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Found 36 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm new to visual astronomy and I have an Astromaster 130EQ by Celestron. I have a problem with my tripod. It is the standard stainless steel tripod which comes with the telescope. I am having issues with leveling it as it bends as soon as the weight of the counterweights, mount and optic tube is put. Please help me.
  2. Hi, i just bought a skywatcher mak 127, when arrived i only realise i bought the OTA without mount. so i ordered az gti mount, because of covid 19 lockdown in my country they can only deliver after the lockdown period. my question is can i use mak 127 on a camera tripod temporarily? i had this https://www.samurai-...samurai-pro-888. it show can support 5kg max.
  3. Hello, I have a mint condition HEQ5 tripod for sale. 3/8" thread mounting bolt, spreader bar, 1.75" diameter legs. Its never been used (I got it as part of an overall package, but I already have a Berlebach I use). Still with the original polystyrene at the ends in the box it came in. These sell for GBP109 new. Happy to sell it for GBP70 plus postage (which in the UK via hermes should be about GBP9) or to hand over boxed in person (London). I'm new on SGL so don't have ratings here, but I do have 100% ratings on eBay. Figured I would offer it on SGL first as I enjoy the community. If no takers, then will offer it on other sites. Cheers, Vin ***** REDUCED to GBP 70 + p&p as I have a ZWO I need to pay for *****
  4. Thought this might be of interest made binocular tripod modification to use my25x100 celestrons. The original tripod was redundent so added £30 of steel and bits and it works well. Bit of refining but may be later!
  5. Hey, I've been looking for a mount for my 8 inch skywatcher reflector for a while now and can't decide what mount to buy. The requirements i am looking for are the following: Goto system or synscan 10+ kg weight capacity Tripod My budget is around £500. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good mounts or point me into the right direction. My goal is to get better at astrophotography, my previous mount was a dobson mount ( which came with the scope ) but does not have any features to track objects which doesn't help when doing astrophotography. Tnanks
  6. A very lightly used AZ EQ6-GT mount and tripod for sale. The mount is approx 3 years old and I am the second owner. It is in exceptional condition and as stated has been very lightly used by myself and previous owner. Reason I am selling, due to a change of job and working away significant parts of the week / month I have no time to indulge in the hobby at the moment. The mount comes with all the usual items, Mount and tripod, hand controller, cigarette power lead, eqmod usb lead, manual. Also included in the sale is the ADM losmandy / Vixen saddle and the regulated power supply - this one as per FLO website - Nevada PS-08 PSU Price is £995 ovno for everything. I have the box for the mount with original packaging but not the tripod, hence this is pick up only or can travel and meet half way by arrangement - I travel extensively so I'm sure something can be arranged. I accept cash, cheques and bank transfer (which is easiest to be honest). Paypal if the buyer pays the fees. The mount is currently in my observatory and can be seen working if you wish. The ES102 pictured is also for sale in the next ad! Thanks for reading and if you have questions please PM me and we can discuss in more detail. Neil.
  7. ...is neat but can take some improvements. Here's how: Safety first! So, to prevent breakage I limit the bottom knob's range, or someone unaware of its lacking design can tighten it too hard, and break the plastic clamp. Nearly happened when a friend turned that knob real hard, thinking he was making the mount more stable for photo, but the clamp couldn't split thanks to the washers that stop the knob before it causes damage. An undersize O-ring keeps the washers in place in case you remove the knob, they won't get lost. Next fault in design, there's a 2mm gap on each side of the spreaders. I fill it with washers and/or O-rings. Two washers are tricky to insert, better superglue them together to form a single thick one. Next large play and ungainly fit: the central aluminum stud plays between the others: Filing the plastic inserts to bring the outside tubes close to the central one: And the result: The three tubes now clamp together over their whole length, better stability, better looks, and improved feel. These tripods are too lightweight even for my 80mm achro; to make the complete scope assembly heavier with a lower center of mass, filling the tubes with aquarium (clean) gravel is an easy and invisible solution: Some fill it with cement, which is even heavier because it leaves no empty space between the stones but I prefer reversible mods. Inside the clamp there is a rib that's supposed to guide or support the central tube but it doesn't even touch it, so I remove it with a file (masking tape protects the aluminum): Instead ot the useless rib I stick two felt pads that press hard against the tube, making its motion silent and way more controlled. Since it is now much heavier, sliding free and bumping against the clamp would cause noise and maybe damage. Note the piece of sponge that clogs the bottom of the hollow tube. Not indispensible with large gravel but it's needed when I use smaller grain sand. The steel ashtray has dangerous corners that a lens could hit, so I take segments of a junk guitar cable (degrades the tone), and pile them up between clamps so the top one is at at a convenient height and easy to split open: Like so, then I remove the cable's core: The ashtray itself is like a gong (steel is quite resonant), putting accessories on it always makes a nasty clunky sound that irritates me, and would annoy neighbors if the scope was in a backyard. So I put felt pads at the underside, around the screw holes, plus a large neoprene cushion in the middle. Besides making the thing look like a cool famous UFO, this dampens the noise that made me cringe every time. Finally, I slide the split guitar cable over the ashtray's edges, and add a sheet of the white material architects use to build models. I often moved my scopes around with accessories rolling aroung in the ashtray, simply because I forgot they were there for they are black on black. This happened even in the daytime during solar watching. However black on white is noticed even with the corner of the eye, no risk of that absent-mindedness again. The foamy white sheet holds thanks to a little strip of double-side tape, and helps dampen those irritating clunker noises in the still of the night. The difference in visual contrast is obvious, but even more so at night. I'll replace the foam with tougher vinyl when I come across a leftover piece, in the meantime it does a good enough job. There you have it, several mods even an astro gearhead might not notice, except the white ashtray, but they do give a better feel, a better look, and even a better sound to the setup. The joints between cable rubber are just acceptable, I'll rectify them later, but what matters now is a danger of scratching lenses is done away with. Hope you'll pick up a few ideas that can be useful to you.
  8. Manfrotto 02b 02B Heavy Duty Camera Tripod. heavy duty ideal for astrotrac style imaging or heavy binoculars. £100 cash on collection from Ledbury only as i have no box to ship it in
  9. Needed a tripod so have gone for the sturdy horizon 8115 ,takes my 20x80 binos a treat extends a good length no stooping required , has a quick release plate so can leave set up to the binos will get another plate for my camera,legs are lock and twist type, overall quality look good for price coming in at £80
  10. Hi all I'm looking to build a 10" budget equatorial telescope. I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms, but I've almost managed it. All I need now is the tripod part of the mount as I have the actual equatorial mount minus the tripod. I also know a CG5/EQ5 is a bit small for a 10", but I have my ways to lighten it up. Thank you. PS. I'm also looking for counterwight bar, counterweights (13kg telescope, but will reduce to improve tracking), motor drive(s), and polar scope. Ta.
  11. Hello guys, Which tripod would you recommend for a Mesu 200? I'm considering the two below options: Losmandy folding HD tripod or Altair Starbase I'm looking for maximum stability for my mobile setup, and of course it doesn't harm if it is quick to set up and looks great. Also the Berlebach Planet comes to mind, but I prefer a metal tripod. Clear skies, Heine Wieben
  12. Stub Mandrel

    Tripod Tweak

    From the album: My Gear

    Simple modification to NEQ3 tripod to reduce flex
  13. Hi there guys, realise it’s probably a bit of a long shot, but I’m hoping that someone on Stargazers is looking to part with an Altair Astro Starbase. Have my heart set on one of these as the ideal future proof tripod for my field observing platform. Paul.
  14. I wanted to be able to level my 130p and I want to be able to sit down to observe. So I butchered a tripod for a EQ2 mount ( bought for £20 from Astroboot) and added a plywood circle to form a table for the 130p. I now have a small robust table which can be leveled like a tripod. While I was at it I also added nut inserts to the bottom of the plywood board and some speaker spikes I had in my "dont throw anything away" box. M6 bolts would also fit. The board can be used as a leveling table separate to the tripod . Many thanks to Happy-kat for the setting circle patterns which I will be adding to the top board of the 130p.
  15. Hi everyone, I've been looking for a grab and go mount. This will ideally be for both observing at home (when I can't be bothered aligning an EQ Goto) as well as for holidays in the UK (Cornwall mostly), where we'll be driving but boot space will be limited due to other luggage. This means I am not constrained to airline weight limits, but I do need to keep the size down. My ED80/Manfrotto/Redsnapper is a perfect air travel set, but obviously who wouldn't take a bit more aperture than 80mm for visual where possible. I decided that this means on an Alt-Az with no Go-to. Besides, I miss star-hopping. I put serious thought into getting a shorter scope for travelling to go with a smaller mount (e.g. ST102 & AZ3, or ST120 & AZ4), but ideally this new mount would be for use with my existing scopes - ES ED80 (F6, 4.5kg), ES ED127 (F7.5, 8.5kg), C9.25, 11kg (weights include accessories). After several evenings research and consulting Oracle Stu (aka Big Sumerian), I've decided to go a different route from buying a new scope and mount - stick with the existing scopes and buy a more portable mount. In conclusion I've ordered the Ercole Giro mount. This can carry two OTAs side by side, up to 15kgs each (or 18kgs, depending on which website you read)! Alternatively it can mount an OTA of up to 10Kgs without a second scope or counterweight. Miraculously, the mount is less than 4kgs and is not as bulky as an EQ, particularly as it is a fairly flat shape in comparison. This means I can mount the ED80 as a 4 degree finderscope/widefield scope alongside the ED127 (this pair is as much as I can pack for holiday - if I am lucky), or at home I can mount the ED127 alongside the C9.25 which will give me a combination of fields as wide as 2.22 degrees on the ED127 with magnifications as high as x600 (yes I know that's unusable - mostly ;)) on the C9.25. In each case the pair of scopes counterbalance each other removing any need for counterweights. The ED80 or even the ED127 could each be mounted solo without a counterweight. A question for anyone that owns an Ercole: what is the diameter of the base? I am planning on using it on the tripod from my AVX mount (2" steel tubular legs). I do know that the thread size matches - 3/8" on both units. This tripod has a wide base but there is a hole in the middle which is 60mm wide. Will it sit astride this? I know people have mounted the Ercole on a CG5 tripod without issue, but I'm not at all sure that the AVX tripod is identical. Any help appreciated!
  16. Hi there, I'm looking for an extension tube to put on top of my Tripod. It's an AVX Tripod, but I won't be using it with an AVX head; it'll be used with a Giro Ercole mount. Both the Tripod and the Ercole Mount have 3/8" threads on the connector. I know it's difficult to get an extension to which the AVX mount itself will fit, because it requires a North peg in a different location from the usual Skywatcher types, but that's not an issue here as I'm attaching a Giro mount, which as far as I can tell does not require a North peg, but tell me if I'm wrong. All I really need is an extension which will physically fit on the AVX Tripod, not the AVX mount. Any ideas?
  17. hi all, thought I'd share a wide field of mine captured on Saturday night (13 Oct) It's another Cassiopeia widefield - is it me or are there loads of us imaging this constellation recently? Shot with my Sony Alpha 200, Sigma 28-70mm F2.8 lens @ 50mm wide open, ISO 800. IIRC it's total of 65 x 20 second lights, 60x 20sec darks and 20x 1/4000sec bias all stacked with DSS and post-processed in PhotoShop CS4. Solved by Astrometry with the following details: (RA, Dec) center:(19.3779150171, 61.1835725999) degrees (RA, Dec) center (H:M:S, D:M:S):(01:17:30.700, +61:11:0.861) Orientation:158.33 deg E of N Pixel scale:44.52 arcsec/pixel Parity:Reverse ("Left-handed") Field size :25.33 x 16.30 degrees Your field contains: The star Caph (bCas) The star Schedar (aCas) The star γCas The star Ruchbah (δCas) The star Navi (εCas) The star ηCas The star ζCas The star ηPer The star κCas The star θCas NGC 129 NGC 281 NGC 869 / Double cluster NGC 884 / Double cluster NGC 896 IC 1795 IC 1805 NGC 1027 IC 1848 Here's the annotated version: and the un-annotated version for the purists: If you think there's more data to pull out, or would like to have a go, I have the raw TIFF file saved from DSS uploaded to my DropBox and can post a link if you want to have a go with it.
  18. I have used my Star Adventurer for a while now and is very satisfaid with it. But it could be improved and I have installed an angled viewfinder to the polar telescope, rebuilt the wedge, etc. But there is also the tripod, the one I have now is stable but very big, nothing that I could take with me when traveling. All photagraphy tripods I have looked at that is maximum 0.5 meter long folded look a bit weak or are very expensive. Now I have bought an used Manfrotto model 144, very stable but too long folded. This weekend I cut off the legs to make it shorter. I don't need very high tripod now when using the angled viewfinder. Here is my tripod project: http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-star-adventurer-tripod/01-project-star-adventurer-tripod.html /Lars
  19. Is there a tripod extension tube that works on the SW EQ5/HEQ5 tripod and is shorter than 40cm/16" (the length of the stock SW tube)?
  20. I just recently took a teaching position at a local community college. We have a virtually mint Celestron Nexstar 8 that, as far as I can tell, has had almost no use. Probably because of this, the center support post and accessory tray are missing. I don't need the tray, and it doesn't figure into the tripod stability, but the post does. I am trying to fabricate a new one (we have the machining capability to do it here), but I need some help with dimensions. Specifically, the thread of the post at the top where the rod enters the mounting plate of the scope, and the length of the rod. The rest I can make work. Thanks for any help you can provide! Robert
  21. Hi all: I've been pondering this for a while, but never been able to come up with anything suitable (or not wanted to take the risk on things that might end up not being). I'm looking for a tripod on which to mount either binoculars or an ST80 - so it needs to be reasonably robust and capable of going high enough for binocular observing. But I also need something that can fit in airport hand luggage. So something about the folded length of the tripod that comes with the Celestron travel scope, but reasonably solid, preferably even when extended to about 170cm or so. I'm not an expert on photo tripods and have spent some time looking. I'm starting to expect that it's probably not possible to build a tripod to those specifications. Anyone have any experience / suggestions? Thanks, Billy.
  22. My trusty Revelation Premium 20 X 80 Binoculars are looking for a new home. Weight 2.7 kg The Astro Pro 187 Heavy Duty tripod also comes with the Bins. Max HT 187 cm. Min HT 51 cm Folded 72. cm Max payload 8 kg. Both the above come with original bino box and canvas zipped bag for the tripod. Great for grab and go and good for beginners. looking for £120.00 . Would prefer collection but willing to discuss delivery.
  23. Hey guys. Looking for advise from any one who has a horizon 8115 heavy duty tripod. It's fantastic for my 15 x 70 Helios apollo, I'm seriously looking to get the 28 x 110s but as they are very expensive I don't really want to be spending more cash on another tripod. Would they be ok to hold the bigger bins. Cheers and TIA
  24. Following the recent deforking of my Celestron C11 Nexstar GPS, the original fork mount/base, tripod and the Milburn wedge are now for sale Items are i) Milburn Deluxe wedge with keypad holder - 1" aluminium, powder coated black - built like a tank, - currently drilled to accept A Celestron C11 Nexstar GPS C11, but could be drilled for other SCT bases - see http://www.milburnwedge.com/. Its circa 2007 vintage and originally cost ~£500. Weighs ~ 50lbs ii) Celestron Field Tripod as supplied with the Nexstar 11 - 2003 vintage so showing some wear & tear - weighs ~20lb. I'll throw in a set of vibration suppression pads with this iii) Celestron Nexstar 11 Forks & base (no OTA - that's now on my EQ8) - 2003 vintage. it's showing its age - paint is flaking off the metal parts of the forks - complete with hand controller, RS232 programming cable and RS232 PC Control cable. The hand controller & motor controller firmware cannot be upgraded any further - versions are - Hand controller v2.2, motor controller v4.6. I only ever did planetary/lunar and video based DSO imaging - it was capable of ~10 second unguided exposures @f/5 for DSOs. Weighs ~35lbs Please see pics for detailed condition . Happy to provide further details if required All items were housed either in my home built observatory (2003 - 2007) or the replacement Pulsar dome - 2007 - present Prices:- Milburn Wedge - £150 Tripod - £50 Forks & Base - £75 or sensible offers. Payment - cash or paypal. Given the size and weight of these things - prefer 'collection only' or a '1/2 way meet with 100 miles' from the New Forest - as shipping would be extortionate but could be negotiated.
  25. Note this is for the fork mount, heavy duty tripod and accessories only. No OTA included. This sale is for the LX50 fork mount from my recently de-forked Meade 10" SCT. In perfect working order, this LX50 version has the optional encoders fitted, which means if you can get you hands on the Meade Magellan II computerized hand controller it can become a "push to" mount. Comes with 4 speed hand controller, tripod, an equatorial wedge to allow long exposure astrophotography. Also has an autoguider port. Perfect for spares or retrofits for existing LX50 owners or for DIY projects where someone wants to equatorially (or even just AltAz) mount a large telescope OTA. Meade info: Heavy-duty LX200-type fork mount with 4"dia. sealed polar ball bearing; 5.75" LX worm gear and quartz-microprocessor-controlled DC servo-motor in RA; tangent arm and DC servo motor control system in Dec; multi-function control panel; manual and electric slow-motion controls and setting circles in both axes; keypad hand controller; 4-speed drive controls on both axes; battery compartment accepting six AA-size batteries This is a heavy duty mount and will weigh around 40kg so I would much prefer collection from Manchester, but will consider shipping at extra cost to the buyer. I don't expect it will be cheap though and will need to be shipped in two packages because of the size of the tripod and forks. I would like £150 ONO
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