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Found 9 results

  1. I recently bought a 6 inch reflector, 750mm focal length and i want to get a barlow lens to get better observations. I have 2 eyepieces, one 9mm and one 25mm. My question is should i go for a 2x barlow with the 9mm eyepiece(about 160x magnification) or 3x with the 9mm(about 250x magnification)? I know that a 6inch can handle about 300x. Is the 2x barlow enough or should i get a 3x?
  2. Hi, my current telescope is Celestron ExploraScope 70AZ, thinking upgrade to skywatcher heritage 130P(came with 25mm ajd 10mm EP) , if i do, can i use the eyepiece (4mm) and x3 barlow from my old celestron on the 130P? One more question, i ordered a eyepiece camera Svbony SV105, i wonder what is magnification of this camera and how it work to change magnification.
  3. Hello, i am a relatively new astronomer, got my telescope just a few weeks ago, along with a barlow, that came later. At first i thought my barlow had just 1 lens because it was only 1 piece, didnt know they were sticked together, than i saw a barlow review video on yt and realised how to find out how many lens my barlow had. I realised it actually had 2 lens, for a fair price. And my question is, is a 2 lens barlow at least decent for planetary viewing. I imagine it is since i saw good quality expensive barlows, also good brands, who had 3 lens in the barlow. Clear skies!
  4. Recently purchased a Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope and watched some videos saying its good to have a performat Barlow lens. My thinking was if it was good enough I could reuse it on the next best telescope if it ever came to that-if it even fits. I was originally looking at this Celestron 93428 X-Cel LX 1.25-Inch 3x Barlow Lens but am uncertain(is it fairly safe to buy used?) whether there is something else out there that is better for not much more because of the lack of personal experience and knowledge in this field. Not sure if i need to make another forum post but I was also curious about any price effective aftermarket lenses to purchase, assuming the ones that come bundled are not that great when trying to view distant stars. The only other products I purchased was the Celestron PowerSeeker Accessory Kit Telescope, and a laser collimator. I'm just trying to make the most out of this telescope. Thank you for all the support
  5. Hello all! I am a total noob and I have an eyepiece and a Barlow lens question: I have the Gskyer AZ70700 Refractor Telescope that I bought from amazon for my father and we have been using it for a week. It came with the 10 and 25mm eyepieces and a 3x Barlow lens. My father's old "BRESSER TRAVEL 20-60X60 SPOTTING SCOPE" that our cat destroyed had a zooming option that my father loved so after some research, I've also ordered the "Celestron 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece (1.25")" from amazon and I hope it will work well with the telescope when it arrives in a week. I also assumed it would be a better quality eyepiece than the eyepieces that came with the telescope. Now my question is: Do you think a 5mm eyepiece would work well with my telescope? If so, what is the best 5mm eyepiece that I can buy below $30. Another question I have is that the 3x Barlow Lens that I have is making the view blurry and not clear like when I don't use the Barlow lens. Do you think a 2x Barlow lens would be better for our telescope? If so, what is the best 2x Barlow lens that I can buy below $30. I saw 2 Barlow lenses that were made by SVBONY and Solomark that are around $16 but I don't know if they are the right ones for our telescope and I wouldn't know which one to buy. I assume maybe I won't need to buy the 5mm eyepiece for better viewing if the 2x Barlow lense will work with my 10mm eyepiece or with the Celestron 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece. What do you guys think? I would really appreciate any answers.
  6. Greetings, I am new here at the longe. My telescope is an ES ED 127mm F/7.5 Apochromatic triplet (fl=952mm). Had first light Friday. This is my second scope as I spent about 10 years with an 8-inch schmidt-cassegrain, and then about 15 years with nothing, now this. I have a rather low quality 2x barlow and am considering replacing it with a 2" 2.5 x Barlow (which will also accept one and a quarter inch eyepieces with included adapter). My diagonal is 2". Right now I have a 2" Meade series 5000 20mm widefied, 9mm Celestron X-el LX and a cheapo 6mm Plossl. Now, the 2" barlows are really not much more than the 1-1/4" ones. I have only found 1 lens in the 2" 2.5X style. The question I suppose is : Would it be decadent to replace a 2x 1-1/4" Barlow with a 2 inch It seems like it would be brighter and perhaps have less the distortion?
  7. Hi, I am a newbie to astronomy and I have a Celestron Astromaster 130EQ (The scope is f/5 and accepts 1.25" eyepieces) which I had bought for my daughter but is now my hobby . I wish to buy a Barlow (perhaps a 2x?) that will stand by me long term. I have read reviews which say that Powermates are the best (but expensive) and many other reviews that suggest that the Omni, Celestron, BST barlows are good/great and this has confused me. I am not about to commit to the Powermate just yet, so looking for advice on which of these other barlows are worth investing in. So would be interested in your advice please.
  8. Hey guys I'm an aspiring beginner astronomer and observer, and I recently inherited my grandfather's old telescope. It is a Meade Quartz with the LX Pulse drive. Only one problem, he left me with no instructions. I learned about the Barlow lens, and how it magnifies the normal eyepiece, the only problem is I have no idea how to attach it. The hole where I normally fit an eyepiece is far too large for it to fit. The size of the hole can fit a 26mm lens. Is it because I have brands mixing and it can only fit a Meade Barlow? I appreciate the help.
  9. Hi there everyone, So I have just purchased today a Skywatcher Heritage-130p Flextube from FLO (Would have loved an 8'' Dob which I had previously bought for my mother as a retirement present, with much help from you guys through the whole novice buying scope process, and who then rather selfishly moved to deepest darkest Normandy, thus depriving me even a glance through the thing, which had kinda become to feel more like my baby! But funds and space were too much of an issue) and it comes with 10mm and 25 mm EP's, brand unstated, and I read in one of the reviews on the page that a barlow lens was a pretty essential bit of kit to get the most from this scope. I was just wondering what you guy's opinion on this was; whether its better to buy a barlow lens, or just save up and invest in more, better quality EP's? I'm pretty much wiped out financially with all the little extra's needed for a 1st scope- collimator, suitable surface for the dinky thing, couple of books, you know how it is, but if a barlow would make the difference this particular reviewer seems to think it does, I'd find that last £30 somewhere...) Many thanks in advance for your thoughts on this, Victoria.
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