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Found 13 results

  1. goose35

    M52 final No flats

    From the album: DSO Imaging

    Did a re-process with no flats as they were bad causing vignetting, i think the screen was too bright.
  2. andrewluck

    Sh2-155 to M52

    From the album: Andrew's Sky Pictures

    A two frame mosaic, 5 hours per side in 10 minute subs. Zenithstar 70 on Avalon Linear with a QHY9C

    © Andrew Luck

  3. Hi! First light with my QHY8L and first contact with CCD camera :-) It was a right choice and good upgrade from Nikon D7200. 13x600s - Light at -20C 25x600s - Dark at -20C 35xBias 35xFLAT Tomek
  4. From the album: DSO Imaging

    M52 20 x 3 min guided subs 10 each flat, bias and darks
  5. M52 and NGC 7635 (the Bubble nebula) 16 18 x 10 minutes exposures at ISO 200 SW 150PDS on AZ EQ6GT, Pentax K20D (not modified) The camera picks up some Ha. Enough for the bubble to show, but not enough for the background Ha. I'm not sure if I should keep the faint red or get rid of it and get an even background. Comments welcome.
  6.   Observing Information DSO - M13,M52 Date - 15/08/16 Time - 00:30-01:30 Lunar Phase - Waning Gibbious 79% Luminosity Seeing - Excellent Equipment - Celestron Nexstar 6SE, No filters used Eyepieces - Pentax SMC 8-24 Zoom Eyepiece. M13-17.5mm, M52-24mm. Additional info - What a beautiful night of observing, I purposely chose 2 targets furthest away from the moon and found they offered some really good detail especially M13. The longer I observed the more stars and structure it yielded, I honestly could have spent another hour adding to it but felt with the moon being so bright I wasn't going to get much more. M52 was another object enough away from the moon to show some lovely detail and I was impressed with how many stars I could observe and how many levels of brightness and detail in the stars I could discern, it really was a challenge but I loved every minute ? I hope you enjoyed viewing my sketches as much as I enjoyed sketching them Clear skies ???? Richard
  7. More from last night... A quick Andromeda. Don't look at Bob's for comparison and I might get away with it! Canon 600D unmodified + Astronomik CLS filter. Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 OS. 19x2m M52 and bubble nebula. Need more focal length on this one. Canon 600D unmodified + Astronomik CLS filter. Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 OS. 17x2m 100% crop of bubble.
  8. Hi Second experiment with PHD2. Got to say drift align has made a huge difference to my guide graph. I use to have to sit at pc and reset guiding every few subs but now for the second time with drift i never had to touch it through 12 x 5 min subs. Anyway 12 x 5 min subs and 12 each cal frames EOS 1100D with baader mpcc3 plus neodynum on astromaster 130 eq guided with ST80 AND ASI120MM on bresser Exos 2 mount
  9. Hi Gave a first light to my ZWO120mm-c as a guider on my Exos 2 mount. All i'll say id fantastic. Many stars to choose from. Got it guiding and after problem with the dec dropping off the graph i increased the max dec duration to maximum ad solved the issue though it was a bit saw toothy, I know i have some backlash to tune out though. It guided for over an hour till the clouds lost me a star. I used my olympus E-510 with bader LP filter on the shortened astromaster 130EQ. I have a coma corrector but it wont fit the 130 focuser as its a 2 inch (do they do 1.25 CC's ?), Ive go a 2" focuser to put on it though i'm toying wit a sw 130pds Well chuffed with it all though its coming together
  10. goose35


    From the album: DSO Imaging

    12 x 5 Min subs 12 Each darks flats and bias Astromaster 130EQ with canon 1100D modded ST80 and asi120mm guiding a bresser exos 2 mount
  11. GlassWalker

    M52 and bubble

    From the album: Widefield DSO

    Need more focal length on this one. Canon 600D unmodified + Astronomik CLS filter. Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 OS. 17x2m
  12. My yearly four-day autumn sojourn to Kelling Heath yielded only one picture this year. I used my Astro-modified Canon 1100D to capture 28 x 300 second subs of the area around M52 in Cassiopeia. The camera was cooled down to just 6 degC by my homemade camera cooler and this certainly led to a relatively low-noise image. The cloud we had led to the brighter stars having large haloes around them, which I had tried to reduce a bit.
  13. Ok so here is my first light with my recently modified Canon 1100d. Some background first. From a previous thread I asked for ideas on how to best test the cameras extra IR sensitivity. It came down to IC1396 which has the Elephant’s Trunk nebula located within it. Due to my location I fitted a basic Sky Watcher LP filter to the imaging train. This is a visual filter so not designed for this sort of task but after taking some test shots it looked ok. I will be looking to purchase an Astronomik CLS Clip filter soon… Started imaging at around 11pm as it had only just risen above a roof, its elevation was around 31 degrees so not great. Took 10 subs at 240secs and with an ISO of 800. I could see the subs getting better each time in that the Histogram was getting stronger to the left. Finished off with IC1396 being around 37 degrees. Whilst I was in the area I had a quick go at the open cluster M52 as well. Only six subs of 120secs for this but a couple of things struck me. At first I thought I had some hot pixels in the subs. After stacking the nebulosity was even greater. After running a Plate solver on the image it turns out that Bubble Nebula and NGC7538 had photo bombed the image too! Definitely recommend having a look at M52 as open clusters are not normally something I am very interested in but with the WO STAR 71 it seems to bring a lot of other items to the image which makes them more dynamic, well at least in my mind it does! All in all I am pleased with the results. Not quite as much nebulosity as I was expecting but more on that below and nowhere near the level of some of the other examples on the SGL forum. Firstly the camera is now acting like a star hoover! I don’t think I have ever had as many stars in a single image. IC1396 is vast and to be honest I didn’t really know where the Elephant Trunk was located so I just lined up Mu-Cephei (Garnet Star) in the centre and started imaging. Have to add that I am loving Live-View, it’s so much easier to switch on in Backyard EOS and move the scope in real-time rather than my previous routine of press the controller X amount of times in a certain direction and take a quick image to see if has moved to where I want! It took me sometime to identify where the Elephant Trunk, so wide is the field of view of the WO Star 71. Clearly it is not visible (it’s right next to the Mu-Cephei) however there is other nebulosity and dark lanes within the image. The post processing was done pretty quickly so I will rework this soon (went to bed at 2am so you have to forgive me!) I wonder if I could have increased the ISO, perhaps the LP filter is taking detail away? Certainly more subs would have helped and the elevation in a Light polluted sky did not help. I tried a 10min image and let’s just say the results were not pretty… Enough waffling. If anymore has any tips, suggestions or comments then that would be great. IC1396 is on the left and M52 is on the right.
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