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Found 7 results

  1. I’ve been using my 8’ Edge HD on an Evolution mount for a couple of years now and I added a wedge to it a few months back. Using SkyPortal with StarSense I’ve never really had any major issues getting it aligned. Last night I was setting up to photograph Mars and went through my normal procedure. StarSense took its images but, after confirming success with the third plate, instead of just winding up a bit and parking it proceeded to pitch the ota towards the north well below the horizon. Fortunately nothing snagged. I skipped the ASPA and instructed it to goto Mars and was surprised to find it was spot on (better than usual actually). Anyone any ideas why it took that nose dive? Thanks.
  2. Hi. I have Celestron CPC 1100 EdgeHD with Starsense and WiFi Module. During the alignment process, WiFi module stops responding, whereas my tablet or iPhone is connected to the WiFi module, the SkyPortal message pops up that connection is failed and scope isn’t responding? Can anyone help me how t fix this urgently ? It was working fine yesterday but now I can see this message. I though it’s a power issue, so I disconnected the power tank and connected the scope directly to the electricity through supplied adapter, but failed.
  3. Hi all, So im looking at buying my self some new Equipment for my NexStar 6SE and i was hoping to get some help. Im thinking about buy a SkyPortal as i like the idea of been able to control my telescope with my phone, plus all the extra information it has on what you are viewing will be useful for when i have friends and family out with me. I am also considering buying StarSense, if their is one thing i hate and always seem to get wrong is the alignment of the telescope. When ever i align the telescope nothing is ever in the center of the eyepiece or if it is in the eyepiece at all its only for a couple of minutes. Its the alignment process that often puts me off from going out. So i think both of these would be a good addition to my Equipment, how ever i have read that they both need to be plugged in to the AUX port on my telescopes mount. My telescope only has 2 ports on it one is labeled AUX and the other is labeled Auto Guide. But both of the ports look identical. So would i be ok to plug both of them in to these ports or would i need an adapter to give me more AUX ports? Also would both of these devises work together. Say i turn on my telescope will i be able to use my phone with the SkyPortal and be able to tell it to do the Auto Align with the StarSense? Then their is one last thing i would like to buy. a NexImage 5 Solar System Imager. I would love to take some videos with it and then get a nice looking photo out of it. I have seen some people saying i would need a 0.5 Focal Reducer to get good quality out of my telescope, is that correct? if so can you explain what this Focal Reducer does exactly. Thanks in advanced for any help you can give.
  4. Hi all, I have been lucky enough to have been purchased an 8SE for my birthday. Shameful to admit but this was 2 years ago and my competence has not increased much. Partly because I don't get a lot of time to play! Every now and then, I take the scope out in earnest for some star based escapism. The trouble is, my lack of scope skills means that I dont escape very far! I have never got on with the hand control of the 8SE. I have watched a lot of videos and read the instructions and the three star align process fails me most times. I read a post on here about making sure that the two 'index' stickers are aligned when attaching the OTA, which I have done. I have done what I can to make sure that the settings are all correct, including time, location etc. To overcome these frustrations, I purchased the WiFi attachment to be used with the SkyPortal app. This configuration has been a lot more successful! I manage to align the scope using three stars each and every time - progress at last! I have slewed to the ring nebula, hit Andromeda without any problems. I'm finally getting to enjoy the cosmos! However, all is not perfect. I slew to Andromeda, have a 5 minute gander at it and then use the 'best tonight' database to slew to something else. This is where it goes wrong. The scope slews to the earth. The on-screen scope location cross also shows it to be pointing at the earth, yet I told the scope to go to Vega. It tried to slew 360 and I had to stop it before the eyepiece smashed into the aux cable. Why would the scope do this? Handset software out of date? Scope set up incorrectly? If this sounds like a classic dumb dumb error, please let me know. I'm starting to think my scope is faulty and my lack of experience means I have no way of telling. Thanks to any helpful tips in advance. Aaron
  5. I am hoping that people will post here to report their experiences with these wifi scope control devices. What are you using them with? Which mount? Which software do you use, SkyPortal or SkySafari or something else? What hardware do you run the software on, i.e. what device and what version - e.g. iPad Air with 16MB. Finally, how do you find the performance? Do you experience lag, loss of connection, crashes? If we get enough responses, this might provide answers to some questions such as: Is the latest SkyPortal dongle any different to the original Skyq Link? Does the latest one perform any better? What are the best partnering/host devices? Android, iPad, iPhone. Do newer host devices with more powerful processors perform better than older devices? Personally, I have been using a Celestron Skyq link on and off for a couple of years. When I first got it, there was a partnering Skyq app from Celestron that was pretty poor. Then the SkyPortal app came along, together with support in SkySafari, which improved things a lot. To answer my own questions, this is my setup: Original Skyq link dongle SkySafari 5 Original iPad with 16GB Celestron AVX mount with Starsense And this is my experience to date: The software is robust, it always connects to the mount and recognises the Starsense camera and aligns quickly and accurately. Goto works well. But trying to control the scope using the virtual buttons on the touch screen of the iPad is very frustrating. There is a lot of lag between touching one of the buttons and the scope moving. This lag varies seemingly at random. Sometimes it moves almost immediately, sometimes after a long pause, sometimes it just never responds. Then the amount that the scope moves doesn't really relate to how long you touched the button for. Some nights the lag will be manageable, other nights it can be bad enough to be pretty much unusable. For me this is the main issue I have with using the dongle vs the handset. Last night I was trying to frame the Orion Nebula, and it took about 15 mins (and even then it wasn't exactly how I wanted it). I would much prefer using SkySafari to control the mount over using the hand controller, but the lag is so frustrating that usually I use the hand controller. I would be prepared to invest in a newer version of the wifi dongle, of the SkyFi 3, or a more up to date iPad, or an Android device, if I knew that this would solve the issues. So, please post your own experiences here. Hopefully it will help people make a more informed purchasing decision, or allow people to upgrade with some degree of confidence that it will pay off.
  6. For Sale: Latest v2 of Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Module (wth orange colour connector, v1 had a grey colour connector) Description: Celestron's updated SkyPortal WiFi Module for IOS & Android turns your smartphone or tablet into your own personal planetarium and observatory! (1) Simply plug the WiFi module into your telescope’s Hand Control or AUX port and CONNECT to its wireless signal FROM your device. (2) ** Additionally, you need to dowload the FREE Celestron Skyportal app from the appstore onto your device ** NOW SOLD
  7. I have my Celestron 9.25 AVX permanently mounted in my observatory. So having done my alignment I simply hibernate the scope when I finish and restart the next time with minimum fuss. What advantages would I gain by using the Celestron SkyPortal with my Android phone? I mainly do imaging.
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