also have a much faster slew rate than the MT1s which is great. It means I don't have to keep undoing the clutches to get anywhere fast! I had no idea if the setup would easily work with SkySafari. The iOptron handset has a USB connection on the bottom, so I simply plugged a cable into it, and connected it to the SkyFi unit. I connected via WiFi to the SkyFi network, powered on, opened SkySafari and connected to the scope and away it went, synchronising with the position that the mount was in. I now have slewing from my phone and Goto control with all the ease of SkySafari. Brilliant! Might be able to keep up with some of Nick's target lists now!! ?? All I need to do now is check it out properly at night with an accurate align procedure, but so far it looks good! The GP is a nice lightweight mount, suitable for grab and go so will be regularly used hopefully both at home and at my club nights. Photos to follow.
  9. Hi all, just a quick question: saturday night I was out observing, and towards the end of my session it got so humid, my primary mirror had dew droplets on it... (150/750 Newton) Should I be looking at buying a dew heater strip, or should I follow what others write: "if your newton primary fogs up, it's time to go home"? Thanks! Gerhard. ps. btw the dew produced some interesting haloes around bright stars! :-DD
  10. Unknown for me as eps. Which makes have best eye relief at any given fl. Being a Vixen fan, their 8-24 is on my radar, but are there others as easy?
  11. Hi all! Yesterday good weather, so had my first go at drift alignment with my new reticulated eyepiece. I took my time to figure out well the various steps in the right order, etc... At one time, pointing a star in the east, I think I overdid the correction on the Altitude, because the star started drifting a lot, so I started again from the beginning... As always a learning curve! :-) But I had fun doing it. It took me a lot of time, but finally I got to shooting some subs, and these are the results: M57 @ 38 second subs: M13 @ 63 second subs: The usual coma problem is visible, but I am nevertheless quite satisfied with this first try... The stars look pretty good, if not enlarged too much ;-) Opins? Any feedback would be appreciated! Gerhard.
  12. Hi all, yesterday caught a good clear sky, so went out to observe. Had a lot of difficulty setting up the scope... On the first run it didn't want to complete the 3 star align, so I had to do everything again, and fortunately, afterwards it did align... Probably to do with poor PA... I had difficulty the first time aligning well with the polaris... So then I tried M1 (was low, and the photo did not turn out too well, so not posting), M64 and NGC 5033 (not processed yet). M64 came out like this without flats: and with flats: As in the last time, big problems with tracking and coma, apart from the flats problems (really have to get me a flatbox). The galaxy is not too bad, but the edges of the photo show terrible stars... Will have to try more and harder... I'm also thinking that in the end the place where I observed (close to home) is not near as good a place for dark skies, as the place from my last post (with M3, M81/82 etc), which is at an hour's drive... http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/240657-coma-problem/?p=2621703 Any thoughts? Any suggestion would be helpful... Thanks! Gerhard.
  13. Selling my flip mirror as only used it once and not used since..£40 posted SOLD...
  14. Hi there in prepping for a dark skies expedition in November last year, I discovered that the reticule in my Vixen PAS had come away from its retainers and was rattling around in the scope. I duly got in touch with Opticron (Vixen reps in U.K.) and they were happy to repair under warranty. After a couple of weeks I received delivery of the supposedly repaired PAS, only to discover that the reticule had been placed upside down in the PAS. The PAS was then sent back to Vixen UK in December, who promised that they would fix the error and ensure that the PAS was accurately calibrated. So after waiting about 4 weeks, I received a 2nd delivery of the PAS, installed the scope in my SXW mount, and set about checking the calibration again, only to discover that the calibration was off by about 30 degrees. Communicating with the rep at Vixen UK, he apologised and said that they would replace the scope free of charge. The following day he emailed me to tell me that Vixen no longer manufactured the setting circle based PAS , it has now been replaced by the new Polar Scope P-FL and that they would send me the new product instead. Quite happy with this arrangement I waited just 48 hrs to received my new all singing all dancing P-FL. This new device utilises a 3 star alignment process to achieve polar alignment. So the old PAS was swapped out and sent back to Vixen, and the new PAS installed. Familiarising myself with the new process I found that the quality of the optics in the PAS appeared to be sadly lacking. Once focused, the image of the reticule in about the centre 1/3 of the FOV was crisp, however outside of this area the image of the reticule quickly becomes blurred. The fact the other two stars involved are at the extreme of the field of view, I can only I imagine using this in the field may prove rather frustrating as you go through the iterative process for the 3 star alignment. Apologies for the diatribe, however this whole experience has led me to wonder about the quality of goods coming out of Vixen at the moment. Does this experience match with anyone else out there? Has anyone used the P-FL in the field, are my concerns needless or am I destined for more fruitless backbreaking, neck straining experiences at my PAS? Kind Regards Paul J.
  15. hi all, I was just reading up on optical aberrations, and it appeared to me that maybe my pics taken with my Vixen suffer from coma... It looks to me like the stars are all malformed, and maybe this is coma, very common to newtonians... Coma correctors can be a solution, as I gather, but backfocus issues might ruin this, if there is not enough room to focus with a corrector on. Does anybody know if my Vixen R150S can handle a coma corrector with a DSLR attached? or will I not be able to focus anymore, and so would have spent 160 euros in vain? I haven't found info on the backfocus of my scope... Any info would be great!!! Gerhard. ps: also anything you might have to say about my pics would be appreciated! :-)
  16. Anyone here familiar with this Vixen binoculars, Vixen Binoculars Ascot ZR 8 x 42WP I can't seem to find any reviews on the net. It costs around £140, about the same as many other low-mid range porro models from top tier brands such as Nikon Action EX. While Vixen refractors (Made in Japan models e.g. ED81S) are known for quality, their binos seem to be very inconsistent according to many reviews (other models). I'd be glad to hear some personal experiences with Vixen binos even if it isn't the model I listed. Many thanks.
  17. For sale due to EP slim down I am selling my Vixen LV 15mm 1.25” EP in excellent condition with both end caps and original box. Looking for £43 which includes P&P in the UK. Thanks for looking. Gus Sold.
  18. A basically as new pair of Vixen SLV 10mm eyepieces (not 15mm as previously stated! ), boxed and barely used. Very sharp and with great eye relief. I would prefer to sell as a pair, but am willing to split as well. Looking for £69 each, or say £130 for the pair plus Postage. Paypal fees paid or bank transfer please. Happy to post pictures as soon as I can, but they will just look like new SLV eyepieces Cheers, Stu
  19. This is a nice Vixen GP mount in very good used condition. The mount itself is xcellent cosmetically, and turn smoothly with no unevenness. The only real criticism you could level at it is the fact that the counterweight and bar have been resprayed in a dull metallic colourful, looks ok and works perfectly well. It has one small counterweight. It has short slow motion controls (which of course could be replaced with long flexi ones), it does not have a polar scope. I would say it is highly suitable for visual use where you just want tracking with minimal setup time. I can supply it with the original short wooden tripod included for £150, or a taller aluminium matching Vixen tripod for £175. Open to reasonable offers. Payment by PayPal fees paid or bank transfer. Pickup is easier but I can ship it at cost. Thanks, Stu EDIT Also on ABS
  20. Hi there, I have had my SXW for about two years now, and have been quite pleased with it, however I have always been bugged by the amount of flexure in the system when tightening the RA and Dec clamps at the start of an observing session. Typically for setup I use a gigantic wind turbine about a mile away to zero in the guide scope and the telescope (an 8" Edge HD). It doesn't take me long to get things zeroed in, however tightening of the clamps at this point always results in compromising the accuracy. In order for this not to happen you have to be so dainty with the tightening process that its hardly worth doing as they are sure to slip during the observing session. Does anyone have similar experience of this? If so have you come up with a solution? Regards Paul J.
  21. As above, change of plan, I'm now looking for an excellent condition Vixen ED102SS or a Televue NP101. Basically I'm wanting a high quality apo 4" scope of around f6.5 or less, with a good flat field but for visual not AP. Let me know what you have got! Ideally I would like to see it before purchase. Cheers, Stu
  22. I'm selling my set tube rings fory Slywatcher 80ED on a 250 mm Geoptik Vixen dovetail. All fully working. I will split if no buyer found for the combination. £40 inc. Postage to UK mainland.
  23. Hi all! Yesterday evening I finally was able to have a success with my new setup. Since february / march I have been struggling with getting autoguide up and running, but due to various mishaps and lots of bad weather, I haven't been able to produce a single image, up until now. This is what came out: M13. As you can see the stars are not very clean... So guiding apparently wasn't as good as hoped for... I also used flats, but there still is a bit of a gradient, but a lot less than previous. These are 180 sec exposures at 800 ISO, so I guess I have to be at least a little bit happy with this result, because without autoguide I could go up until 90 secs, approx. Any thoughts on what can influence good guiding? FWHM was around 5, so not perfect... maybe that could be better, but I never seem to be able to go below those numbers, and often in the past it was way higher... yesterday morning I wanted to set the focus point on the guide scope, so I pointed the moon during the day, and focussed it as best as possible, and marked that on the scope. this night, focus was in fact very close to that mark. But FWHM says it wasn't perfect... I also did drift alignment beforehand, and the guide error graph in Maxim was pretty nice, after initially having to redo the calibrate, because "guide star faded". There were no clouds, however, and the images from the guide scope showed good clear stars (I use a dew shield on the guide scope)... Any idea what this could indicate? I collimate every time, so that should not have been a problem either... Any thoughts much appreciated!! :-) Gerhard.
  24. Hi all! Yesterday I was out taking a few pics of M56 and M71 (no nebulas or galaxies, because the moon is still quite full). This was the first time I tried my new coma corrector, which I think works fine. One RAW sub: A few problems, though. As you can see from the above RAW example, there is no coma anymore, but all stars are kind of triangular in shape. Is this due to collimation error, ie warping the primary by tightening too much? I tracked (unguided) using also PEC... Second problem. On RAW sub that wasn't so good...: These subs are frequent, one in every 4, on average... I'm guessing my HEQ5 is old and not too precise anymore... Or could it be something else still? Here is the stack of the good subs (no post production), to show the beneficial effect of the coma corrector again: Ideas? Gerhard.
  25. How does the TS Optics ep compare with Vixen LVW 22mm? Former plentiful, latter hens teeth. TS has AFOV 70 deg and 20mm eye relief, also ED. I like it's camera body connection possibility with a HypT2 connector (removable eye cup), but use would be visual mainly.
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