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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Interested in getting a motorised filter wheel and was hoping someone has got a old 5 lens knocking about or have seen one advertised. Much appreciated Si
  2. Great little Barlow, but as I have an ES FE, I don't really need it. Excellent condition and it will be posted in a bolt box. £22 posted to mainland UK. PayPal preferred.
  3. I'm selling my 1.25" baader H-alpha 7nm filter. I purchased it on amazon several months ago, but have never actually used it, as my CCD didn't work. (Its just been put in a filter wheel but never used!) As such it is in perfect condition. Price £75 including delivery to a UK address. Payment via Paypal (buyer pays fees), Paypal friends, or bank transfer Any questions, please ask.
  4. This Speers WALER 10mm eyepiece is in excellent condition, with both caps and the original box. It has an 82 degree afov and offer views which have been compared with Televue Naglers. Optically it is in basically perfect condition, there are one or two marks on the barrel. Looking for £55 plus £2.50 P&P via PayPal fees paid or bank transfer. As with the other items, will go on ABS at the weekend. Thanks, Stu
  5. Hello, i got my Cannon 750D few days, and im thinking of buying some adapters so i can connect it to my telescope. Will a T2/1.25 eyepiece projection adapter and a T2/EOS adapter enable me to connect the 2 together? Also im wondering why a piece of plastic and some metal is so expensive :)))). -Ahgi, Clear skies!
  6. Finally got around to do the 1.25" adaptation of my pair of Nikon zooms, 3D printed plastic after some measurement, here's some pictures of this adaptation. 1. original size compared with 18mm BCO and 25mm Tak ortho. 2. Stripped down zoom for adaptation compared with the original one The lower thinner ring has a tiny recessed screw holding it on place, once removed, both rings screws off easily. The thicker upper ring rotates freely too, so it's better to remove it for adaptation. 3. The 3-D printed adapter is added to the picture, some filing was needed to fit perfectly. be noted, the lower thread on left picture is to be forced-threaded in the adapter, so that the adapter should sit secured. 4. The adapted zoom compared with original one. 5. the adapted zooms (about 1mm higher than the original ones) compared with BCO 18 and Tak ortho 25.
  7. A very nice condition TAL 1.25" mirror diagonal. Optically and cosmetically in excellent condition, just don't use it any more. £25 plus postage via PayPal fees paid or bank transfer. Stu
  8. Hi, As i may be looking to purchase an O-III or a UHC filter sometime in the future, I've a question thats been bugging me for a while. By picking up a 2" filter, would I also be able to use it with 1.25" EP's if I unscrew the lens of my 2x Barlow and replace it with the filter? Do they fit and are they the same thread pitch? I'd guess I'd be using my 20mm and 32mm EP's with the filters, but they are 1,25 and 2" respectively and I'm not going to buy the same filter in two different sizes. Thanks
  9. I have a SkyWatcher Quattro telescope with 2" focuser (and also a 1.25" adaptor) and am looking for a barlow. With a short tube (800 f/4) I feel like I need more than a 2x barlow for imaging planets, but the problem is that 2" barlows aren't cheap. I wonder, is it possible to use a 2" barlow AND a 1.25" barlow for photographic uses (say, two inch 2x barlow plus one and a quarter inch 2x barlow)? On the end of the second barlow I would screw a 1.25" -> T2 adaptor and then the DSLR. Technically it all makes sense but would there be any vignetting or some other optical issues? Here's an illustration of what I mean.
  10. Hey SGL, So i have purchased a set of Celestron EP's with some filters and upon inspection some of the filters seem to not look overly "clean"? Several of them have what could be best described as water marks whilst another has a piece of something on the filter... Am i able to clean these at all or would it damage them? I haven't got round to checking the EP's but i would hope they are all okay! Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit 1.25in (Purchased from here too) If anyone has any advice on cleaning them (if possible without damaging them) or what to do that would be great I am not sure what is considered reasonable and what isn't when it comes to this sort of stuff!
  11. Hi I'm selling my Baader 1.25" CCD RGB filters. They are used, but in excellent condition with no scratches or anything of the sort. Price £115 including delivery to a UK address. Payment via Paypal (buyer pays fees), Paypal friends, or bank transfer Any questions, please ask.
  12. Hi! I am looking for a couple of filters to use as a version of a Hubble palette on my imaging setup (8" Orion Newtonian Astrograph, Orion Atlas GEM, Orion SSAG, Nikon D3200, and Baader MPCCII). I plan on getting a Hydrogen alpha filter, an oxygen 3 filter, and a sulfur 2. I plan on getting a ccd soon, I know a dedicated sensor array is going to turn out much better results, but first I want to milk every drop out of my nikon. Now, the coma corrector I use with the nikon only accepts two inch filters, unless I were to add an adapter that holds a 1.25 inch filter, such as the blue fireball 2" filter male thread to 1.25" female thread adapter found here: http://agenaastro.com/blue-fireball-m48-male-m28-5-female-adapter-m-01.html . My main question is, will a filter setup like this impede the amount of light reaching the sensor? I would like to buy Orion's 1.25 filter set [ http://www.telescope.com/Orion-125-Extra-Narrowband-Tri-color-CCD-Filter-Set/p/24609.uts ] 1.) because it contains all three of my choices, and 2.) because I know that the 1.25' filters can fit on any imager or telescope to which I currently have access. Let me know if this seems like a decent plan. Thanks a lot! Costas Soler
  13. Last part of my spring clear out - See anything you need just drop me a line and we can sort it out for you. Payment by Paypal or pick it up in Edinburgh in person and save the p&p. Cheers gang - 9x50 Unbranded metal RACI finder with Skywatcher compatible dovetail with rings - £35 + p&p - Unbranded Red Dot Finder (moulded plastic) £5 + p&p - 1.25” Celestron star diagonal £15 + p&p - 2” TS mirror star diagonal with brass compression rings £40 + p&p Extended slow motion control for RA/DEC on EQ mount (never used) £8 + p&p
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