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Found 6 results

  1. So I am not quite total beginner to astro images, but I am not hurrying to get to telescope range due to various factors and I did not find similar topic on several first pages of search, so this topic might be best suitable here. I have a camera that has a possibility to track astro-images up to 5 minutes, which is enough for me to take the Milky Way shots and even some Nebulae, clusters and similar level images. I have moved to the location that is a more light polluted than the one I lived before (from http://darksitefinder.com/maps/world.html : I lived close to the edge of yellow and all the dark orange, the city was light orange, now I live in the middle of red, the city is gray/white). It would be not so bad, as there are some empty fields around, so no very close light sources (same as in previous location), but the Milky Way is now directly above the city with way bigger light pollution opposed to the location where I had the MW in opposite side from the city. As nearest dark location is not for everyday drive (around an hour for a bit darker place), and even in red zone I get some recognizable images, I want to continue working on my technique and started looking to Light Pollution filters (I travel to some darker areas several times a year, but not too often). I found several 100mmx100mm filter brands, and several round ones, but I found no comparisons between them and very little to no sample images or reviews: PureNight Premium Light Pollution Reduction Filter by Lonely Speck – Lonely Speck - Lonelyspeck filter at the moment unavailable NiSi NiSi Natural Night Filter for Nighttime Light NIP-100-NGT Nisi filters Haida 100x100mm/4x4" Nanopro MC Optical Glass/ HD3702 B&H Haida filters IDAS Filters and Accessories IDAS LPS-D1 (round filter) Astronomik CLS Filter (round filter) I would prefer getting 100x100mm filter, as I can use it for multiple lenses (I have 49-86 filter thread lenses), but I could live with 77mm, if it is really worth it and possible to use with step-up/down rings. Any recommendations - is it worth to get any of these, or did I miss some good one, or any reviews? Are they worth buying? Clip-in filters are not an option because of camera brand (Pentax). Also, in the future I am considering modifying this camera after I will get a newer one (http://www.spencerscamera.com/store/store_product_detail.cfm?Product_ID=25&Category_ID=1) - any recommendations which modification type to choose and why (this is totally green part for me)? Also, will the chosen LP filter work with the modification?
  2. After getting my new Altair Astro 102mm f11 scope out briefly over the last few nights for brief views between some cracks in the clouds, I realise that because of the length of the scope I cannot easily get into the few dark places I use when I just use my shorter f5 ST120 frac, and am sadly exposed to the full glare of the street lamps in front and behind my house. So after taking inspiration from Nick (Cotterless45) and others on here on SGL I decided to buy some heavy duty black backdrop so I can drape a curtain around my scope to shield from the pain in the b** light pollution that those blumming street lamps give off. I've ordered up an initial 3 metres length of the stuff (the drop of the material is also 3 metres), and debating whether to hang this cloth out on some ropes or strong washing line, or to build a light framework to go around the front and sides of the scope. The framework might be the best idea as I could also use it in the front garden too as there are no close structures to hang rope or washing lines on to, but would also want to be able to break it down for easy storage in my house. Need to get a few ideas on how I might build this frame perhaps. Tent poles spring to mind perhaps, so need to look into that maybe. Anyone else built any similar framework around their scope, other than attaching it onto any fencing to block out the light? Cheers, Gus Hope you dont mind but edited the title, nightfisher
  3. Of interest to us all- http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-26/how-light-pollution-is-damaging-our-world/9464026
  4. Looking at getting a light pollution filter, for my camera as I'm in a bortle 5 area and not currently using any filters. I've been looking around and the clip in filters are way out of budget, for now, so I've been looking at the Hoya filters and the red intensity filters. Then I saw these from Globe (Link Below), and thought maybe it's too good to be true? All those filters for the price of one Hoya? Has anyone used these before what do you think? https://mygobe.com/uk/52mm-collection-filter-kit-1peak.html?fbclid=IwAR3Uqu_TDPx-uxun3SGnDl8CqFQ-8kGgooW62Ux3gSNJ9PitQJj1RQn3_NY
  5. I used to use Needless-org for to get a rough idea how good or bad possible dark sites would be but since I've been taking my own sky measurements I've discovered that Needless is way out on its estimations. I know Needless is just a simulation but I used to use it a lot and travel up to an hours drive just to get somewhere that it said was good when I could of stayed a lot closer to home and had just as dark skies. My local dark site Needless says its LM 5.5 but its actual readings from NELM and SQM are more like 6.3! This winter I'II be saving a lot of money in fuel and staying closer to home! Anyone else compared actual on the ground readings to a LP map and had a pleasant surprise?
  6. I was in the market for a LP filter and was umming and ahhing about the various kinds out there, from the cheapo Ebay options up to the CLS Clip Filters that are over £120. I was initially going with the CLS Clip Filter, but was a little unsure about the price and whether I was going to get value for money with my simple set-up. After reading a bit and taking some advice on SGL I decided on giving the Skywatcher LPF a go - £30 (Wex Photographic) so it wasn't going to break the bank if it didn't work. I am using it on the Lightwave Field Flattener I got at the same time and here is just a very brief, basic, entirely unscientific comparison of two shots I took of Orion. The first is taken without the filter, ISO 800 for 30 seconds. And the second was with the filter, ISO 800 for 60 seconds Now, I said this wasn't scientific and is very basic, but I think the effect is clear as the image is a lot darker on the second image even at twice the exposure length. I admit they were take a few nights apart - although both without a major interference from the Moon - but I was happy with the result and, for £30, I think it was a pretty good, low-budget investment for my little set-up. I also add that I am in a fairly bad area for LP and the street lamps were put in about 10 years ago. Not sure what this makes them (I told you....unscientific) but the LP does seem to be reduced. It may not work as well with newer lamps. I am sure some seasoned pros will have just fainted at the basic comparison, but I hope this is of some use to anyone wondering whether the SW LPF works.
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