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Found 20 results

  1. hello Looking at the Copernicus crater, much like Alfred Wegener Continental Drift for something caught my attention. This crater is one of my favorite targets with the 625 mm. A force to scrutinize it in any seams rather strange things struck me. It seemed to me to see a kind of symmetry ... not symmetrical. Thus the bump on the left above a crater in the walls seemed relative to the center to enter the hollow opposite. So I draws a line between all these elements. I even tried it out with other notable points of the edges of the crater and all these lines intersect at almost the same place. You tell me hazard or center of the circle formed by the crater ... Yes, but we must not push the plug too far... You will also tell me that there are other elements that connecting them do not cross the same place, or it's a bit normal too. But the most extraordinary is that going to see the place on the website of RSO (http://target.lroc.asu.edu/q3/) where lines intersect, there is a very strange thing. Zooming I say "not bad like that!" it reminds me of the famous 'face' on Mars. I think that conclusion can be deduced that : look carefully you can always find something very surprising and curious about the messages left by aliens. You think what you want, I infer that the aliens have a lot of humor, and they are among us for some time, at least since 1985, preparing millions of people to get used to their appearance. Best regards. Luc CATHALA PS : Excuse my English is google translation
  2. Hi All, Last Friday I pulled out the new scope scope to have a look at the moon. I did the collimation and left it outside for about 2 hours to allow the mirrors to reach equilibrium. The view through it was BRIGHT, and I mean bright, to the point it was not comfortable viewing it with out a CIR Polarizer set to almost its dimmest setting. I could see that the seeing was not the best, it was fluctuating in and out of focus quite severely but I still decided to try to get a few images of the moon. Through the DMK41 and a IRPass685 filter the poor seeing was obvious, it was like looking through water. The attached images are a result if 20% best frames from 2000 frames stacked in Autostakkert 2 and wavelets applied in RegiStax 6, a slight Unsharp mask added in PS. Thanks for looking,
  3. Got a pretty serviceable couple of mosaics the other night of Plato and Copernicus. Its been almost 5 months and one nerve-wracking optics clean since I last imaged anything. Felt good being back outside again. Both mosaics were shot through a red filter using my 8 inch SCT and DBK camera. 12 pane mosaic of Plato and Vallis Alpes 6 pane mosaic of Copernicus
  4. From the album: Lunar and Planetary Images

    Taken using Williams Optics FLT-110 refractor and Imaging Source DMK21AU04.AS Monochrome CCD. Video stacked in RegiStax6. The crater to the lower left of the image is Copernicus.

    © Vicky050373

  5. Data taken a few days back with my ZWO ASI 120 MC camera, on my Celestron Omni 120mm f8.3 'frac, showing the Copernicus area of the moon, and Mare Insularum. Processed through Registax, and edited and cropped slightly in PS.
  6. Hello There is no possibility of imaging at the moment (since the end of December) so I put a little 3D film for an overflight on Copernicus with a landing on the edge to admire the landscape. The original image comes from LROC http://target.lroc.asu.edu/q3/ it was a test to see what it gave. Two versions : Normal 3D: https://youtu.be/TeL9F_fqgZU Anaglyph version: https://youtu.be/f4WjfklCsWQ Clear skies and good flight. Luc CATHALA.
  7. From the album: Lunar Images

  8. Or at least my first ever gif and first ever astrophotography contest entry, taken with my old but trusty Celestron HD-150 Newtonian on GSO manual alt-az mount (my new one ? ) Saturday March 16th 2019 in the mid afternoon so it is a daylight shot with the moon waxing at about 78%. Android LGL62VL Smartphone 8 Megapixel running Open Camera in burst mode with focus lock and exposure lock on and all other settings auto utilizing manual exposure compensation for exposure bracketing. Exposure Time : 1/59 ISO : 50 The editing was done in Snapseed and the invert was created and processed in Toolwiz Photos the two images were then coupled with Du Gif Maker. Open Camera, Snapseed, Toolwiz Photos and Du Gif Maker are all Android applications and are free. A Meade smartphone adapter, Celestron 8x24 zoom eyepiece, 2x Meade short focus barlow and an infra red blocking filter rounded out the imaging train. Thanks for Looking and Clear Skies Everyone ? Freddie... Below is the original image at full resolution, the reduction was from 3264x2448 to 640x480 pixels.
  9. After a long day of travel, decided to set the scope up to relax in the back garden. Wind was shaking the scope periodically and the seeing was horrific, Saturn was a bouncing jellyfish and the Moon was occasionally so out of focus, wobbly, Copernicus turned in to a squished oval. Regardless, got this through my LX90 8" with a 2x barlow and the Orion Solar Imager IV (So want to replace this camera for something better!).
  10. From the album: Lunar and Planetary Images

    Taken using Williams Optics FLT-110 refractor and Imaging Source DMK21AU04.AS Monochrome CCD. Video stacked in RegiStax6. Image shows Mare Imbrium with the crater Copernicus to the far right hand side.

    © Vicky050373

  11. This image was captured on the evening of 08 April 2017 Scope: Celestron C9.25 Mount: Celestron CGEM Camera: QHY5LIIc Capture Software: EZPlanetary Filter: None Stacking Software: Autostakkert!2 Wavelets: Registax6 Extra Processing: Photoshop CS4 Extended
  12. Copernicus 12/10/2017 04:58 GSO 0.20 m Sky-Watcher NEQ-5 Pro SynScan mount QHY5L-IIC + IR cut filter GSO barlow lens 5x (APO) f: 5000 mm f/25 Matteo Vacca Milis, Italy http://vaccamatteo.weebly.com/ https://www.astrobin.com/users/matteovacca/
  13. Hello Like the Tycho, one picture of Copernicus taken in very bad turbulence the same day. Clear skies. Luc
  14. Here's some F30 mosaics from this mornings session at.. some ridiculous hour that not many people know exists. F30 is as far as I can push my scope using my Televue 3x barlow. Its not often the seeing is good enough to make it happen using only an 8 inch aperture scope either. All shot through a red filter. Can't do much more to reduce the noise in these when working at this focal length, its a by product of the lack of aperture. First up is a 6 pane mosaic of Moretus Followed by a 13 pane mosaic of Plato and surrounding region And then a 5 pane mosaic of Copernicus and finally a quick shot of Tycho
  15. From the album: Lunar and Planetary Images

    Finished my mosaic of The Moon using AVI files taken on 18.02.16. Only covered part of the lunar surface which includes, from left to right, craters Tycho (bright crater to the far left), Copernicus (crater with the prominent "ray" system to the bottom middle) and Plato (dark circular crater to the far right). Mare Nubium is the dark area between Tycho and Copernicus. Mare Imbrium is the dark area to the lower right of the image between Copernicus and Plato. You can also see Montes Apenninus and Montes Alpes arching around Mare Imbrium from Copernicaus towards Plato. All AVI files stacked in RegiStax6 and then images merged in PS Elements 11

    © Vicky050373

  16. From the album: Edge 800 & 1100 HD

    Ive left the OA capture details for info. Crater Copernicus same equipment as before.

    © Steve Curling

  17. Blazar

    Copernicus at Sunrise

    From the album: Edge 800 & 1100 HD

    © Steve Curling

  18. Taken with smartphone Samsung Galaxy fame(GT-S6812) no lens, barlow 2x, 150mm chinese mirror kit, dobsonian mount homemade....Unfortunately processed on computer(no bonus consideration, i know rsrs). Stacking with AS!2, processed with Registax 6 and photoshop.
  19. I haven't done any lunar stuff for ages, but I do enjoy it. I managed to get these two back in October: Copernicus Clavius Equipment as per sig, QHY5liic through a 2.5x barlow, Pixinsight processing. C & cc welcome, hope you enjoy !
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