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Found 159 results

  1. Cross post from other forums, so sorry if somebody already it) Good day, dear astronomers. Read the forums for some time, but now i'm in need of some advices. My only experience in AP is from reading many forums and specification of different hardware, so i can count me as noob) And only year and a half observing stars, moon and sun with my 130mm newton). First of all, wanted to say that I live in Ukraine (Odessa to be precise) and one of my friends will be returning here for holidays from NY. So I decided to ask him to buy me some equipment there because its near to impossible to get something decent hardware here in Ukraine (we only have some celestrons, arsenals (gso) and entry-level sky-watchers and other entry level observing equipment (mostly dobsonians and newtons). So the point is that I need to be very precise with my decision on what parts exactly to buy, cause I wont be able to return them (in near future) if something wrong with them, or if I miss some crucial small details. Also wanted to mention that besides AP, I want to use it sometimes for observing moon, sun and large DSOs... 1) On telescope I think I decided already - it will be either this or this - highpointscientific.com GTF81 or this highpointscientific.com GT81. First one comes with built-in flattener (but I don't undertstand one thing - description says its f\5.9, but in specification it states f\6.6). The second one comes with separate field flattener\reducer which takes it to f\4.7). I don't really know what should I buy between those two. Both those comes with mounting Rings and carry handle. First I wanted to take orion Newton astrograph, but i decided against it, because some people said that its bad idea to take reflector as first AP setup, so big thanks to those people!). 2) Mount - here where I really need an advice cause there are plenty of them... I read countless forums, and amount of information confuses me very much. Its also very hard to decide cause nowhere here i can see them and i can only rely on forums or youtube videos. SO after several weeks of lurking i found several mounts. a) Vixen Sphinx SX2 - there are a lot of vixen mounts out there, so its hard for me to choose. iOptron iEQ45 Pro - same here, many iOptron mounts, very different opinions on them as i read on the forums. c) Orion Atlas Pro - another suggestion i found on the forums. d) and the last one which i find the most appealing(!) and also many good reviews about this mount - Losmandy GM-8 - many good reviews and also i found some pretty photos out there in astrobin with this mount. But i want to be sure here.. i assume that WO-FTG will fit onto gm8, right? or i will need something in between(sorry for dumb question) and about the mount itself - in optcorp link it shows that it comes with a tripod, which is around 200$ (so obviously mount alone is about 200 less). Do i need to order mount separately and order better tripod for it? Another thing that concerns me - should i get GeminiGOTO system for this mount? it adds a lot of money, tho i don't sure if i need it... And how does that digital drive on the mount operates? Can anybody give me a link or tutorial for losmandy mounts setup for AP without GOTO system and how does it work with PC? 3) Guide scope - WO Guide scope, tho it comes with rings, which are already exist in WO GTF or GT models of scopes. Maybe there are better ones there, so i can be open for suggestions. 4) Camera - here I'm confused also, but found some good reviews on new ZWO 1600 camers (with cooling). Color and monochrome ones. I cant decide which one to take, but thinking about monochrome one, cause there is a good chance that i can find filters here. If you had some experience with other cameras in same price range, i will be glad to hear which ones)). Also it would be cool if you can advice me what company should i take filter from? I know about astronomic, baader and thousand oaks. And how exactly do they connect to telescope? I know that's between camera and telescope itself, but how they differ in connection types? I can just plug them? (sorry again for dumb question) 5) Diagonal for observing - found some models (also read that mirror is better then prism, but also price changes too). From Vixen there is Vixen 2" Dieletric Coated Diagonal 50.8mm and more pricy one is from AP - mirror (i assume later one is mirror, so that's why its so expensive). 6) + some more eyepieces for observing, but i think i can find some for moon and maybe sun. 7) And solar filter.. I'm not familiar with filters for refractors(. I have one filter for my Newton right now, but it works like a cap. Is it the the same for refractors? or they can be like special filter for eyepiece? I think that's the only questions i wanted to ask for now, but i'm sure there will be a lot more stuff to ask) Sorry for the wall of text, i hope i could express my thoughts correctly, my English as you can see still sucks). Thanks a lot in advance and for your answers) PS also important thing that i don't wanna miss some cruicial things, that i couldn't order later here. I'm afraid that i might miss some cable, or plate, or something while ordering)
  2. Hi guys, i own an 8 inch newtonian telescope with a focal length of 1200mm and a focalratio of f/6. My big concern is the focal length though. can this newtonian be used for astrophotography or do i need to buy an astrograph so i can start with imaging. Or is there anything else i can do to reduce the focal length or of my current newtonian so i can start with imaging...???
  3. Hey folks, I know this might seem like a stupid question but I am about to buy myself my first telescope and I am confused by the telescope itself being much shorter then the stated focal length (The focal length is supposedly 1000mm, but the telescope itself is like 40cm). I've spent hours on the internet trying to find out as much about telescopes as I could but I didn't find any page that would answer this question. Thanks in advance
  4. Hey guys I'm an aspiring beginner astronomer and observer, and I recently inherited my grandfather's old telescope. It is a Meade Quartz with the LX Pulse drive. Only one problem, he left me with no instructions. I learned about the Barlow lens, and how it magnifies the normal eyepiece, the only problem is I have no idea how to attach it. The hole where I normally fit an eyepiece is far too large for it to fit. The size of the hole can fit a 26mm lens. Is it because I have brands mixing and it can only fit a Meade Barlow? I appreciate the help.
  5. ( click tap on image to see larger and sharper ) This image shows multiple bright nebula and star clusters in an area adjacent to the the Tarantula Nebula ( NGC 2070 ) in the nearby irregular galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud ( LMC ). The largest of these are the bright pink nebula in the upper right part of the image ( NGC 2014 ) and the blue nebula in the lower right ( NGC 2030 ). Details: Bright Nebulae: NGC 2014 ( upper right, pink) size 30 x 20 arcmin Mag +8. NGC 2020 size 2.0 arcmin NGC 2030 ( lower right, blue ). NGC 2032 . NGC 2035 size 3.0 x 3.0 arcmin NGC 2040 size 3.0 x 3.0 arcmin Open clusters: NGC 2002 size 2 arcmin Mag +10.1 NGC 2004 size 2.7 arcmin Mag +9.6 NGC 2006 size 1 arcmin Mag +11.5 NGC 2011 size 1 arcmin Mag +10.6 NGC 2021 size 0.9 arcmin Mag +12.1 NGC 2027 size 0.7 arcmin Mag +11.9 NGC 2034 NGC 2041 size 0.7 arcmin Mag +10.4 Image centre RA 05h 33m 25.583s, Dec -67° 18' 02.586" (nova.astrometry.net) Field of view (arcmin): 58.8 x 39.2 Scale (full size image) 0.585 arcsec/pixel Telescope: Orion Optics CT12 Newtonian ( mirror 300mm, fl 1200mm, f4 ) Corrector: ASA 2" Coma Corrector Quattro 1.175x Effective Focal Length / Aperture : 1410 mm f4.7 Mount: Skywatcher AZ Eq6 GT Guiding: TSOAG9 Off-Axis-Guider, Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2, PHD2 Camera: Nikon D5300 (unmodified) (sensor 23.5 x 15.6mm, 6016x4016 3.9um pixels) Filter: none HDR combination of four sets of exposures: 9 x 300 sec ISO 200 4 x 120 sec ISO 200 4 x 120 sec ISO 100 4 x 60 sec ISO 100 Pixinsight & Photoshop 29 January 2017 link: 500px.com/MikeODay
  6. Hi all, As the title says, is it possible to make my own triplet apochromatic refractor? I've made my own Newtonian reflector before, and I've heard of people making their achromatic refractor, but what are the difficulties of making a triplet apochromatic refractor? Thanks! Fishie
  7. Hi, I have always had an interest in astronomy/stargazing. Looking up into a clear night sky wondering what it would be like to be out there is always a summers night pass time favorite of mine. Although, having a high interest in this area as a child I became otherwise engaged in other activities like playing console games, and then more recently raising my own young children. However, my interest in astronomy and stargazing has since returned and I have recently wanted to begin looking into the night sky with a telescope. I am a complete novice when it comes to this and just wondered what would be a good beginners scope. I have recently been interested in buying the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ. I have read numerous reviews about this scope and everyone says that its really good scope for beginners. I have looked at images that people have taken through this scope using additional filters and lenses and I am more than impressed with what can be achieved. I am completely new to telescopes and wouldn't really know where to start. I had a low-grade telescope as a child, branded National Geographic which was great for looking at the moon with, it came with 2 lenses. I still have it but would prefer a 'more advanced', 'more profesional' scope. Any help/tips would be great. I have a maximum budget for this of £250GBP but could stretch to £300GBP Thanks all.
  8. Hi, I have been looking for parts for my new telescope project, I have spent much time on finding the little more special parts. I think it could be usefull for others and have written down the links to vendors and manufacturers of equipment of astronomy I have found at my website: http://astrofriend.eu/links/links.html Most pages have an "English " button. I hope it will be usefull for your special astronomy project ! I will add more links later. I wish you all A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! /Lars
  9. Does atmospheric turbulence create a limit on how large a telescope we can build on Earth? For example, if we could build a telescope where we could see the curiosity rover on Mars, could we actually see it? I am aware of adaptive optics but thought these would also have their limits at high magnifications.
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