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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I am considering going down the guiding route but have a number of questions. I have been looking at the Celestron OAG: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/off-axis-guiders-oag/celestron-off-axis-guider-oag.html along with the Celestron SCT OAG Adaptor: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/off-axis-guiders-oag/celestron_sct_oag_adaptor_93652.html 1. Would I still be able to use my f6.3 FR with this OAG? I am also looking at getting a Moonlite Focuser, the FR type, which means that I could use my FR as normal infront of the focuser. 2. Would using both the Focuser & OAG be a problem? 3. Would the OAG connect to the back of the focuser or vice versa? Thanks
  2. Ardufocus is a full open source Moonlite compatible focuser. The source is still under heavy development so things move around a bit. To access source code and detailed instructions visit the Github repository, for the 3D objects visit Thing #2446069. Motivation After buying the CCD, filter wheel and filters I was broke but still wanted to have an automatic focuser. Design Goals Moonlite compatible: This was a very important part of the design as I didn't want to spend time and effort dealing with ASCOM and INDI drivers, the Moonlite focuser is a well known, reputable rock solid focuser. The serial protocol used by them was easily reversed engineered (plain ASCII) and most of it was already documented on the Internet. Cheap: Another big point was to made it as cheap as possible recurring to as few parts as needed. That's the reason why the 28BYJ-48 stepper motor was chosen, out-of-the-box using the ULN2003 gives you a really cheap (less than 2€) focuser for medium loads (380gcm). If you require the focuser to driver heavier loads (800gcm) then the motor itself can be modded into a Bipolar stepper motor and driven by the A4988 step stick which will cost you less than 1€. Builder friendly: Using off-the-shelf components such as the Arduino Nano and easily available parts Ardufocus is aimed to be build by anyone with a soldering iron and some patience, no degree in electronics required. Hardware It was built on top of a standard ATmega 328 Arduino such as UNO, Pro or Nano; currently it does not support the Mega or any other ARM based board. BOM 1x Arduino Nano 1x A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module 1x Electrolytic capacitor 10uF 1x NTC 10K 5% 1x Resistor 1/4W 10K 1x DC Power connector (male, female pair) 1x DB9 connector (male, female pair) 1x 28BYJ-48 Stepper motor 3D printed parts To download and print instructions for the 3D printed parts have a look at the Thing #2446069. A4988 driver with a Bipolar motor Example schematic how to building and Ardufocus using a modded 28BYJ-48 Stepper motor.
  3. Quite a few bits and bobs to shift. All items £2.50 P&P OPEN TO SENSIBLE OFFERS Enjoy! ADM MDS Dovetail plate adapters i.e. Mini dovetail clamps x2 - £15 each, £27.50 for two. PENDING TO BRYAN Telepak1 without vixen clamp, handy gadget for adding a second scope to a counterweight bar, I used it on a Giro mount. - £20 inc P&P SOLD 6x30 Finderscope with o ring but no bracket - £7.50 STILL AVAILABLE 1.25" erecting Prism - £12.50 1 STILL AVAILABLE EOS to C adaptor with CS spacer - £22.50 25mm Super Plossl - £10 Payment via PayPal fees paid or gift, bank transfer also ok.
  4. Hi, I am selling my Moonlite CS Dual Rate SCT Crayford with 2" Focuser. It has the tall flange to except Celestron reducer & .95" Draw Tube. Hardly used, in Gold/Orange Looking for £200 OVNO posted (Royal Mail special delivery by 1pm Tracked - UK ONLY) +by Bank Transfer or swap for Starlight Feathertouch: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/starlight-instruments-feather-touch-sct-microfocusers/microfocuser-for-celestron-925-sct.html 'CPC' version or Celestron Off Axis Guider (OAG) #93648: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/off-axis-guiders-oag/celestron-off-axis-guider-oag.html Selling as I wish to go down the OAG route & this focuser uses up precious backfocus that I need. Also advertised on Astro Buy Sell thanks for looking
  5. A couple of months back I began contemplating a new focuser for my LS60. Original post In the end I decided to go for a Moonlite (from FLO) and it arrived yesterday . I'm very happy with it! I'd identified a few possible options: Baader Steeltrack (~£210 delivered from TS) JMI Event Horizon (RVO said they could supply but did not respond with a price ) Feathertouch (I contacted Widescreen - where I bought my LS60 - but they did not respond with a price ) Moonlite (£330 delivered from FLO) In the end I went with the Moonlite because I have a Moonlite on my Dob and it's lovely (and because it looks cool in orange!) Andrew
  6. My Lunt LS60 THa now has a lovely new Moonlite focuser: Andrew
  7. Imaging season is still a few weeks away up here, but I've started dusting of my gear and upgrading some parts. One step closer to automation is a motor focuser, and I opted for a budget solution. I bought a SkyWatcher DC focuser and built a computer control for it. Since I use INDI for my automation, I had to find a way to connect the focuser to indiserver. A first thought was to use the INDIduino code, but after some coding and testing I found out that this code is very limited and not really supported by indi clients. The Ekos/Kstars focus module can't be used for focus control if you use INDIduino, apparently. But then I stumbled upon an Arduino solution that emulates the MoonLite focuser (http://www.indilib.org/forum/general/283-moonlite-focuser-protocol.html). Unfortunately, this protocol is for a focuser with a stepper motor, whereas the SkyWatcher has a geared DC motor. I had already rewritten some code from stepper to (geared) DC motor, so it was easy to adapt this to the MoonLite based code. My solution consists of the following: hardware: - SkyWatcher DC focuser (only the motor is used, the handbox is replaced by the Arduino) - Arduino UNO - Velleman motor controller shield for Arduino - 9 V power adapter to power the shield - Raspberry Pi software: - Arduino sketch with Geared Motor library (see below for link) - INDI server on RPi, and client (Ekos/Kstars) on Windows I've tested this setup on my SkyWatcher Explorer 150PDS and it runs fine. Unfortunately I haven't been able to test the autofocus, due to absence of astrodarkness and clear skies. Since a DC focuser has no knowledge about the position of the actual focuser, the software assumes that position '0' is all the way in. Maximum position is 25000 for my setup. By default, focus is increased by 100 steps, which is supposed to be 100 ms of motor drive. BTW, the code is in my GitHub repository: https://github.com/wberlo/Arduino_Moonlite_Focuser
  8. I am selling my Moonlite installation kit for 8" newtonian focuser as shown here https://www.firstlightoptics.com/moonlite-focusers/moonlite-installation-kit-for-newtonian-focusers.html The installation kit was fitted on my 8" dobson in Italy and used very little (it is essentially new). I no longer need it as the focuser now sits on my 12" dob. New £58, my price: £40 (including RM 1st class signed-for). PayPal (pay as a friend) or direct bank transfer. Also advertised on ABS. Thanks for looking, Piero
  9. Reading in various posts about people not having enough in-focusing for certain optics. As I am considering a Moonlite focuser for my dob Newtonian, I see the single speed has an option of 70mm tube length. While extension tubes for out-focusing can be added, I am wondering if the 70mm would be a good choice to cover any in-focusing need. I have never read of extra tube length being added for in-focusing so advice would be greatly appreciated. I hope to get bino viewers in the future as well as a 2 inch or lower power barlow for the dob's.
  10. It's finally through customs, so picked it up on the way home and thought I'd share my new "shiny shiny" addition to the collection Moonlite CS 2" SCT Focuser complete with high res steppers & the brand new Rotator option. My first Moonlite, this thing is built like a tank & oozes quality, I cant stop touching it
  11. After a recent (3rd) scope purchase, I am offering for sale the following setup. I would prefer to sell as a complete lot, however, I will consider splitting items out if there's enough interest. Skywatcher ED80 DS Pro w/Moonlite focuser Altair Lightwave premium 2" dielectric diagonal w/1.25" adapter Skywatcher ED80 aluminium OTA carry case Celestron Nexstar SE mount w/tripod. All items less than 12 months old. Makes a very manageable grab and go setup as it can be lifted fully assembled. The ED80 needs no introduction, it has provided me with some great views. Optics are great in this scope and collimation is spot on. The mount is very sturdy as they're usually supplied with 6/8" SCT's which weigh a lot more than this OTA. The dew shield is vinyl wrapped and flocked inside, this can be easily removed if required. I'll be sorry to see this go but it'll hopefully be replaced with the 120mm Equinox, so I'm sure I'll get over it Located in Caerleon, S. Wales, collection is preferred. REDUCED asking price £750. Note - RDF & EP not included.
  12. For sale, this as new red dual speed Moonlite focuser. Bought recently in the FLO overstock sale for £260 plus shipping. Decided I didn't actually need it after all! This one has the SW flange for the ED80/100/120. Looking for offers around £260 including shipping. PM me if interested. I'll take it to SGL11 too if it hasn't sold by then, £250 if collected from there.
  13. Spaciual shout our for Moonlite Telescope Accessories and their product. As most will know I am a bit iof a fan of Moonlite focusers. I own two a tri knob dual rate for my 8" Newtonian and tri knob dual rate with all the bells and whistles on my Maksutov. The focusers have always performed wll, shifting heavy loads and large eyepieces and are well made, good value and a very worthwhile upgrade to almost any telescope. Two weekends ago while camping my Newtonians Moonlite went wobbly - this one is about 4 years old. The focuser would slip super badly under loads of 1lb and more and when the tensioner was tightened (and this must be done very slowly and in time amounts by the way) the 10:1 reduction unit ceased to work. In a nutshell I could live with either slippage or no fine focus. As the weather was cloudy the whole three days we were camping (no more Salisbury for me) I let it lie and resoived to take a look when back home. A few days investigation and fiddling acheived nothing. Focuser tube was cleaned, the pressure bad cleaned and the spindle cleaned plus the top rollers. The unit was stripped and cleaned a fair few times but no matter how much I messed with it it just plain refused to work. I suspect the tension on the bearings is not high enough and the spring loaded element has weakened. Soooooooooo........I puit in a call to Moonlite and spoke to Ron. The unit was sourced from Steve at FLO but I didnt want to bug him on a unit thats four years old and felt Moonlite would be the best option. Ron was courteous to a fault, suggeted the spring may indeed be the source of problems and said they wouldn't expect any unit to fail and said if I shipped it back to them they would fix it free of charge and ship it back to me. Ro also offered a firmer spring which that offer as an option for those of us with heavyweight EPs etc. So I would just like to conclude by saying as ever what a great company to do business with. Courteous, helpful and happy to replace something thats gone a bit wobbly. I always say that any company can have a dud go through or a product thyat has a few issues but its how they deal with things when stuff goes wrong thats the real test. So there you are - great product, great company to deal with and its nice to know yor investment in their product is backed up by people who stand four square behind their product and will help when things go wrong. Thank you Ron. Mel
  14. *** SOLD *** Bought this from a fellow stargeezer just over a year ago; had grand plans for a scope which could use this as a retro-fit but they never came to fruition. I kept it on as a spare and as such things go, it's just hung around, nicely wrapped and ready for action but the call never came. Now, it's time to find it a good home. Black 2" Moonlite CF focuser for refractor, shaft lock model. Comes - just as I bought it - with the flange for a Meade 5000 series 80mm triplet; flanges for other scopes are readily available. (FLO) Double finder dovetail shoes and 1.25" reducer included. Looking for £180 posted to UK. Please do try to tempt me with your offer. PayPal friends accepted. Please PM with any queries. Thanks for looking.
  15. Hope someone can help with my Moonlite Issue, the fine adjustment knob has come away from the main unit but I simply cant see how to get it back in It wont simply push back in as it does not go in all the way and i notice the spindle has a small groove and again does that go in the knob or the main unit - hopefully the pics explain I looked on line but could not seem to find much Help appreciated Regards John B
  16. I'm finally nearing the end of my project to move imaging over from a Olimex A20 running INDI to a raspberry pi (also running INDI) that will be mounted to the side of my LX90 fork arm to really reduce the amount of cables running down the mount. I'm now down to a single multicore cable from the ground to supply two separate power lines, one for the dew heater and then the second that is split between CCD, LX90 and the Raspberry PI. The PI itself controls my CCD, Guide cam and filter wheel via USB but in addition I've built a "Hat" (although I shouldn't really call it that as it violates a few parts of the official hat spec). That provides an RS232 connection for the LX90 autostar and a DRV8805 based controller to drive my newly arrived (Early Christmas present to myself arrived just a few days before Christmas) Moonlite focuser. Below is an image of the final board mounted onto the Raspberry PI and here's a photo of it hooked up to the Moonlite focuser. The project wasn't without its issues, quite a few of them to be honest. From design flaws with the PCB switch mode power supply (luckily fixable without needing a new PCB) to... well they're all covered on my blog which has several posts covering the project. On Christmas Eve, it all came together though. With a custom INDI driver for the board driving the focuser perfectly. Full source for the INDI driver, hardware schematics and PCB gerbers along with a few kicad components are all available at:- https://bitbucket.org/BWGaryP/mup-astro-cat https://bitbucket.org/BWGaryP/mup-kicad-library If you're wondering about the name (he says hoping someone read this far), it was originally the MUP Astro Hat, but since I didn't end up following the full PI hat spec, I decided to rename it. It was a toss up between CAT (after the SCT it's used with) or CAP, since a Cap is like a Hat but not quite a hat! For the odd person who did get this far, there's much more detail on my blog in a series of posts including a totally, amazing, action packed video of the focuser erm moving. http://www.mups.co.uk/post/2016/12/moonlite-focusing/ Bottom of that blog post is a link to all the earlier posts which cover the many mistakes made and bodges to fix them This is the first PCB I've ever made, so I'm incredibly chuffed with how well it turned out despite some rough edges and the many issues along the way. Can't wait to sort the last couple of bits now (few cables and counterweights to sort) so I can finally give this focuser a proper test under the (hopefully not quite as blurry) stars
  17. NOW SOLD This was purchased in the FLO clearance sale but I had a change of plans so it is no longer needed. It is in perfect condition, unused and comes with the Skywatcher flange for ED80/100 and 120. It is the dual speed model in red with brake. Looking for £220 collected at SGL11 or £230 posted. PayPal fees paid or bank transfer please. Cheers, Stu
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