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Found 13 results

  1. Spent an hour or so clearing down my external SSD that I use when imaging. This was a data set not even looked at. 800 frames from 3500 - Aug 1st. Trying out some processing ideas I’ve been formulating to give it a bit of ‘glow and life’ to the writhing mass of solar plasma! TSA102s. Captured and processed on a MacBook Pro with Basler’s Phylon software, AS!2, ImPPG and PSCC2017. No darks or flats used. Damian
  2. Taken around 7.30am and as previous image from that day, no darks or flats acquired or used. Quick process before bed as trying to catch up with all the data! TSA102s - Quark Chromo - Basler 174. Processed in AS!2, ImPPG, PsCC2017 on a MacBook Pro. Damian
  3. Got a 20 minute window this morning around 7.15am, first time I've been out since going back to work 2 months ago after my furlough exploits.... plenty to re-learn! No time to get darks or any flats before the clouds rolled in (although I do have some darks from previous I could use). Very quick process, house in chaos as we're having a new kitchen fitted! TSA102s - Quark Chromo - Basler 174. Processed in AS!2, ImPPG, PsCC2017 on a MacBook Pro. Damian
  4. I am looking for a Daystar Quark Chromosphere. I am looking for a perfectly working unit without any degradation in optics. A few recently took images from the eyepiece are welcomed. The price is as low as possible (of course). Cosmetic is not a concern. Give me a message here or email me at <private contact details removed> (remove the {xxx}) to see the email address. I'll pay via paypal and accept shipping worldwide. Thanks for your attention. Clear skies.
  5. Sorry for the delay in posting, this has put us out of sequence now! I missed the opportunity to see how it had progressed yesterday and missed out on getting some great images after seeing the results on here! Still plenty of data to go through, but I'm pleased with this... perhaps my best solar image to date. Was very lucky with the superb seeing around 8.56am. Took my usual 6000-9000us exposures (which should allow me to process the solar surface and prom in one exposure), but as the seeing was so stable, I tried a 18000us exposure and went just for the prom. Best 400 frames from 1661. TSA102s > Baader 2" UV/IR on the TV diagonal > Quark Chromo > Basler acA1920-155um (Sony IMX 174m). Captured in Basler's Pylon software as separate Mono12P (packed).tif files on a MacBook Pro as it doesn't allow saving out as a movie file)! Processed in AS!2 and ImPPG (via Wine), then PS CC2017 Two colour variations: I've tried making a rough 'scale image' using this chaps resource (it was linked to a week ago or so): https://sites.google.com/site/astroblue1/astronomie/brico-utiles And now onto my issue. As some of you who've read my previous posts will be aware, SGL member Vlaiv has been helping me sort the optimum gain and offset for this Sony 174 based camera (all new to me being a CCD based deep sky imager). We started with Mono12P as it offered increased bit depth but faster capture rates (32fps more), over 'standard' Mono12. Then I switched to Mono8, to sort the best settings. In Mono8, I’m getting very obvious vertical lines in the Dark/Master Dark Flames. They are also apparent in the master BIAS frames (that we used to measure the correct gain/offset), the flats/master flats and also the dark ‘void of space’ areas in the lights and in the final image. We have no idea why. I've changed cables, exposure settings, computer ports. Until James who writes OACapture supports the camera, I can’t test to see if it is perhaps a software issue… They are not (or no where near as obvious) in the Mono12 or 12P data...? Before anyone asks, Mono12P isn’t something that most software would recognise, but the Basler software obviously sorts and saves the .tif files in a standard way, so that AutoStakkert, Photoshop, etc can open. Does anyone have any ideas...? Have any other 174 chip camera users seen these vertical lines (see screen grabs below)..? For reference, the settings we came up with are: Mono8 - Gain 30.5 Db / Offset (Black level Dn) 15 Mono12/12P - Gain 18.5Db / Offset (Black level Dn) 40 ----- Mono12P master dark_stretched in Ps Mono8 master dark_stretched in Ps - see vertical lines Mono8 master flat 2000ms_stretched in Ps - again you can see stronger vertical lines in the Mono8 over the Mono12P... Mono12P master flat 11000ms_stretched in Ps Regards, Damian
  6. Very quick look at the solar data from earlier this morning. There’s a nice active region rotating into view, jolly decent of it to be next to a prom - two for the price of one! This was taken at 9.49am in Mono8 (rather than12p), 550 frames stacked from 4125 images, taken over 25seconds @165FPS - 2000us exposure. Dark and flat calibrated (need to look at this also). Was looking on SGL and as others have said, seeing was horrendous and I think I missed the best time by about an hour or so... hopefully got some better data to look through and fingers crossed another chance tomorrow... TSA102s > Baader 2" UV/IR on the TV diagonal > Quark Chromo > Basler acA1920-155um (Sony IMX 174m). Captured in Basler's Pylon software as separate Mono8.tif files on a MacBook Pro. Processed in AS!2 and ImPPG (via Wine), then PS CC2017 So, a quick bodge for now! The GONG image from the same period for ref. D
  7. Glorious morning. Chance to have another play with the new camera. A quick go tonight at processing the first set of data. Dark and **flat frame calibrated. Best 300 from 2200. TSA102s > Quark Chromo > Basler acA1920-155um (Sony IMX 174m). Captured in Basler's Pylon software as separate Mono12P .tif files on a MacBook Pro. Processed in AS!2 and ImPPG (via Wine), then PS CC2017 HELP! **Struggling with flats over compensating in the dark areas. I have a lot of dust to remove (sensor swabs turned up this afternoon via Amazon!) Currently I just move to the centre of the sun and take a 'bag flat'. Should I take the flat frame at the position of the lights capture? Or is there something (setting wise) I'm missing? NO FLAT WITH FLAT CALIBRATION - see white dots in the black areas. Any thoughts..? Damian
  8. I finally got round to looking at this, I grabbed some images at different tuning positions on the quark on the 25th May. Seeing was past its best by the time I got round to it. I didn't do any flats which was a pity but it was probably just the shock of having clear skies all day! All images have been stacked and sharpened at same settings, then lightly stretched in PS. No other processing as I wanted to compare them more accurately. Rob.
  9. Yay! I can finally see the sun from my garden again, lots of interesting features on show this morning. I've been trying out merging normal and part inverted versions with IMPPG to bring out detail. Scope ED80 with Quark chromosphere and camera ASI120MM +0.5 reducer Already feel like I need a bigger scope Rob.
  10. Some nice solar detail along with Mercury passing by. ED80 + Quark chromosphere +0.5X reducer. ASI120mm.
  11. So, I tested my newly acquired DMK41 mono cam, both with and without a nosepiece reducer. What a difference from QHY 5LII- no Newton's rings. Easy focusing, and better frame rate Quark chromosphereTS 60ED on iOptron SmarteqDMK41AU04.AS
  12. First time out this year and what a great Sun to start the year with. ED80 + Quark Chromo + ASI120MM 1000 frames stacked to 20% in Autostakkert then sharpened in imppg. False colour via photoshop curves (prefer the mono myself)
  13. A little bit of Sun today but very windy and poor seeing. Staring at the this solar surface is a bit like looking at something from the late, great, H.R. Giger !
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