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Found 4 results

  1. So my birthday just past so money to splash on astro stuff , i will have my 1000D modded by juan at cheapastrophotography and also have ordered an autofocuser from deepsky dad https://deepskydad.com/autofocuser i know they can be done DIY but this is a neat package and costs about the same as a SW autofocuser and a hitechastro focusmaster and i`m no electronic wizard and pavel seems to have a good product and works with ascom and confirmed it works with APT i will update in a few weeks time when hopefully i will have received and tried out .
  2. A little while ago a post of mine developed into a discussion around auto focusers and whether the Skywatcher AutoFocuser would fit my Starwave 70ED. I had a play with the motors from my EQ3-2 which did work, but was a bit fiddly as the motors are always running and you need to turn them off when focussed - and it is easy to forget or over-shoot the sweet spot! So I just thought I'd give the SWAF a go and ordered one a few days ago. It arrived yesterday and, out of the box, I can say it doesn't really fit. However, I did manage to make Heath Robinson proud and fix it up without having to mod it in any way - other than a trip to Tesco for some extra nuts and a battery (it doesn't come with one annoyingly) it was fairly easy. It isn't fixed perfectly, but it is solid and the focuser moves the focus tube and holds it solidly, so I think it must be working. Anyway, I didn't take a video or pictures of every stage, as I thought I would get it fixed, then re-do with photos... but it wasn't quite that easy so, when it was done, I didn't feel the need to dismantle and re-do! But I thought I'd post some info anyway, just in case anyone else is thinking about the AF - it is possible, if you aren't desperate for perfection! I suspect the Starwave range have similar focusers...of course, if anyone has a better way to do it - let me know! I set the scope up in my EQ3-2 so I could hold it steady and removed the single focus knob on the right and the central focus lock nut. The plan was to use that hole, or one of the other screw holes on the underside of the focuser to fix the AF bracket. I tried to add the AF as it was, using the flexible coupler between the AF and the focus axle with the knob removed, but the distance between the focus lock hole and the AF motor unit was too great to fix to the bracket and the scope, so that wasn't going to work. The motor unit come with an adapter on it that looks like it would fit a variety of bars, but is also removable. I loosened the grub screws and pulled it off. It is flippin' tight, so I wouldn't pull it off unless you are sure you can fix the unit as I suspect it will be tricky to get back on - it has a small rubber ring inside the shaft so will take a lot of pressure to get back on. Anyway, without that, the motor unit was much closer to the scope and the bracket met in all the right places. However, all the nuts that I had would require the bracket to be drilled to allow them to fit through and into the focuser on the scope. I didn't want to do that (just yet) in case none of this worked and I needed to sell on! So I moved it so I could use a large hole on the bracket, close to the center of bracket - but this meant the gap between bracket and motor housing increased. The bracket was also very close to the coupler, and I didn't want it rubbing/resisting when using the AF in case it affected the motor. So I added 3 split rings under the bracket to raise it from the scope and give clearance. I then connected the motor unit to the bracket with a couple of bolts and used a couple of nuts to tighten/lock the bolts and stop them "undoing" themselves... so it all looked a bit like this.... And that's probably not quite the order I did it all in as I had to make a few bits up as I went along and there was a bit of trial and error when getting the bracket in place. I also had to loosen and adjust a few times to make sure the brackets were level, the coupler was central and there wasn't too much movement or play in the motor when it starts up. But, with the battery pack attached it all worked and I focused really easily on a wall through the window as a test. Of course there is no clear night forecast in Gloucester until 2016 now, typically, but I feel confident it will help focusing. Looking forward to trying it out proper! Took me a while but, knowing what I am doing, I reckon I could do it all in about half-an-hour - so fairly easy. With plenty of nuts and bolts and holes, I reckon it should fit plenty of models. Sorry for the lack of pictures and rambling commentary, but hope it helps someone! At the very least it will remind me what I did in 6 months time when I take it off for some reason, lose some nuts and can't remember how to put it back together....
  3. The simple rack-and-pinion focuser on the Bresser Messier 152s is OK but inadequate for fine focus adjustments. I decided to see if I could adapt the 'cheap' Sky-Watcher Autofocuser to it. The first thing I noted was that the screws holding the focuser shaft against the focuser tube were all the wrong thread for the holes. These came out the hard way but did not strip the holes they screw in to. The next challenge was to remove one of the focuser knobs. These are screwed to the shaft. A quick & hard turn loosened one so it came off :-) Now I needed to see if the refractor adapter that comes with the auto focuser will work. Sadly, the whole assembly is too short, so I needed to elongate it. This I did with long screws and nuts to tighten everything. See the first picture below. Finally, the focuser shaft was joined with the motor using the black flexible adapter that comes with auto focuser. The second picture below shows I used long screws for the shaft box and how these allowed me to align the motor shaft and the focuser shaft. This adaptatio works but I need to test it as soon as the weather permits :-) Enjoy and thanks for watching! Sorry the last image is not rotated correctly.
  4. Long overdue review on this but the weather has been terrible. I seen a fellow SGL'r recommend this neat auto focusing unit and I couldn't help treating myself to an early Christmas present. I ordered the AF1 unit and the DC Hub late one Sunday night and early on the following Monday morning I had an email from Pavle thanking me for the order and that it would be prepared and shipped within a day or so. Any questions I had were replied to promptly and I was kept up to date with the progress of the order's preparation and shipping. 7 days later the package was received and I fitted straight away. The supplied bracket and it's pre drilled holes were a perfect fit for my William Optics GT71. Unfortunately, the supplied belt was a bit too tight upon fitting. I contacted Pavle to let him know. It wasn't a big issue as I had found a similar belt on eBay with a couple of extra teeth and would try that instead. Nonetheless, Pavle offered to send a revised housing for the auto focuser which would allow some adjustability to slacken the belt. This was offered free of charge. In the end I didn't need the revised housing as I was able to utilise the longer belt. I had to wait 6 weeks until I could finally test it! I only use APT at the moment and it connected to the focuser without any problems. With regards to auto focusing, I have had mixed results with APT. I believe I have some backlash in my focuser and I need to spend some time ironing this out. For the time being, I am happy to stick the bahtinov mask on and focus remotely from indoors. This process took considerably longer when I was focusing manually. The DC Hub is also a nice compact unit which sits just under my USB hub and has enabled me to tidy up my cables somewhat. Overall, I'm very pleased with the unit. It's light, compact, well made and has considerably shortened the time I spend on focusing. Pavle has been a pleasure to deal with and I wish him all the best with his business! David
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