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Found 65 results

  1. I tried to use the GoTo function on the Nexstar SLT 130 for the first time last night. I got through all the steps to set in date, time, place etc. But When I have to find 3 objects in the night sky, I have to use the direction buttons on the handset, whenever I press one of those 4 buttons, the handset just dies out. The screen becomes green, it says nothing on it, until 1-2 minutes later, it says something about error 16 or 17. Keep in mind that the whole handset works up until the point I have to use it to align. What this means is that my scope does not move up or down, nor right or left, since it just shuts down. What I've tried: - Change batteries (AA's) - Try to use a power supply - Updated the firmware in the handset to the latest version What could be the problem? - Mehtevas
  2. I saw a comment that there were a lot more double stars in the sky than listed in Norton's or in a GOTO scope database. I found my way to the Deep Sky database (http://www.virtualcolony.com/sac/) and a list "Double Stars With a Constallation" (http://www.virtualcolony.com/sac/star_search.html) which gives a list sorted for minimum brightness, magnitude difference and separation. I generated some lists with parameters that would not overtax my 127mm Mak, and was gobsmacked at the result. For Lyra, I got a list of 27 doubles down to mag.10 Armed with the printed list, I set about finding them in the sky. Equipment: 127mm Celestron Mak on Nexstar Goto mount, 8mm Celestron X-Cel eyepiece & 25mm Celestron stock eyepiece. Out of 18 doubles I looked for, I was able to find and resolve about 13 in a little over one hour. Sky conditions: Urban, full moon. None of them were as pretty as the bright and well-known doubles, but it was an eye-opener to discover how many were out there. I would submit that this exercise would have been impossible (or at best very frustrating and time-consuming) without a Goto mounting. All I had to do was key in the RA and Dec, and since I had used Vega as an alignment star I did not even have to swap out the high-power eyepiece between stars. I wonder if it's possible to import these databases into a format suitable for remote control of a Nexstar?
  3. Hi all have picked out a scope and mount I'm interested in buying. The scope is the skywatcher ed80 pro and I will be using it with my canon 5d mark 1 for astrophotography. It's the mount that I'm having trouble deciding on. Have been reading loads on the net but when I find something I think will be ok I search for reviews of it and looks and behold for everyone who says this is a great choice there is someone else who says don't buy this. Anyway I liked the skywatcher heq5 mount so does anyone on here think this would be a good choice also if I bought a goto mount would this also track or would I need a motorized mount. Also does anyone have a smaller or different mouth sergestion as to what mount I should get, obviously it will have to be tracking. Cheers in advance for your reply so. Russell.
  4. Would the NEQ6 Pro be adequate enough to support a Meade 12" SCT and also a guidescope? If not a guidescope, would anyone recommend a good OAG for 5+ minutes exposures? If not the EQ6, which other mount? EQ8? Any other brand? G11?
  5. I understand the goto upgrade for the EQ 2/3 fits the CG4 as they are essentially the same mount (albeit different tripods). Has anyone tried this and could they tell me: How easy it is to fit? How well does it work? I am wondering whether to go for this or the dual axis motors which would also be a useful upgrade to track something at high magnification or for simple AP.
  6. I'd never heard of one of these until today, but thought I might have a quick research, only to find diddly squat about them on t'interwebs. So: Has anyone ever used a WinCTC? Are they still available? Do they connect straight to the motors on an EQ5?
  7. I threw an opinion into the mix in the beginners forum the other night and decided I should expand on my reasoning here. Even somewhere as benign as SGL, you still have to remember this IS the internet. That means opinions repeated enough by people with large post counts, gain credence as fact among the rest of the forum. It does not hurt to challenge that, if only to get people thinking, as long as you do it in a reasoned way. So..... What got me thinking was the humble 8" Dob. For instance, I've noticed that the most recommended scope for a beginner is an 8" Dob; 10" if there's a sniff of the OP having a bit more to spend. The thing is, a rake of this recommendation appears straight off the bat, without further quizzing of the OP, but for most newbies, I think it is wrong. True, a great many people started there and went on to bigger (some might say better) things, but a lot do not. You don't have to be Poirot to notice it's also the most sold scope on Ebay, along with the EPs it came with; reasons (excuses) of needing the space, etc, being given. The ratio of 8" Dobs for sale on Ebay is greater than on here. A lot of people don't stick with it long enough to achieve the fifty posts required for access to the classifieds. Why? Because if you don't know your way around the skies, you'll find it really hard to find stuff and you'll break your back grovelling around doing so. It is also a scope that will likely be way off the mark in collimation out of the box and be harsh on the rather basic EPs* it came with. When I started, my Explorer 200p only showed half the primary when looking down the focuser. They really can arrive that far out of whack and dealers these days are driven by price, so they are extremely unlikely to have seen more than the outside of the box you've been shipped. Few would actually check the scope and if they did, most people would whine they're too expensive. Service costs. So, if you do find something on your first light with your new scope and then pop in the 10mm MA it came with, it will look rubbish. De-collimate your scope with a half decent EP and have a crack at Jupiter. It's not impressive and that's as easy as it gets. For a n00b, it's confusion time. In other words, it's not the most intuitive scope, it has a built in steep learning curve just to get it to work and requires immediate upgrades just to get near what this, admittedly capable scope in the right hands, can deliver. The 8" Dob is best suited to someone who has at least used binos, or a friend's scope. That way, they'll have advice on hand. So my contention is that, in this push button, battery driven age, the ideal beginners scope is a 127mm AZ GOTO Mak. I can hear the hackles rising, so let me justify this. I'm not interested in the cries of 'It needs to be level, it needs to be pointed North!'. That involves a bubble level and the one star everybody knows. People who get the date format wrong should RTFM! Anyway, if this is tricky, how are they going to get along with a Planisphere? No, the learning curve is minimal and when the crisp little optics and it's long FL, which is easy on cheap EPs hits a target, it's going to be a sharp view. If it doesn't hit the target first time, the erstwhile n00b will slew around a bit and unless they're complete attention deficient, will hit the target. This is my point. Getting the first few targets a newcomer sees to be clear, is the hook that keeps them engaged. Jupiter will look good in a Mak. Saturn at any size when sharp is unforgettable. The moon will look amazing and M42, M57, globs, etc, will be good enough to show people there's a universe out there they hadn't even considered. I know an 8" Dob will do these subjects better, but it's not exactly Wow! territory. There are plenty of atmospheric UK nights and particularly from suburban locations, where a 5" Mak might actually do these subjects better. Now I know that hardly anybody reading this will still have their first scope, but if one of these had been, it would still be a great little grab 'n' go, plus a handy mount for an 80mm ED/Apo for the same purpose, plus white light solar, etc, etc. Nobody who starts in the hobby with an 8" Dob stays there. In the long run, rationally, the humble 5" Mak GOTO is a very handy little weapon on a number of levels and one that has uses further down the line. Russell * One of the scopes I bought at a time when my collimation learning curve had long since flattened off, came with the usual 10 & 25mm MAs. For a laugh, I thought I'd give them a go. You know what? In a 300mm F4.9 Dob, they weren't that bad. The deficiency I recalled, was in fact, mostly mine in terms of collimation - It was far easier to blame the EPs and post yet another 'What EP for a n00b' thread....
  8. I'm having trouble with the new firmware, after alignment 1 or 2 star - it finds stars and dso's but with jupiter it goes way off, like heading east then north until it points to the wrong area of sky. Has anyone heard of this? Regards Aenima
  9. Hi all, I want to share with you my so far best image of Saturn, taken using: 305/1500 goto dob Skywatcher QHY-5 mono IR-UV block filter Baader barlow 2.25 Registax, stack of 40 images, postprocessing
  10. I have had my EQ5 out a couple of times now twice I have had caution previous NPE applied not a clue what this is, but i have set up as per instructed leveled the mount,Polar aligned added weights and ota checked polar alignment, I am having problems the other night went out M13,M92 bang in middle NGC6210 middle M16 not sure It was early may have been too light but next two M10,M12 were over to the right of eyepiece, last was M57 and it was nowhere swapped eyepiece to 25mm and no sign of the ring, can anyone give me an idea as to what I`m doing wrong please. The picture is how I aligned Polaris.
  11. I've been eagerly awaiting a good clear night to fully try out my Mak 150 and heq5 GOTO mount. Having never had GOTO before it's a bit of a novelty but I've mastered a pretty quick setup using 1 or 2 star alignment. I'm ignoring full on polar alignment at the mo cos I haven't got round to any imaging yet. Early this AM, Buxton, Derbyshire. The last night of our camping weekend saw a fabulously clear night albeit very dew full. Luckily I'd invested in a dew shield so it payed off. My first 2 star alignment went well with Vega and Dubhe. I may stick with these cos they are easy! First target; Jupiter. Outstanding is the only thing I can say. I used the supplied 2" 28mm ep to start with and was amazed at the clarity. Clear banding and 4 moons in FOV. Dropping to my 10mm Baader Ortho didn't do much but make Jupiter bigger but it was still the clearest I've seen it for a while. Next Saturn; Stunning with the 28mm. I have never seen it so clear and absolutely not seen Titan before but there it was. The 10mm was even better. The GOTO both times dropped these planets almost in the centre of the finder and similarly in the ep. Great! Mars; now hidden by trees!! Should've looked at Mars first!!! Note to self. Time was ticking on, cold settling in and things starting to dew over but the scope stayed clear, so, 'Tour' button caught my eye. I rattled through a few items until I got to the Ring Nebula. OMG. Directly in the middle of the ep view, there it was!! I was hooked. GOTO rocks (although it feels very much like cheating!!). I then went on to other familiar Messier objects, each of them appearing without much need for me to adjust anything. I really can't wait to spend a few hours exploring further now. Today, when we got back my Revelation 40mm camera ep had arrived so now I can hopefully get some cracking pictures that the Mak will deliver, both planetary and brighter DSO's. I can't believe I'm saying this but roll on a full moon cos I wanna see what this baby can do with Lunar - and I can hopefully get a pic of it!!!
  12. Hi, Does anyone have any experience converting a Skyliner 200p dobsonian (Non Go To) into a Go To telescope? Can this be done? Any help is appreciated. L
  13. Hi all, my first post post here and thought I'd dive right in, sorry if this is done to death as there are a few very similar posts but figure my prime requirement is slightly different. xmas present from the wife is a telescope, she's been scouring eBay etc with a budget of 200-250. She's identified the sky watcher 127 synscan as a good option. im completely new to observing. Don't really know what I want out of it. We do a fair bit of camping with the kids and always enjoy looking at the sky at night. So that's what this is for main requirements portability - needs to fit in the car with our camping gear. If it's massive or really heavy we'll probably not take it out as much. auto setup - as automatic as humanly possible please and I like my gadgets lol something like the goto system which can take you on a tour or point/track specific objects optionally: terrestrial use camera/webcam/Ccd for pictures- not sure if I'll really need that but great if it's possible. so far it looks like the sky watcher 127 goto and the celestron equivalent are front runners. I've also found the celestron 4se which seems to tick the boxes. The 5se would be lovely but out of budget from what I can see. Are any of these bad choices? They are all mak setups(?) which we thought gave us the benifit of a more compact unit. anything else we should be thinking about/considering? - I'll probably be powering it direct from the 12v on the Landrover so will need a suitable cable. cheers!
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