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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I own a NEQ6 mount and EQDirect cable, but the RJ45 version. The NEQ6 uses a DB9 port, so I got an adapter but I need to wire it myself. See attached picture of my adapter + EQDirect. I am quite unsure how to wire my adapter. The first diagram here should tell me how, but I'm still not sure I get it. If I look at the EQDirect adapter (see attached close-up), it looks like on pin 1 & 2, when the diagram says there should be ground there. Also someone in an INDI forum told me I could ignore the 12v pin as it would be supplied by the mount, but the RJ45 actually seems to have something on those pins. It's tempting to just look at the wiring of both adapters and trust the colors, but I'm afraid making mistakes here might damage the mount... Any ideas? Thanks EDIT: I own this RJ45 to DB9 adapter. Would any of the proposed wirings in this document work for my need?
  2. Hi, all..I need to change the AZ EQ6 GT pulse guide rate. I know there are direct commands that I can send via EQDIRECT to change the pulse guide rate of the mount. At the moment the max rate I can get is 0.9 x 15arcsec/sec. I am told this is too slow for fast guiding using the new Astroart7 full frame guide system. Does anyone know the mount serial command string to change the guide rate? Thanks John
  3. Hi All I have recently acquired an EQ5 Pro mount and wish to control it using EQMOD, however, I cannot control the mount with a cable linking directly to the SynScan EQ5 switch box. This does work; USB to Serial converter plugged into Windows 8.1 laptop Cable from Serial converter to SynScan hand controller Hand controller set to 'PC Direct' With the above configuration everything works fine. I have read somewhere that it is advisable to take the hand controller out of circuit all together so, to this end, I have purchased a Serial to RJ45 connector lead. So I have configured the setup like this; USB to serial converter plugged into Windows 8.1 laptop (as 1. above) New cable goes from Serial converter directly to 'Hand Controller' socket on the SynScan EQ5 switch box (SynScan Hand Controller now completely out of circuit) This does not work! With power at the mount turned on when I select 'ASCOM Connect' via the EQASCOM Toolbox, the EQMOD HEQ5/6 window opens with a 'Connect Error: Timeout'. I understand that this error message would indicate that the Port has been found OK but there is no response from the mount. I have double checked the COM port number but it is fine. I have tried a second USB to Serial adaptor I have and it gives me the same result - a 'timeout' error. The only thing I can see that is at fault is the Serial to RJ45 cable between the Serial adaptor and the SynScan unit. This cable is brand new so not likely (although not impossible) to be the cause. Has anybody else had this issue with the EQ5 Pro mount or am I missing something fundamental ? Thanks for looking.
  4. Well the lynx cable came yesterday for my EQ6 PRO from FLO,well packaged in a bubble wrap bag and comparing with my previous eqdirect cable, build wise much better, more professional looking , thicker round cable, metal D-sub with long thumb screws, moulded usb plug, £34 ok not cheap but about the norm for an EQdirect cable , quick check eqmod found straight off ,uses the fdti chip set so didn`t matter what usb port i used, still said com11, would recommend .
  5. I am about to build an EQDIRECT adapter to connect my laptop and HEQ5. I have a notebook docking station with good old serial port (I tought) so I planned not to struggle with usb to serial port finding, porfilic or FTDI, etc... BUT(!) make my own cheapo EQDIRECT.... Unfortunately I am not an electrical genius, but I learnt somewhat. And as I read the schematic a bit closer, I had a bad feeling about connecting the ground of the notebook serial port and the mount ground potential. Then, I aimed this topic in searching, and I found some issues that might be in connection with that. Now I am a bit afraid to buildmy own, based on the given schematic on the EQMOD website. (no offense) So I tried to figure out how to avoid problems with grounding. Here is what I came up with. Maybe it is an ... how to say ... overkill, but I do not want to be the one in the million, who burt his mounts' electronics becuse of a ground loop. I hope that there is somebody around with more electrical skill, who can check it and tell if it is a complete non sense idea or...? Some explanation: As I read, connecting the grounds no problem in case of batteries, or between DC power supply and batteies but two not well chosen DC power supplies are able to make some serious smoking... So I implemented an intermediate battery powered stage, which is in connection with the notebook RS232 line only, and the mount is fully isolated from those by optocouplers. Ah sorry! I just saw when I uploaded the pic, that possibly the optocoupler output signals must be inverted. While for example logic 1 from the mount would give logic 0 on the MAX232 input. So the other pin of the optocoupler should be used for reading the proper values, and pull down resistor instead of pull up resistor... but the principle of a battry powered "insulation" is the same. Well, some batteries and the circuitry still much cheaper than a new mount/laptop... what do you think? I appreciate all your comments!
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