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Found 18 results

  1. Coco

    M33 ATIK 428 OSC

  2. Today I received my APM 16x70 ED binos direct from Germany . Here are my unboxing photos... Box as received via UPS Inside the outer box Removed from inner box Contents of binocular case End caps off! Photos down the lens All the bits & bobs... Quick test result... I set the dioptre to match my perscription (-3 both sides) then I focused each eye individually while looking at a distant sign post. I inspected the distant snow covered lakeland fells and they looked superb and clear My wife came for a look, so we just set the dioptre to 0 both sides and she was able to read the distant sign post. The binos are pretty lightweight considering their physical size. Its very hard to keep them still though so I will see how I get on tomorrow when my monopod is due to arrive from Amazon. Looking forward to that! Alan
  3. Hi, wow ive had more data in a week than the last year! Here is my take of the famous Triplet.. Thanks to a top stacking tip from Olly and Rob Ince.. 28 Lum 600 second 1x1 20 Red 300 second 2x2 20 Green 300 second 2x2 20 Blue 300 second 2x2 Stacked in Astroart , tweaked in Pixinsight & Photoshop..
  4. Martynb


    Sent me damages stock & initially claimed that I was responsible! I sent photos & they immediately realised that they had sent me a damaged unit (Zeiss EP). Refunded but not the postage. Rude by email. BAD EXPERIENCE & I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER USE THEM AGAIN!
  5. Coco

    M13 Hercules Cluster

    From the album: Coco'c Mono LRGB

    M13 in RGB only, only a quick shorty as the sky doesnt get dark properly oop norf.. 4 minutes x 5 each RGB filter no LUM for globulars, ATIK 314L+ & APM APO
  6. I have had my APM 16x70 ED binos for a week now and they are proving to be very good. However, the single weakest point are the supplied lens caps, they just love to fall off (its impossible to remove the binos from the case and have the lens caps in place when the binos come out of the bag! ). Having measured the diameter of the lens as 84mm, I have purchased two Keiser 85mm lens caps (as the closest larger size that I could find). I have stuck a layer of trimmed "Gorilla Tape" to the inside edge of the caps and now they are a nice fit, needing significantly more pull to get them off than the originals [Pic shows Keiser 85mm caps with added Gorilla tape around the rim] However, it is still impossible to get the binos out of their supplied bag with both lens caps in place (the bag is too tight!) So, I have fitted some sticky Velcro squares to the binos (two on each lens) and I am using the "other" part of the Velcro as a strap to hold the lens caps on - I can now remove them from the bag and have the Lens Caps in place [Pic shows the Keiser caps on the APM binos + the sticky velcro pads] [Pic shows the velcro securing strips in place] Finally, I have at last received my Amazon Basics tripod "with pistol grip" so I have removed the pistol grip and added it to the end of my Manfrotto Monopod and I am at last good to go... Alan
  7. Hi earthlings.. Apart from messing about with the Tal 100RS 2 months ago its been 4-5 months since I imaged something.. This was taken between the clouds last Thursday with my new APM 107 APO and the one shot colour ATIK 428 24 x 5 minute exposures ( 2 hours only ) Stacked in AstroArt and part processed in Pixinsight and PS.. Thanks for looking..
  8. I am taking my first tentative steps into binos for night sky viewing... Having done some research over the past couple of weeks and nearly going for Helios Apollo 15x70, I came across the black Friday sale at APM and went for the 16x70 ED instead. As a glasses wearer, the extra eye relief will be great. I had seen that others had upgraded from Apollo to APM ED and also with a better case for travel and £100 off decided to go for it... i plan to buy a monopod and trigger grip and hope that the 0.5kg weight saving will add up to an easy to use pair of binos. i will need to discover if my choice of binos that do not accept filters was a good one or I may need to knock up some way of holding/fixing filters at the eyepiece? i will also be making up some dew shields for the cold nights. How long should I make the dew shields? I will be taking them to darkest Arizona next year for some Milky Way viewing at new moon so I have a few months to learn how best to use them i will post some pics when they arrive from Germany... Alan
  9. Coco

    WHALE - ATIK 428 OSC

  10. Before I purchase one, I’m wondering if anyone has a 50 or 60 mm RACI with illuminated eyepiece they would like to sell? Thanks Andy.
  11. APM (Germany) are having a 24 hour sale "Violet Friday" (they must not like black??) http://www.apm-telescopes.de/en/violet-friday.html Some good discounts... Alan
  12. Date: 8 Jan 2018 Binos: APM 16x70 ED (Monopod) Filters: 1x Castell UHC Last night saw another lovely black sky but the "Helm wind" had kicked up from the Pennines After popping out and back in from 7-30 thru 10-30, I decided that the Dob would not be coming out or more accurately the shed roof would not be opened tonight Not wanting to waste the sky and with my new binos ready and waiting inside, I switched plan and got myself (& the binos) ready. I fitted my new 1.25" Castell UHC filter inside the left eyecup. I added my 2x camping mat dew shields, fitted the monopod & trigger and finally stuck my ipad into into waterproof case. I got all my warm gear on and took everything outside onto the garden table. My plan was to use Sky Safari on the ipad (I had added new "equipment" to cover the binos so it was displaying a target circle to the FOV of the binos) and setup on Orion... Targets M42 - showed as a nice bright cloud, I seemed "bigger" than last time out. I tried switching from one eye to the other to see the UHC difference but I did not find it easy to tell (I was wearing "old" contact lenses as an alternative to my glasses and my eyes have changed in the last 18 months to make close up reading easier without my glasses so this ruined the test). Individual eyepiece focusing definately helps. Rosette - found easily. I recognized the star cluster in the centre as I had spend a long time on this target with the dob the previous night The nebula was faint but visible, it really is a good size! Cone - onto the christmas tree cluster (easy) but no nebula was seen. Seagull neb - I found a definite patch in the right area. Can you see the seagull neb in your binos? M46, 47 - two nice clusters left of sirius. M48 - another good one M67 - easy and bright Beehive - A biggie, stay a while to count the stars... Scanning Leo, there seems to be either regular fuzzies or the fainter stars are appearing as fuzzies. Should I expect to be able to see faint messier galaxies in Leo with binos? Pleiades - Lovely and bright. Getting higher for my neck! Crab M1 - Got it. I failed on this last time out. But bagged it twice tonight. Was it the UHC or just better control of the monopod? California neb = no. nothing. M37,38,36 - trio of clusters. nice as they are all different. There was more stuff in this area (I forgot about the flaming star), need to come back but my neck... M31, 110 & 32 - Onto Andromeda, easy. Big but not as nice as last time out. M110 was much fainter tonight and M32 took some staring to get it. Into Cassiopia ... Double cluster - lovely. shame its so high. There was plenty going on in the vacinity too. Something nice to the lower right? Just "too many things to identify" and my neck... Carolines Rose - Center on CapH and there's Carolines rose in the fov. Onto the Plough... M51 - easy M101 - harder to locate but I found it. Dimmer than M51 Owl neb - Faint but there. Is this the UHC benefit or is it always seen in binos? Overall an enjoyable session. A few misses on my part but you can't get everything unless you make a list before you go out! Quite a few questions above. Would be grateful if anyone can comment on some of them Clear skies, Alan
  13. I'm trying to download the accompanying files for PlateSolve2, APM Catalog installer and UCAC3 catalog. I can only find them on Planewave.com. The download for these files never completes? PlateSolve2 downloaded first time. The UCAC3 file is a different size to the ones found elsewhere, must have been formatted for application use. Can someone direct me to another download location for these files. Thanks Gary
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