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Found 41 results

  1. I know it may be a bit of a long shot but I'm looking to buy a HEQ5 Pro mount or an NEQ6 Pro or something similar. Preferably belt driven but not necessary as can happily modify it. Please let me know if you have anything! Thanks.
  2. From the album: Lunar Eclipse 28.09.2015

    Getting set up with my NEQ6 Pro Synscan, William Optics FLT-110 ED refractor, and Canon 100D DSLR
  3. Hi Guys. I have a NEQ6 Pro mount, about 3 years old. One of those with the poxy little jack on the main circuit-board to plug in the power supply. ( I understand this has been improved in later models) Despite taking care, after much use the inevitable has happened and the socket has parted company from the circuit board and the mount can't be used. Prior to it breaking totally I did a DIY repair soldering it back on to the pcb. This worked for a while but I don't much fancy my chances of doing this a second time, what with hot soldering irons and delicate, heat sensitive electronics not being a great mixture. I live in deepest darkest Shropshire ( Thats in the UK for non locals! ) does anyone out there know of a place within a reasonable distance that they would trust to do the repair. When I contacted Skywatcher, they said I would need to replace the entire pcb and wanted over 200 quid!! This seems just plain silly, it needs someone to attach 2 wires to the pcb going to an external socket, job done and can't break again in the same way. Any suggestions ? I am pinning my hopes on you guys.
  4. Hi, I was looking at YouTube today and came across an upgrade for a Skywatcher EQ6/NEQ6 that makes setting the latitude setting easier.... See... http://www.modernastronomy.com/shop/mount-accessories/mkii-eq6wedge/ Has anybody done this upgrade? Cheers Adrian
  5. Hi, I've just returned from a partially successful holiday trip with my telescope. Had all sorts of tech trouble but one of them was something new to me. I had my tripod and NEQ6 Pro outside for 6 days to avoid having to level it up and do polar alignment over and over again. I had to take the telescope off a couple of times as there were some wet days and my cover is not big enough to cover everything. Anyway, on the last night clear enough to do any imaging I encountered an issue that I haven't had before. The moisture in the air probably had condensed inside my NEQ6 and eventually froze when the temperature reached 0-1C and rendered the DEC axis unusable. It sounded "crunchy", skipped steps and was generally pretty nasty so I called it quits and took the whole thing back inside. Next day when it had warmed and dried up I tried it again and it worked just fine. I don't think there's any permanent damage to the drive mechanism but what I would like to know if you have encountered anything similar and how are you preventing it from happening again? Is it just generally not a good idea to leave the mount outside like this?
  6. I really needs help asap guys please. I had small play in my RA worm gear so tweaked it and now no play. Problem now is the RA turns as normal, but has no torque as in, I can put 1 finger on the weight bar and it stops, makes a grinding noise. looking at the motors with the side panel off and it's not gears slipping, it's the motor itself won't rotate. What could the problem be? I was looking at buying a skywatcher Quattro tomorrow as well. Please help!
  7. Hi all, heres my attempt at M45 this year. Exposure details: 60x210 seconds, f2.8, ISO 800, calibration frames, 200mm With just under 3 hours 30 minutes this has fallen far from how i wanted it to be. I planned on getting 10 hours! But with cloud forecast all week i'll settle with this till later in the year. I shot using the lens wide open and using the 3rd point focusing method, hoping to have enough light grasp to pick up some of that faint dust in the area. I picked up 7 hours over 2 nights and thats when problems started. My first imaging session was the first time i used my new dew heater, i focused and then turned the heater on which shifted the focus i think, leaving me with over 3 hours of un-stackable data! This image is made up of data from the second session, you can see that the stars appear to trail and i wanted to ask if anyone using this focusing method has ever been left with stars like those in the image? They appear to streak a little bit and look as if they are rotating around a center point. I have spoken to one other person who has experienced this. Because i have recently started using Backyard EOS, im not aware how to set up the live view so you have the 4 intersecting lines (if its even possible) so when focusing i roughly guessed where the intersecting lines would be. If i didnt have the star in the right place, could it have caused the stars to appear the way they do? Anyway, heres the image. Clear skies!
  8. Please find for sale my SkyWatcher 250 Reflector and NEQ6 SynScan mount. The reflector has of course been used and shows sign of use on the outside of the tube but the mirrors show little sign of wear or tear apart from a few dust specks. As you can see from the photos the Scope is in very good condition and all viewings are welcome. The NEQ6 mount powers up but refuses to move. This may be just an update to the handset or maybe the gears need a touch of TLC due to itself being sat doing nothing for so long. The tripod is missing the locking pin that pulls the plate up against the legs but this will be reflected in the price. i would like to offer this to the SGL community as I know it will go to someone who will appreciate the kit and do so much more with it than I’ve been able to. Given the fact I haven’t used this kit for a few years now and I’m also moving house, I know longer have the time or room for it so this is the only reason for sale. *** Update 26/1/2020 I have purchased a new support shaft for the tripod and I have also got the NEQ6 moving so the motors seem to be absolutely fine, please see latest video attached of the NEQ6 powered up and moving. Skywatcher 250 - £200 NEQ6 - £450 Collection only from Walsall/West Midlands Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them. Wishing you all clear skies wherever you are IMG_2242.MOV
  9. NEQ6 polar scope, may also fit the HEQ5 according to several retailers. I'd like £20 for this plus £2.95 for RM Second Class postage. Payment by paypal only. This is also advertised on astrobuysell.
  10. I'm offering for sale my NEQ6 Syscan mount with tripod. The mount has both the Rowan Belt and the EQ6 Wedge modifications, the later making the altitude adjustment easier than with the original bolt. I'm selling it as it is surplus to requirements since I moved all my gear into a ROR observatory in July 2016; I kept it for star parties, other travel, etc., but the reality is that it has remained unused for nearly 2 years, I think the last time was for the Mercury transit in May 2016. It comes with hand controller, single CW & CW extension bar, Ac - 12v DC mains power adapter, 12V cigar lead for use with 12V power supply, HitecAstro EQDIR (for direct PC mount control). As its not been used for a while I powered it up today and its all working fine. Please see below collage of images taken today. Asking £750 ono. Payment via Paypal friends and family, or cash on collection/delivery. Given the weight and size of the mount + tripod collection or delivery only please. I'm retired, so am willing to deliver within to a reasonable distance, also still have family west Surrey, so could combine with trip down south if that works for anyone. I live in Norfolk about 1 hours drive from Kelling Heath so another option is for me to transport it there if the buyer is attending the Spring star party next month. I'm also selling my Williams Optics ZS71 (71mm) F5.9 ED Doublet with x0.8 Flattner/Reducer. The x0.8 FR makes this an excellent scope for Astrophotography at F4.72 . Again I'm selling as it has become suplus to requirements since I acquired the 4"(100mm) TSAPO100Q. As with the NEQ6 I kept it for travel / star parties, but I haven't used it in nearly 3 years...!! It is in excellent optical contition, but has several marks from use of 3 point mounting rings which are shown in the below collage of photos. It is packed in original foam mounted box, so can be shipped/insured. Asking £300 + postage on same payment terms as NEQ6. I also have a Rapid mains AC to 13.8V DC regulated power supply also surplus to requirements in original box. £25 + postage. Combined sale of NEQ6 + WO ZS71 = £1,000 if anyone is interested and will I chuck in the mains adapter if wanted. Please PM me if interested in any or all items. Thanks for looking. Geof
  11. hi i am looking for same parts for my neq6 3 yeas old , the part is : RA & DEC clutch locking bolt & bolt Screw ( i Loss it in Strip Down ) motor worm-gear ( Damage ) RA & DEC stepper motors please help me where can i find the parts?? best regards sam
  12. Hi all, Sorry, I am new to this forum but I would like to ask your advice !! I have a Skywatcher Skyliner 300P Flextube AZ SynScan and I would like to place the tube on an equitorial NEQ6 mount. Can you give me any advice please? Thank you in-advance
  13. Hi there, I recently decided trying to improve my Atlas EQG guiding performance by installing the Rowan's belt kit modification. It was a bit of a challenge to me as I had never opened my mount before. I felt that the Astro Baby guide (https://web.archive.org/web/20160812062551/http://www.astro-baby.com:80/EQ6 rebuild guide/EQ6 Strip Down Home.htm) was an amazingly well written auxiliary guide to install the kit, together with Rowan's own instructions. I would like to report on my results, since there may be others deciding whether or not to take the plunge and go for the mod. I can say that disassembling the mount was the most difficult part because of two problems I faced: The first was that one of the bearings stuck to the RA main spindle requiring a bit of force to be removed (fearing some kind of damage to the bearing I decided to replace all of the SKF 6008 bearings - 3 for each axis). The advice here is to take your time to slowly remove the worm gear (with the upper and bottom bearings in place), taking great care to avoid tilting the bearing in the process. If you do this slowly, and the bearing gets stuck on the spindle, it will require only tilting a small amount in the opposite direction to release it again. Do not apply force as this may result in the bearing sticking on the RA main spindle in a more permanent way. The other, more difficult problem was to remove the motor gear set screws using an allen key. After breaking 2 allen keys I needed professional assistance to solder the set screws in order to remove them. Apart from these two unanticipated problems the mod went smoothly. After the modification, I noticed a much better guiding performance of the mount. Before the mod I had a problem that my mount would only guide using "north" or "south" in PhD, but not using "auto" since it resulted invariably in a large and irrecoverable DEC incursion. The attached graph shows my first guiding session after the modification. The focal lenght of the guiding scope is 400 mm. I think the belt is a worthwhile alternative to improve the guiding accuracy of these mounts.
  14. So recently purchased a 14ah Tracer battery from FLO for my ATIK414ex and Filterwheel, to compliment the 22ah battery I bought off of Amazon about a year ago for the mount/dew heater. The 14ah battery happily runs the camera/filter wheel and based off of a 6 hour test today, could probably go for two nights of imaging, GREAT! However my concern is with the 22ah battery, as soon as the mount is engaged/tracking I get a blinking light on the mount, which I believe is a low voltage warning, and I noticed that EQmod had lost contact with the mount after a while, so I tested by unplugging the dew heater, no difference, still blinking. Wondering if it was the battery, or mount, I then went back to my mains adapter from maplins, no blinking, and no communication loss. Now the cable is a bit crap, if I jiggle it, the light will flicker, but upon checking the tracer battery, the meter says it still has 80% power left, (after 6 hours, that's awesome) but at that level there shouldn't be huge voltage drop off. My conclusion is that the battery isn't up to scratch for this job, unless I am missing something, or anyone has any suggestions?
  15. With EQ5 Synscan there are 90 stars embedded for polar alignment (source: http://www.vcse.hu/konyvtar/Cikkek/SkyScan_Alignment_Stars.pdf) and I was fiddling with NEQ6 the other day and it only showed me 20-odd stars. Could it be that Synscan is "hiding" the stars that are below horizon or close to it so that they don't appear or does it really have fewer stars for polar alignment?
  16. Hello, Bought and received my Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro mount yesterday along with a Skywatcher 12v 17ah power supply. This is my first goto mount (had a non computerised EQ5 previously). We've updated the firmware, balanced the scope and tried playing around with the slewing on the hand controller. The mount will only slew in certain directions and not in others dependant on the starting orientation of the telescope. Declination seems to be the biggest culprit. Also is it supposed to sound so loud when it slews/doesn't slew? Any advice would be appreciated, we are out of ideas about how to get it to work or what we could try. Thank you! Simona
  17. Hey guys, following on from my last thread regarding drift alignment issues, I finally (after a year and a half of trying) managed to get what seemed to be precise polar alignment using the drift method. The goal of this is to get long(ish) unguided subs. My setup is a Skywatcher NEQ6, SW 80ED Refractor, Canon 100D DSLR and i'm using BackyardEOS to control the camera. I don't yet have a focal reducer or any form of autoguiding. Here is an image of my altitude alignment (using the D.A.R.V method), using a star at around ±10° dec from the celestial equator, as near to the east horizon as possible. (Apologies for the poor image quality - I had to use my phone camera since print screen didn't seem to want to work on the laptop). And here is my alignment for the azimuth (taken near the meridian at ~0° dec). I spent hours trying to get both as precise as possible - I think more precise alignment would have been next to impossible for me to do. Regardless, after finally feeling like i'd got good alignment, I went to take an image and I was pretty disheartened. A 30 second exposure left me with significant star trails. The longest subs I could get without trails were ~15 seconds. After nearly a year and a half of just trying to get good polar alignment, it feels like a bit of an insult, especially given that people often talk about getting 30-60 second unguided subs. But, i'm determined to eventually get there. So my question is, why is this happening? Could it be that my mount is flawed or damaged from the time I dropped it on my head? Do I just not have enough practice making the small adjustments to the mount required for unguided subs? Could balancing play into this? I've tried to balance my mount as best I can, but the dec axis is still heavily skewed towards the back/camera end of the scope and i'm unable to move the scope any further forward on the dovetail to counter this. Or could this be that i've simply hit the limit of my setup? I was always intending on buying an autoguider once I was familiar with my equipment and able to get good polar alignment, but would it be worth it? I'm a bit worried that if I can't get better alignment, an autoguider really isn't going to make much difference (and at best give me bad field rotation). Alternatively, are there any other methods of polar alignment I could use? I don't really want to use the polar scope method, and would prefer drift alignment if possible. I'm aware that pHd has a drift alignment procedure, and i'm tempted to try it if I do end up getting an auto guider. Any help or discussion is much appreciated! Cheers, Crowmium.
  18. They say it never rains, but it pours. Certainly seems to be the case with my NEQ6 recently. When I set up the mount last night, I found the "Dec Lock Lever" (#16 on the attached diagram) has completely seized. Cannot shift it in either direction, despite attacking it with as much force/pressure as I felt comfortable doing, considering it is just a piece of plastic and breaking it would not improve the situation any. Had it out again today in the cold light of day, but to no avail. So my first question would be: has anyone else had this problem and (possibly more importantly) found a solution to it? In the absence of that, I have been giving some thoughts to what it will mean. Firstly the good news: (1) It has seized in the position in which it is stored (with the bolts "below") so at least I can keep it in its box without major alterations. (2) It was fine last night, as I was using the camera, which fits lengthwise on a dovetail bar, so when it was fitted in that position, the camera was pointing north - the usual "home" position. BUT: When I put one of the scopes on it, the scope will be facing west in the "home" position. OK, so when I first "unpark" it, the mount will think it is pointing north and so the initial GOTO alignment of the scope will have the mount pointing it roughtly 90° away from where it needs to be. I can then move the mount using the EQMOD controls so that it is pointing where I want it to and then do my first sync. Once that has happened, presumably it will continue based on that position and every other GOTO of the evening will work out fine. But what will happen at the end of the evening when I "Park to home". Will it go back to pointing west (which will mean the mount will fit in its box), or will it adjust where it thinks home is based on the syncs I have performed during the evening and so point north (which will mean the mount will not fit in its box)? Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks.
  19. Like the title suggests I'm looking for some pier adapter help. I have a concrete pier with an Altair Astro mount adapter fitted to the top. I have recently changed my EQ5 for an NEQ6 which doesn't fit my old adapter. I have contacted Altair Astro who told me it should fit if I turn the adapter upside down but it doesn't (also, then the mounting bolts wouldn't be countersunk) Does anyone know what the difference is between the adapters, the photos on all the websites are a little vague when it comes to these adapters and I've seen them with 4 or 6 anchor bolts - or just which one I need to order to fit my mount Thanks
  20. Hi, So I brought a SW 8" reflector and an NEQ6 Pro mount a while ago and just started playing with it. I am pretty much a novice with the equipment right now but trying to learn, so please be patient with me. =) Unfortunately, I have lost the original adapter that came with the mount. =(. I brought a 12V adapter from the local store to replace it and get my mount to work again. It powers up the mount just fine. I can use the SynScan handset to slew around the sky at up to 9x speeds just fine. But when I try doing the star alignment procedure, I run into hardware problems. =(. What happens is as follows: 1. I power on the mount, enter the location coordinates, date and time. 2. The handset prompts me to perform a 1/2/3 star alignment, I select either one of them. 3. The handset offers me to select a star from the list. I select either star. 4. The mount begins to slew... And hardly 2 seconds later, I hear an audible click coming from probably the gears within the mount. At this point, the power LED goes out, starts blinking again, and the handset shows the prompt "Use dir. keys to center object". I can see that the star is nowhere close to the FOV. After this point, the mount completely stops slewing. Whether I select the next star or quit alignment and try slewing manually at any rate, the mount doesnt move at all. I cant hear any slewing sounds from within the mount. 5. I power off the mount. 6. I power it back on. After a few seconds, I hear two quick clicks and then the slow continuous slewing sound starts. Slewing works as before until I try doing an alignment, at which point the same problem as above re-appears and the mount stops working till I power it off and back on. I have tried setting the mount to the HOME position (pointing roughly towards Polaris). I have tried starting from an arbitrary position. But no luck with alignment. I think that either my mount is faulty (I had kept it in storage for about a year). Or the adapter I am using is not giving enough power to the mount during the alignment slewing. I don't have a clear idea though, as slewing works just fine at any speed as long as I havent run the alignment procedure from the handset. Please help me figure out the problem and resolve it. I spent a fortune saving up for the mount and I dread it going to waste. I wasnt able to take excellent care of it earlier (we shifted home and you might imagine how easy it is to neglect "less important" stuff) =(. But I would love to make it work now and re-start what has been my life's passion for more than a decade. =( Asim
  21. Have you noticed that SkyWatcher has recently downgraded the payload capacity of the HEQ5 and EQ6/NEQ6? They've been around for over a decade and the HEQ5 has always been listed as a "15kg visual payload" mount (which from my experience seems accurate if I compare it with payloads of Celestrons, iOptrons etc - everybody exaggerates a little, especially for "visual"), while the EQ6 was usually listed as "18kg imaging / 25kg visual". When the AZ-EQ5 and AZ-EQ6 were introduced, they were listed at the same capacities as the HEQ5 and EQ6 respectively. A while ago I had compiled a neat little comparison table and charts for the various goto mounts on the market and I was surprised that someone commented recently that I was favoring Skywatcher mounts by listing them higher than their rated capacity. I opened the skywatcher website to discover that their HEQ5 is now listed at 13.7kg, the EQ6 at 18.2kg, while the AZ-EQ5 is still at 15kg and the AZ-EQ6 at 20kg. As far as I know, the old mounts were not changed, so the only possible explanation I can give is that the SkyWatcher marketing dept. had a hand in this, wanting to give some extra reason for people to shell out more for the newer mounts - justify the increased cost in any case, and as the new AZ's can't actually take heavier loads than the old mounts, they simply had to downgrade the latter. Which is a bit ridiculous, the HEQ5 is now rated less than the Celestron Advanced VX and the iOptron iEQ30, which would be pretty disappointing for the 10kg mount head if it was true. Thoughts? I didn't see it discussed in another thread, but sorry if I missed it.
  22. Hello, I'm looking to purchase a second hand Skywatcher EQ6 Synscan mount. I've seen pictures and the mount looks in great condition, and comes with all standard bits/accessories. The seller will be able to power up the mount, so what should I look for / check before concluding the sale and parting with the cash? Thanks in advance, Matt
  23. Twisted Lip


    From the album: Twisted Lip's Deep Sky

    23 x 300s (+ flats, bias and darks) ISO 400 Atronomik LP clip-in Canon 1100d (un-modded) WO GTF81 on an NEQ6 Guiding with SD80 via lodestar and PHD
  24. From the album: David Newbury

    I took some images of Catalina last year. I was working on PixInsight and came across BLINK. That put me on the road to creating .GIF movies images. Taken using ATIK 4120EX on my C11 using NEQ6 mount from my garden in UK.
  25. Aenima

    Bi-colour NGC7000 Wall

    From the album: CCD venture

    A h-alpha and OIII shot of the Wall section of NGC7000 aka north america nebula. Processed to resemble the hubble palette colour scheme. ED80 - ATK16HR - Ha clip filter - EQ6 - finderguider 9x50mm PhD2 - photoshop - DSS.
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