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Found 2 results

  1. I have worked up a script to make it easier to use Stellarium with EQMOD. At the moment, issuing a commands to EQMOD from Stellarium requires one to press the CTRL key and a number key, specifically CTRL-1 to slew to the selected target, CTRL-3 to Sync to the current target and CTRL-5 to cancel the slew. I find this rather inconvenient when working in the dark, on a small notebook keypad and with gloves on. It is believed that in forthcoming versions of Stellarium (e.g. v0.12.x) it will be possible to re-map the telescope control keys. Even so, I'd prefer to use my wireless game pad for the job, as it has chunky buttons, is portable and already works with EQMOD to control scope pointing and other functions. About a year ago I read somewhere that a free utility called AutoHotkey can be used to assist with this, so I bookmarked the download page, but never took it any further (and can't find the original source of the info amongst my many bookmarks). Finally I got round to working on the issue, and here is my solution: You will need the following: - A working installation of EQMOD, StellariumScope and Stellarium. - A compatible gamepad, joystick or similar controller. Test this in EQMOD first under the game pad configuration screen. - Download and install a copy of AutoHotkey from http://www.autohotkey.com/ . The AutoHotkey installation is pretty simple, just follow the instructions. Now you need to create your Stellarium AutoHotkey script. To do this: 1. Open NotePad. 2. Cut and paste the script below in to NotePad. 3. Save the file somewhere convenient (e.g. the desktop). Make sure you give the file name the extension .ahk and not the default .txt that NotePad suggests. This will ensure that the script launches AutoHotkey when you double click it, and it also adds an 'edit script' option to the Windows right-click context menu which makes life a bit easier when debugging. 4. Plug in or switch on your game pad/controller. The script will auto-detect the first joystick/controller and use that one, or pop up an error and quit if it can't find a controller. (See below in configuration for help if this happens). 5. Double click the script file and AutoHotkey should launch and put a small 'H' icon in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen to show this script is running. You can right-click the system tray icon to pause or stop the script, or to re-load it from the file if you have edited it during testing. 6. If you get any errors at this point, make sure you have pasted the script exactly as shown below! All the configurable values are in the CONFIGURATION section of the script. Here are the things you may want to change: - StellariumWindow holds the window title of Stellarium. The default setting should match any version, but if the window title changes in future, just edit this value. You can either use the whole window title or just some text from the start. Make sure the text doesn't match multiple windows (e.g. StellariumScope might clash if you only used the first few letters). - JoystickNumber is set to 0 by default, which means "search all controllers and use the first one you find". If you have several controllers connected, you can set this value to the specific controller number (between 1 and 16) and the script will use that one. - SlewButton / SyncButton / CancelButton hold the button names to activate each of the three functions. These will be in the format of Joy<n> where <n> is a number between 1 and 32. To find out which button is which on your controller, download the joystick test script here (http://www.autohotke...oystickTest.htm) and run it, but make sure you exit the Stellarium script first. A tool-tip will appear and update as you press the various keys on your controller so you can see which button is which. Again make sure you quit the joystick test script when done to avoid conflicts with the Stellarium AutoHotkey script. IMPORTANT: Make sure you DO NOT use the SlewButton and SyncButton in the EQMOD game pad configuration screen. If you do, you may find EQMOD ends up doing two things at once, since (for controller keys), AutoHotkey activates its script AND passes the controller button press through to any other application that is waiting for it. Conversely, you may wish to map your chosen CancelButton to 'Emergency Stop' in EQMOD. This will ensure that the mount stops (and parks in the current position) even if your script, AutoHotkey or Stellarium/StellariumScope fails for some reason. Safety first. See below for an example of how I have configured the EQMOD game pad screen for my XBox wireless controller: I'd also recommend turning on 'Append on Sync' in EQMOD to add alignment points to the pointing model as you go. - SlewKeys / SyncKeys / CancelKeys hold the keystrokes to sent to Stellarium when you press the appropriate controller button. These are set to the current CTRL-1, CTRL-3, CTRL-5 defaults. If you change these defaults once key mapping becomes available in Stellarium, you'll need to change these values. Read the AutoHotkey documentation online for details of how to send keystrokes. The default script is set up for an XBox wireless controller, and uses the Blue ( X ) key to initiate a slew, the Yellow ( Y ) key to do a sync and the Red ( B ) key for cancel in Stellarium AND ALSO emergency stop in EQMOD. Change these to suit your own needs. ; Stellarium AutoHotkey script for Windows ; V1.0b 2012-03-09 - Ian Lauwerys. ; Joystick detection code taken from the AHK joystick test script. ; ; Go to http://www.autohotkey.com/ to download AutoHotkey. ; Create a text file containing this script (using notepad). ; Save it with the .ahk file extension (not .txt). ; Double click script to launch AutoHotkey and activate script. ; ; You will also need the following software (but I assume you knew that anyway!): ; ; EQMOD - http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/ ; Stellariumscope - http://www.welshdragoncomputing.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=31&Itemid=39 ; Stellarium - http://www.stellarium.org/ ; ; This script assumes you are using the default key mappings in Stellarium/StellariumScope. ; As of V12.0 of Stellarium ; it is possible to remap keys so if you change the Slew, ; Sync or Cancel key mappings you need to update the configuration section below. ; ------------------ CONFIGURATION SECTION ------------------- ; ** Configure the title of the Stellarium window. ** ; ** Needs the trailing space to avoid matching StellariumScope ** StellariumWindow := "Stellarium " ; ** To autodetect and use the first joystick, set to 0 . ** ; ** To use a specific joystick, set to a value between 1 - 16 . ** JoystickNumber := 0 ; ** Configure joystick buttons (Joy1 through Joy32) to perform the required actions. ** ; ** Download and run http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/scripts/JoystickTest.htm ** ; ** to identify the key numbers for your joystick or contoller. ** ; Joy3 (XBox Blue/X) for Slew. ; It is recommended that you do not map this button to anything in EQMOD. SlewButton = Joy3 ; Joy4 (XBox Yellow/Y) for Sync. ; It is recommended that you do not map this button to anything in EQMOD. SyncButton = Joy4 ; Joy 2 (XBox Red/B) for Cancel. ; It is recommeded that you map this button to 'Emergency Stop' in EQMOD for safety ; as AutoHotkey will pass controller buttons through. CancelButton = Joy2 ; ** Configure the keystrokes to send to Stellarium. ** ; ** Change these if you remap keys in Stellarium V12.0 or later. ** ; Send ctrl-1 to Stellarium (Slew). SlewKeys = ^1 ; Send ctrl-3 to Stellarium (Sync). SyncKeys = ^3 ; Send ctrl-5 to Stellarium (Cancel). CancelKeys = ^5 ; -------------- END OF CONFIGURATION SECTION ---------------- ; ------------------ INITIALISATION SECTION ------------------ ; Set hotkey variables. If JoystickNumber = 0 { JoystickNumber := DetectJoystick() } SlewHK = %JoystickNumber%%SlewButton% SyncHK = %JoystickNumber%%SyncButton% CancelHK = %JoystickNumber%%CancelButton% ; Set to match WinTitle "starting with string". SetTitleMatchMode, 1 ; Define hotkeys based on variables, will goto specified labels when pressed. Hotkey, %SlewHK%, Slew Hotkey, %SyncHK%, Sync Hotkey, %CancelHK%, Cancel return ; -------------- END OF INITIALISATION SECTION ---------------- ; ------------------------- FUNCTIONS ------------------------- ; Auto-detect the joystick number. DetectJoystick() { Loop 16 ; Query each joystick number to find out which ones exist. { GetKeyState, JoyName, %A_Index%JoyName if JoyName <> { TempJoystickNumber = %A_Index% break } } if TempJoystickNumber <= 0 { MsgBox The system does not appear to have any joysticks. ExitApp } return TempJoystickNumber } ; --------------------- END OF FUNCTIONS ---------------------- ; ---------------------- HOTKEY ACTIONS ----------------------- ; Make Stellarium issue a Slew to selected target command to EQMOD. Slew: IfWinExist, %StellariumWindow% { WinActivate SendInput %SlewKeys% } return ; Make Stellarium issue a Sync to EQMOD. Sync: IfWinExist, %StellariumWindow% { WinActivate SendInput %SyncKeys% } return ; Make Stellarium issue a Cancel to EQMOD (stop current slew). Cancel: IfWinExist, %StellariumWindow% { WinActivate SendInput %CancelKeys% } return ; ----------------- END OF HOTKEY ACTIONS ---------------------
  2. Running current ver win7 with .net 3.5 sp2, Stellarium 0.12.0 and the current Stellariumscope for it (20130315), Ascom 6 sp1 and the current driver for my IOptron mount. I can get it to slew the mount but only for a few times changing targets all the while i get the above error code and then the program stops slewing the mount and i get a message that the program has stopped working and must be closed. Any ideas for a fix i can do here or do i have to wait for the much appreciated SS programmers to fix the bug?
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