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Found 11 results

  1. Just experimenting with Jupiter, comparing the two cameras above. Both pics taken through Mak 127 with 2.5x barlow 1st one is SPC900 2nd is with QHY5L-IIc I didn't really process them much but I'm amazed how much more detail is in the webcam pic although I'm pretty sure I'm using completely the wrong settings for the QHY5. Ah well still learning Interesting to see the difference in size with the same setup & both done in 640x480 thanks for looking
  2. After a long time I've been able to capture Jupiter in colour and it looks like I caught the GRS! There were some odd settings in the "filter" of my Philips SPC900 that were causing the loss of detail and colour. It's a small picture and lacking of detail, this certainly doesn't make it a jaw-dropping picture but I'm quite happy with it and wanted to share Location: Cork, Ireland Seeing: Fair Skywatcher Explorer 200P / EQ5 TAL 2X Barlow (need to try the 3X next time!) Philips SPC900 Stacked with Registax 5 70 % of 3000 frames Minor edit with Adobe Lightroom Thanks for watching
  3. Hi All, As some of you may have read recently, (http://stargazerslou...00-and-mak-127/) I have been gradually working on improving my planetary imaging. Although this is nowhere near the standard of the incredible pictures we've seen on here recently, I'm happy that this is a definite step forwards for me, coming mainly from learning a few key lessons (read: making stupid mistakes ) everytime I go out. 2 minutes of capture using Sharpcap, run (a little heavily I think) through Registax. Great Red Spot and Io's shadown visible, though Io itself very feint. I have a couple of four minute captures in the bank too, so I look forward to seeing how they come out, I'm in the wilds of north Cornwall next week and desperate for one clear night, so I can get a comparison against this, taken just outside of Leeds city centre. If the weather is bad, I'll use the time to learn more about Registax - it's still mostly guess work at the moment. Usual kit, Mak 127, SPC900 and standard 2x barlow. New dew shield helped a lot on this one, the extra time outside gave me more time to experiment with the settings in Sharpcap. Jupiter 09.10.12.bmp
  4. Well, I managed to get out last night after a few problems (rain, laptop crashing, cloud). Only did three image runs with the SPC900. This is from the first one.
  5. Hi All, Thought I'd share my first two attempts at Jupiter using the SPC900 (with Mak 127), taken in the early hours of Friday morning. I am really quite proud of these, and if you want to know why, please click your way through my Jupiter journey, as by way of comparison, I've also attached my previous two best attempts, taken when Jupiter was at it's brightest some time back, using the good old "point a camera down the eyepiece" method. Any newbies out there wondering how to take better photos of planets, my advice would be simple - webcams are the way forwards! Thanks to all those on here who I've bugged for advice and tips. Without the help from SGL, I'd still be wondering why it looked like I'd taken a photo of a lightbulb in a dark room, and wondering how to improve! So, the old, taken over a year ago: And the new, about 50 seconds worth of AVI captured with Sharpcap (can't wait to see what difference is made by boosting that to several minutes of footage) stacked in Registax. Any advice on how to improve would be very gratefully received. Cheers, Derek
  6. Hi All, Having seen some of the stunning pics on here, I'm a little anxious about sharing mine for the first time, but you've got to take the plunge at some point right?! Mak 127, and fairly recently acquired SPC900. 30second captures in Sharpcap, followed by some fairly clueless clicking in my first experience of Registax. My word that programme is cool. A blurry, fuzzy picture just pops into a (by my standards) most presentable image with a simple slide of the wavelets tab! Much to learn here as I think I got a bit carried away with the wavelets! Seen a few posts with links to tutorials etc, so I must look these up again. The seeing was terrible, the moon was low above Leeds city centre, barely an inch away from a street lamp and the scope wasn't aligned so had to keep tracking it across the sky (my word the SPC900 gets you close to the surface...can't wait to try with a barlow ). So whilst I'm happy to see a big improvement from the old "point a camera down the eye piece, hold your breath and click" method, I know there's lots of room for improvement. Can't wait to get my kit pointed at the planets... Capture_30_07_2012_22_23_37.bmp Capture_30_07_2012_22_26_19.bmp
  7. Due to to a combination of a change of shift pattern at work&a shoulder opI had last year Im reluctantly putting up my imaging setup for sale.It comprises of the following: 1. Ioptron ZEQ25GT with custom made CWs and extendable shaft,custom made pier head adapter with materials to make a DIY pier 2. SW 200PDS with rotating ring and secondary dew heater 3. Optistar AR80S Dual Speed 4. Modified Canon 350D with charger and battery 5. Astronomic CLS CCD 2" filter 6. SW Coma Corrector 7. Astronomiser 10m cable(for camera control) 8. QHY 5-II camera with guide scope adapter 9. Hotech Laser Collimator 10. Phillips SPC900(not in original casing) 11.DIY dew heaters and control unit 12.Bahtinov masks for both scopes Comes in a flight case and a few other bits and pieces that you see in the photos.I've attached a photo of The Witches Broom which i took with this setup,photoshop not being of of my best skills £1300 ovno
  8. I finally managed to get my first image of Jupiter after having an spc900 for what must be 2 months now. It's from Nov 4, I used my 10" f4.8 with a 2x barlox and the stack size is about 800/1700 I think. I stacked it with Reg 5 and then did a channel align in PS. Really quite leased for a first go and looking forwards to doing some more. This could get very addictive... Cheer for looking.. ED; all tips and things welcomed..
  9. Hi everyone, These are hardly comparable with some of the incredible Saturn pics we've seen on here over the last few days, but thought I'd show what I managed to get out of the set up mentioned in the title, and a standard kit 2x barlow back at the start of April. No real beauties yet with the 3x barlow, it's so dim the only way to get a reasonable image is to slam all the camera settings up so far that registax can't make out the planet from the noise! That barlow did only cost a tenner though, so I guess I shouldn't expect miracles! 5 min avi, captured through Sharpcap and run through Registax. I'm working on learning to use other software, but until I can be sure I'm getting better results from that, I'll still with what I know! Tons of room for improvement on the processing, and although a part of me wants to rush out and upgrade my kit, there's a part of me that says "hey, you see that little dot in the sky up there, I took a picture of that with some pretty basic kit from my back garden and it came out like this!" Curious to know how long other people are running their captures for on Saturn - it seems to me there's less surface detail to suffer from rotational blur as there is on Jupiter, so I'm wondering whether there'd be any gain from running a 10 - 15 minute capture to maximise frames, so that you can be really picky about stacking only the best? As always, any advice welcomed. D.
  10. ......SPC900 Planetary webcam this morning!!! thank you tony it was a pleasure dealing with you Ive loaded up the driver disk that came with the SPC900 but then i thought i dont even need it do i? as i will be running the SPC900 from Sharpcap right... Looks like i will have lots of experimenting to do with all the MASS of setting lool It all looks over my head at present but im hoping it will all click into place when i actually get a chance to use it on a clear night, tonight it does not look like that night! lol i can not even see sky at the moment, just tried plugging the SCP900 to have a quick day test but i could not get any image coming through? i removed the IR filter but made no difference, ill just wait till night time to test out and start learning This is just a pre topic really as im sure i will have lots of questions when i actually get a clear night when ever that will be Martin
  11. Well I think this is going to be my last Jupiter for a while. I just managed to get three runs done before one of my Silver Burch trees got in the way (chainsaw coming out soon I think). Clouds were rolling in all the time, but I was surprised I was even outside due to weather reports. Taken with my trusty SPC900 with X3barlow on my 8” Orion Europa. Hardly any post processing done – due to fact I’ve not loaded everything fully back on my P.C. Lee
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