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Found 55 results

  1. Anyone have any idea where I can get a replacement counterweight bar/shaft for my EQ5 mount?
  2. My 200P just arrived and oh my God... I have been trying to wrap my head around the mount for 4 hours. The manual didn't really help so I decided to go on youtube, but again, I didn't find any good and detailed videos so I decided to ask here if there is any video or perhaps blog post that might help me set up the mount. Thank you very much! *by the way, is the EQ5 supposed to have slow motion cables? I only got 2 knobs (not cables) and I'm not sure if there is something missing or not... sorry, this is the first time I've used a serious equatorial mount or telescope. Thank you very much!
  3. Hi People, I have quite severe backlash, such that guiding assistant just gives up. It seems to be about 11 secs in total, the one time GA came back with anything, but it's about 3-4 secs if I measure it by hand. Here's some guiding. Actually, it's worse when I'm dithering. So, I tried measuring the backlash with by counting and it's about 3-4 secs. If I used PHD2 guiding assistant, mostly it fails, or it comes back with a very big number, like 11,350 msecs. I tried entering this: But then I got a see-saw mechanism, even when I dropped 8,000 to 3,000 it was the same. I've taken the motor off just now and looked at the grub/hex-screw mechanisms. One hex-screw was loose, so I tightened it to hand tight and let the grub-screw off an eighth of a turn. I'll look again this evening. I ran a three hour sequence of exposures on NGC6888 (with dither) and this is what I got on EVERY image. Amazingly, they stacked nicely. So last night I ran without dither and it was mostly OK. What I want is full dither, but to do that I need to deal with the backlash. Here's a photo of the motor and gears, most of the backlash seems to come from the top gear (ie the 12-tooth gear and its neighbour). I guess the rest comes from the worm-gear: Does anyone have any suggestions? There doesn't seem to be a belt-mod for the EQ5 as far as I can see. Maybe there are better Dec backlash compensation settings I could use. Thanks, Steve.
  4. Hi, Sorry if this has already been asked ( I think it would have been, there are posts similar but can't see the the answer I'm looking for) I have a celestron C8-N scope that came with a Cg5 mount, it's at least 10 years old and although it had a lot of use to start with it's been gathering dust the last few years. So I would like to fit a motorised goto mount to it and was considering a synscan pro3 for an Eq5 mount. Can someone tell me are these 2 mounts the same and if so will the synscan be OK for my Cg5 mount. If not are there any others I should look at? Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, Wim has wisely persuaded me to go for an eqdir cable from my RPi to my SynScan controller. I currently have a usb:db9 + db9:st4 setup to the SynScan handset (ie 3 cables connected). Can I just change the db9 to st4 to a db9:Rj45 or similar? Eg: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201608325158 Plus an old ethernet cable? Ie does the pinout of an ethernet cable correspond to the pinout of the SynScan controller handset socket? Regards Steve.
  6. Hello all! I have been using my Skywatcher 8” Dobsonian for some time now, and decided I wanted a good refractor with an EQ mount as my next scope. I chose the Skywatcher Evostar Pro 80mm with an LX70 EQ5 mount. This seems to be a great scope to compliment my Dob, but I'm still getting used to the EQ mount! Found some good Youtube videos and am hoping for a clear night soon to really give it a workout! Any advice is appreciated!
  7. I need my garage back so am selling my excess mounts. 1. EQ5 motorised on both axis. No tripod this was mounted ony pier. Tracks well. £100 Collect only because of weight . 2. An older type Skywatcher AZ goto mount that came with my SkyMax 127. Good condition . £100 Collect please but might be able to send if you arrange courier. SOLDto Pitbull ...thanks 3. AZ GTi goto in excellent condition . Still have the box so can send at cost. The pic shows it with a telescope on it which is not included. £200 Location just north of Newark on A1 Clear Skies. Thanks for looking All Sold. mods VB please move
  8. I have an EQ5 telescope mount which i use for astrophotography. I have modified it with a motorised RA axis using a bipolar stepper motor - my thread for the build is here . I want to expand the mount's tracking ability by motorising the DEC axis and using a guide scope/camera. I generally use the mount in fairly remote locations so would like to use a raspberry Pi for portability. I understand that I'll need to use a Raspberry Pi Camera Module for the guide camera. The capability I want is: 1. guide the mount along RA and DEC axes using a guide star as feedback 2. track the mount using the RA axis only, and if possible continuously take 20-30 second exposures on the guide camera (this functionality is optional, but would assist in polar alignment of the mount) I don't want any GOTO capability. I am very new to RPi and need some help: - do I need to write code for this, or is there existing programming available for what I want to do? - is it possible to avoid the use of screens (in the field)? My preferred option would be to flick a switch to start and stop the guiding, with another switch for alignment mode (or something simple like this). - do I need to use any particular stepper motors/drivers for raspberry Pi? I'm using a bipolar stepper motor running quarter steps, with an A4988 stepper driver - is the RPi 3 Model B+ the unit I should buy? Thanks
  9. Hi, I have Bresser EXOS II EQ5 mount with dual motor drive. Want to upgrade to GOTO + guiding support. Read many negative reviews about GOTO Upgrade kit given by Bresser. So wanted to know are there really such issues like incorrect GOTO, loud noise while slewing etc. If yes, then as an alternative can we use Sky-watcher Synscan GOTO upgrade kit with Bresser EXOS II EQ5 mount? Will it work? Thanks! - Abhijit Juvekar
  10. Hi guys, This is my first post in here and apologies if someone has asked this question already but I have searched the forum for this answer and couldn't find one. So the problem I have with my mount is that there is a few seconds lag (1-2 seconds) to control input on both RA and DEC axis when I switch the control input to the opposite direction. It happens when I use both the Skywatcher Dual Axis Motor drive kit or even the manual precise controls. There is a slight "give" in the mount when I move it by hand from side to side. It just seems sloppy, like there's too much room between the moving parts inside the mount itself. My questions: Is this "give" normal? Can I fix it? Thanks for reading
  11. Hello, I hope I'm posting this in the right section. I have a guiding query I hope people here may be able to help me with. I have just purchased a Skywatcher EQ5 mount (without GoTo) and also the Skywatcher Enhanced Dual Axis Handset For EQ5 in order to be able to guide (this has yet to arrive so I haven't been able to look at it closely). I was wondering if anyone here has worked with this setup and particularly if there is anything else I need to get in order to make it work. From what I can tell the Skywatcher Enhanced Dual Axis Handset comes with the two motors and has an ST-4 interface for an Auto-Guider. So far so good, but I can't see how it communicates with the laptop to make guiding corrections dictated by the software (I use PHD for guiding). My guiding camera is the ZWO ASI120C and the guidescope is the Orion 50mm mini guidescope. There must surely be a cable that goes from the USB port to the handset but I can't see any mention of one, or indeed if something like that is required. Looking at other setups and examining the PHD settings, I've seen mention of something called a GPUSB guide port interface adapter which plugs directly into a USB port on the computer. Using an RJ-12 cable, the adapter connects to the guide port of the telescope mount (or in this case the Enhanced Dual Axis Handset hopefully). I'm assuming I'll need something like this. On my old setup a cable goes from the USB port of my laptop and is converted to a plug that goes into the bottom of the Celestron handset and is controlled wth the ASCOM Celestron Telescope driver, while the guide camera (ZWO ASI120C) connects to the mount. While I can see how the guide camera connects to the Enhanced Dual Axis Handset on what will be the new setup, I can't see any USB cable or converter that goes into the new handset, nor can I see any mention of the need for one, which strikes me as odd. Looking at the PHD settings and also at other setups online, I saw mention of something called a GPUSB guide port interface adapter which plugs directly into a USB port on the computer. Using an RJ-12 cable, the adapter connects to the guide port of the telescope mount (or in this case the Enhanced Dual Axis Handset...hopefully). I'm assuming I must need something like this and that the Enhanced Dual Axis Handset accepts one (or an ASCOM equivalent - I didn't see Skywatcher listed in the PHD driver options). I hope this makes some sort of sense. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi all, Im living in a fairly light polluted area, and have a Skywatcher 200p on an eq5 pro mount. I've been using my phone to take pictures of varies objects with varying degrees of success ( mainly due to mounting my phone to the telescope) but ive decided id like to take imaging a little more seriously and am looking to get a DSLR with the interest of deep sky astrophotography. having said that i dont have £5k for blow on a camera and am looking to spend around the £100 mark, but dont know cameras and dont know what the best camera in my price range would be. I realize i wont be able to do too long a exposure because of my mount being unguided and it being a eq5 pro not a Heq5. any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Daniel
  13. This very useful upgrade kit will give you full Goto when added to an EQ5 or Vixen GP type mount. This is an extract from the instructions: The GoToNova® dual axis GOTO upgrading kit is available for the EQ5-like mounts (144 teeth). The kit is compatible with the following mounts: EQ5, Vixen Great Polaris (GP), Orion SkyView Pro, Celestron CG-5, Meade LDX55/LDX75 and Astro-5. The kit may also be used on the older Vixen Super Polaris (SP) with some more modification to the housing. I am selling it because I now have an AZEQ5 so do not need it any more. It is in good condition, fully functional and works very well. It is easy to fit to a Vixen GP mount (I have done this), and should be similar on an EQ5. The others I have no experience of. The hand controller has a nice clear display showing good detail of what is going on and making it easy to use. It will connect to SkyFi type systems to allow control from a smartphone/iPad via SkySafari for instance. Full instructions here: https://www.altairastro.com/public/ioptron/GoToNovaKitV20.pdf Looking for £200 Plus postage via PayPal fees paid or bank transfer. Photos at the weekend! Cheers, Stu NB Now also on ABS. Will resort to eBay at some point too!
  14. Hi all I'm looking to build a 10" budget equatorial telescope. I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms, but I've almost managed it. All I need now is the tripod part of the mount as I have the actual equatorial mount minus the tripod. I also know a CG5/EQ5 is a bit small for a 10", but I have my ways to lighten it up. Thank you. PS. I'm also looking for counterwight bar, counterweights (13kg telescope, but will reduce to improve tracking), motor drive(s), and polar scope. Ta.
  15. COMET C/2014 E2 JACQUES Meets the OPEN CLUSTER NGC 609 23 / 08 / 2014This is my first attempt at a Comet. After having various issues with stacking and a rogue stretched star as a result of a stacking error. I can finally feel proud after relentless hours spent at stacking and re-stacking this image. I feel proud I managed to process this Comet as well as it looks. I think there is a hint of a tail at the 3 O'clock position but who knows... The bonus is the comet is above an Open Cluster NGC 609 which adds more interest. Conditions were good and if I had set-up the Mount better I may have managed longer subs. There is a hint of star trails due to wind and tracking issues.16 x 30 secs Light Frames30 x 30 secs Dark FramesISO 800Skywatcher 200P 8" 1000mm ReflectorEQ5Canon 1100D ModdedBaader MKIII MPCC + Hutech IDAS LPS-D1 FilterHI-RES IMAGE:
  16. Hi all, Tonight I was attempting to image Saturn, but eventually Saturn faded away sidewise and I was unable to follow the planet in the RA axis. I then noticed that the box of the DEC motor was hitting the RA knob and wouldn't let it move any further! This basically ruined my image session (the seeing was the best ever, so crispy and detailed regardless of the moon, the roofs and the LP!) but I was stuck in a pretty narrow balcony and wasn't easy to try anything else. Is throwing away the DEC drive a good work around? I really hope to get another clear night to image Saturn before she sinks in the horizon for a good while! Thanks in advance for any tip! Clear Skies Riky
  17. Hi guys Anyone out there got an EQ5, AstroEQ and EQMOD and successfully guiding? The EQ5 is important here (not an HEQ5 or higher), because you'll have the dual axis motor kit and be ASCOM pulse guiding and not ST4 guiding. If so, it would be good to exchange notes so that I can hopefully get mine going. Might save me an awful lot of time experimenting and ultimately failing! Thanks
  18. Hello all, last I night I give a try at Orion Nebula when the clouds were not in the way I live in a fairly light polluted city centre (with a thick orange sky glow) so I decided to buy a Baader UHC-S filter to see if it would help, so this is my first light with the UHC-S and I was chuffed! In my opinion, it's worth every cent! Normally, even when taking a lot of subs, darks and flats I end up with weird gradients, heavy noise, lack of contrast and other annoying artifacts that not even post processing can get rid of, but last night the UHC-S blessed me and with only a bunch of quick subs and darks I've finally got some decent contrast, decent colours and detail ! Again, not an Hubble grade picture and very far from those crazy 100 hours Ha-RGB stacks, but it's my first half-decent DSO image so I'm happy with it (it must have been my lucky night yesterday, as I was lucky also with Jupiter). I think it needs some more post processing as there is a bit more signal and nebulosity to squeeze out. Any comment or advise appreciated! Celestron 80ED (F/7.5) Motorised EQ5 (Rough polar alignment) 2" UHC-S Filter Nikon D7000 20 subs, 20 seconds each, ISO 1600 5 Darks Churned by DSS Squeezed by Adobe Lightroom Thanks for watching!
  19. Hi Guys Does anybody know where is the best place to get replacement CG5 slow motion control knobs? My young son decided in his wisdom to start messing with my telescope and now one of the knobs has the metal ring inside missing meaning it no longer fits! So far I have found this; http://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/SkyWatcher_Slow_Motion_Cable_Set_EQ2_EQ5_AZ3.html Does anybody have any experience of using these? I want a like for like replacement but I can't find one online so I guess I would have to talk to Celestron/skywatcher if I did. However if these are better then I might as well get them. I also did a bit of reasearch prior to posting and come guy came up with using these. A bit left field I know! http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/potentiometer-knobs/2597039/?searchTerm=259-7039&relevancy-data=636F3D3126696E3D4931384E525353746F636B4E756D6265724D504E266C753D656E266D6D3D6D61746368616C6C26706D3D5E5C647B337D5B5C732D2F255C2E5D5C647B332C347D2426706F3D313426736E3D592673743D52535F53544F434B5F4E554D424552267573743D3235392D373033392677633D4E4F4E4526 Any comments, help or advice most appreciated!
  20. From the album: The next step.

    I like the flame nebula and the horsehead appearing was a bonus as well. approx 16 x 1min exposures canon 300D, 200p EQ5 - DSS.

    © Aenima

  21. Hello, so I bought my first telescope a few days ago, I bought a SkyWatcher 200p on a goto EQ5 mount, my first general impression is that I made a good decision, it was a bit over my budget, but I bought it second hand, and 8" with goto EQ5 is a good start in my opinion so far, as I won't need to replace is really soon. So I tried observing for 2 nights so far, I tried using it from my garden, and obviously its not amazing, but I live in a relatively small city with a decent light pollution. So the first night was pretty bad, it was really hard adapting to everything, learn how to use everything, my brother ripped by mistake the crosshair in the finderscope(I fixed it today tho, it was kinda loose before, so its even better now), and it was pretty hard. Today I read a little about the things that were harder to me, I tried to align my finderscope, and even tho Im unable to do it for some reason, I know where the finderscope leads me, so its a bit easier, I learned how to use my eyepieces better, managed to use the 2x barlow lens, I still couldn't figure how to really do all the aligning correctly such as polar align etc, but hopefully I'll learn that slowly. I also tried adjusting my goto mount, but I couldn't do it because when Im trying to do the star aligning I don't know yet which stars I should use, and trying to figure where each star is in a place that you're not even sure if you can see it because of light pollution is kinda hard, so I gave up on aligning the goto and just used it to move the mount sometimes to follow an object. The only object that I really saw was mars(I think), I couldn't see it very well tho, I tried using all my eyepieces(25mm, 10mm and 4mm) and my 2x, but it still wasn't really great. Im not expecting to see anything too well obviously, but I did except to see it a bit more zoomed and a bit more detailed than sort of orange lamp light, it makes me wonder what can I do about it, what do I need in order to see mars better? Is it because of the light pollution? Maybe the eyepieces? Something maybe Im doing wrong? Again, Im not expecting to see it like hubble pictures or anything, not even with details, but just see it a bit bigger and a bit more clear, this is a photo for example(took it with my phone and 10mm super eyepiece): One more thing is about the finderscope, when Im trying to adjust the finderscope, I simply can't adjust it enough to make it accurate, I need to loosen the screws to adjust it, but eventually the screw will just go out and the finderscope will still not be aligned with the scope, what can I do about it? I have a lot more to learn and experience, so sorry if I ask really stupid questions etc, thanks a lot for the help!
  22. My apologies for the weather we're currently experiencing, completely my fault quite clearly. Getting delivered on Sunday so I can finally get out and start imaging, although the only thing I currently possess is an unmodded D5300, intervalometer, and a t-ring (somewhere.) Pretty sure looking at this there's no tracking/guiding ability at the present time, but looking to add that at a future point. With the current setup, or not breaking the bank too much more, what's the best I can hope for?
  23. Hi, I've been happily tracking and guiding for over a year with an EQ5 mount. It's controlled via a laptop with and EQDIR adaptor using EQMOD, guiding with PHD and assisted with Cartes du Ciel. One night last week I started getting star trails, the images drift eastward noticeably over a few seconds. PHD can't keep up with the drift, though I don't think it should have to. I don't think that Polar alignment or leveling are an issue. Using the Synscan handset instead of the adaptor has no effect. I can speed up by switching to custom tracking and using a rate of 16 deg/hr, though the actual amount varies by +/- half a degree or more. I've tried changing the power supply and adjusting the RA worm gear to no effect. Coming to the conclusion it's a fault with the motor (might try switching the RA and DEC motors around) or something electronic in the junction box. I'd be really grateful if someone could shed some light on this. Thanks in anticipation, happy new year! Martin
  24. Hi All I have recently acquired an EQ5 Pro mount and wish to control it using EQMOD, however, I cannot control the mount with a cable linking directly to the SynScan EQ5 switch box. This does work; USB to Serial converter plugged into Windows 8.1 laptop Cable from Serial converter to SynScan hand controller Hand controller set to 'PC Direct' With the above configuration everything works fine. I have read somewhere that it is advisable to take the hand controller out of circuit all together so, to this end, I have purchased a Serial to RJ45 connector lead. So I have configured the setup like this; USB to serial converter plugged into Windows 8.1 laptop (as 1. above) New cable goes from Serial converter directly to 'Hand Controller' socket on the SynScan EQ5 switch box (SynScan Hand Controller now completely out of circuit) This does not work! With power at the mount turned on when I select 'ASCOM Connect' via the EQASCOM Toolbox, the EQMOD HEQ5/6 window opens with a 'Connect Error: Timeout'. I understand that this error message would indicate that the Port has been found OK but there is no response from the mount. I have double checked the COM port number but it is fine. I have tried a second USB to Serial adaptor I have and it gives me the same result - a 'timeout' error. The only thing I can see that is at fault is the Serial to RJ45 cable between the Serial adaptor and the SynScan unit. This cable is brand new so not likely (although not impossible) to be the cause. Has anybody else had this issue with the EQ5 Pro mount or am I missing something fundamental ? Thanks for looking.
  25. Hi ive always wanted to get into astrophotography. Here in Sweden at the last year of high school you get to choose whatever topic you want for a project and i chose astrophotography. Now im going through the pain of finding a good kit. The best one ive found is the skywatcher 200pds eq5 that is within my price range. http://www.teleskop-...5-Teleskop.html For a camera i was thinking canon eos1000d or 1100d. I just wanted to ask if this was a ok setup? I know the mount isnt the best but its the best for my budget.
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