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Found 173 results

  1. I've been working on this one for a while on and off. It's gone through various rounds of PIPP, stacking, drizzling and PS re-sampling. The colours are not right but this is the best resolution I've yet gotten from the C8 tube. And I'm a little impressed myself, so I thought I would share :-)
  2. Saturn seen from London on a windy March night. It's still a bit too far for me to get a more detailed shot but this is my best attempt so far.
  3. Hello Please find my first attempt at Saturn. Advice needed on how I can improve capture and processing. My adventure started at 6:00 am this morning taking on -2C ice and frost, to capture Saturn in the South before sunrise. The transparency was good though and the stars looked really crisp against the still dark sky. (Exciting!) I managed to capture two run of 39000 images at 65FPS at 15ms exposures, raw mono data. Using my 127mm Mak (1500) with a 2x Barlow to get it up to 3000mm Anyhow just finished processing, process followed was. (Was done in a bit of a rush.) Dark Frame 10000 stack at -2C Reference Frame AS!2 - 25% using 4 quality setting, sharpening and mix in raw 50%, REGISTAX - Wavelets and gamma adjusted, Histogram stretched. Main Frame AS!2 - 50% using 4 quality setting, sharpening and mix in raw 50% REGISTAX - Wavelets and gamma adjusted, Histogram stretched and increase size to 1.5 I have been a bit aggressive with my wavelets and placed this on a black background, with a bit of mid-tone adjustment. It feels a bit blurry and very yellow, not much in the blue channel, is this normal? Do I need I need to up my FL to from 3000 to 4500? Lack detail for +-20000 images, should I up the exposure and reduce the images? I am being overly critical for my equipment? Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it guys.
  4. Friday the 7th was my last chance to photograph Saturn, as light conditions and position become increasingly less favourable for imaging. Indeed, it's pretty bad already, as the following images from that session where shot directly through the strong halo of a "beautiful" and "oh so useful" street lamp. I went for full on luxury that evening, with a deck chair and a table for the laptop, might as well treat myself as I gaze at a planet a billion and a bit kilometers away! The evening was even more delightful as I set the scope up to have the neighbours kids curiously ask me what I was doing and thus I took the time to show them the view of Saturn, much to their delight - and mine, I love sharing this stuff with interested minds. Saturn has not been well positioned for us here in the UK, with it peaking at just over 25 degrees in the sky, but at this peak, around 22:25 UTC, it's pretty light outside. I have only just started imaging using the ASI120mc, but finding it a joy to use with FireCapture 2.3b. Indeed I can't wait for a little bit of Moon or for Jupiter season to start! Overview of Imaging Seeing: http://youtu.be/UUbr1KKhsTc (Video is RAW Footage, but Debayered GRGB for colour) Hardware: Meade LX90 8" SCT | Drift Aligned with no computer guiding Meade 2x Shorty Barlow ASI120mc @ 30ms | Gamma 50 | Gain 62 | ROI 496x320 Software: FireCapture 2.3b PIPP: Colour Debayer GRGB | Crop | Center Registax: Align | Stack best 30% | RGB Align | R/B Correct Photoshop: Levels | Saturation | Smart Sharpen | Soft De-Noise I have also included an RGB split of the RAW TIF file (with a basic smart sharpen applied) - I note that R,G are sharp (R being the sharpest), yet the B channel is particulary fuzzy. I assume seeing, it's low position and possibly the street lamp have caused this?
  5. I have recently taken delivery of the ZWO ASI120mc 1/3 cmos colour camera. First thing I will say about this camera,it's significantly better than the Orion Imager IV, very easy to use and works a charm with FireCapture 2.3b. Last night I had clear skies and a low wind, so I set about capturing Saturn as it drifted past my local street lamp collection. Was an absolute pleasure to sit in 12c weather and just watch as Saturn bobbed around in my view. After eventually packing up and transferring the files to my primary computer, I hit the hay and processed the images today. The result is much better than I ever achieved with the Orion Imager IV, however - my collimation is WAAAAAAAAAAAYYY out (well it's not good), the Red channel of my image is sharp, the Green, blurry and the blue is displaying ghosting and super fuzzyness. So, whilst it's not a complete stunner, and tonight is going to be spent trying to figure out this collimation lark - I present my first Saturn with the ASI120mc, first is the full colour and then just to show you how sharp the image could have been, the red channel.
  6. I finally managed to get out last night and do some imaging. The seeing was really poor after quite a nice day, but hey, at least the clouds kept to the horizon for most of the session. C8 (XLT), CG-5 GT, Revelation Astro 2.5x barlow, SPC900NC, Baader neodymium filter. Captured at 10 fps, stacked in AutoStakkert with wavelets in RS6 and some tweeking in PS7. I think I probably pushed it too far with the 2.5x barlow from reading replies/suggestions to other peoples pictures. Next time I get an opportunity to try I will leave the barlow off. Any comments/suggestions would be gratefully received & thanks for looking.
  7. Hello Stayed up last night, I had a tiiiiny observing session. Then came in only to see that it would be clear in the morning. So I stayed up and around 4 set everything up for a pass at Saturn again. Conditions were poor, but I dont see them improving with Saturn so low so no need to moan. My camera seems to have gotten even more filthy... I really need to sort it instead of wimping out!!! Anyway this is I believe around 4000 frames stacked then cropped. Only the first avi I've gone through but I dont see it improving. Taken with 200p, with standard 2x barlow and a massive homemade extension tube (how far can i push this barlow aha?). With point grey firefly mono, no filters. Dan
  8. Lovely dawn this morning. Full Resolution image, with "mouseover" label option, at: http://astunit.com/tonkinsastro/planets/20121211_planets.htm
  9. Almost certainly my last Saturn attempt this year .. just skirting my rooftop now (oh for a south facing garden with fields beyond !) Switched back to the C9.25 for convenience and results very similar to 10" OO Newt considering the poorer seeing on this imaging run resulting in very noisy captures. C9.25 F25, DBK21 618, IR image using SPC 618 modded, AS2, Reg 6 Cheers, Alan
  10. From the album: Solar System Objects

    This is quite possibly my last Saturn for 2018. The only reason I would image Saturn again this year, is if in the next couple of weeks I had exceptional seeing. In that case I will resume the attempt to resolve the Encke division with my 8" scope, which I do have hints of in images so I'm confident that it can be done.

    © Mariusz Goralski

  11. donygp


    From the album: Newbie

    Saturn.. CPC1100, Canon 60D, 1.5 min Video, stacked and processed with Registax
  12. From the album: Lunar and Planetary Images

    Had another look at my files and I seem to have got a bit more detail out. Thank you everyone for your advice. Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Taken using QHY5L-II colour planetary camera and 8SE, using a Celestron X-Cel LX 2 x barlow. All AVIs stacked in RegiStax6 and processed in PS Elements 11 (composite image)

    © vicky050373

  13. Vicky050373

    Saturn 01.05.2016

    From the album: Lunar and Planetary Images

    Using QHY5L-II colour planetary camera and 8SE on NEQ6 Pro SynScan. 4 x 500 frame AVIs, joined and processed in PIPP to centralise image and then stacked in RegiStax6 to select best 25% of frames. It's my first attempt at imaging Saturn, so I'm happy to have an observation for my scrapbook

    © vicky050373

  14. Toxophilus


    From the album: Saturn

    My first attempt at Saturn. The seeing was quite poor and Saturn is quite low at the moment so I'm reasonably pleased with the result.
  15. From the album: Saturn Journey

    Have had a play with the 3x Drizzle
  16. From the album: Saturn Journey

    First image of Saturn taken at 6:30am on the 5th of Jan 2014. First round of processing, will reprocess again later, see if I can improve. Seeing was poor, but transparency increased through the morning. Caught this image just before sunrise at 65FPS, got 39000 images.
  17. rob1

    Saturn 22/04/13

    From the album: Astro pics

  18. From the album: My Images

    The red channel only.
  19. Ewan

    Saturn 06-05-2013

    From the album: My Images

    My 1st proper Saturn, no barlow just DMK""618 + Baader CCD filters.
  20. StarryBob


    From the album: Starry Bob's Starry Shots

    Quite pleased with my first shot of Saturn, such an awe inspiring sight.

    © StarryBob

  21. StarryBob


    From the album: Starry Bob's Starry Shots

    A compilation of my first tries at webcam photography with an SPC900.

    © StarryBob

  22. Just got 2nd hand Celestron CPC1100. Tried to take Saturn and Jupiter image with Canon 60D, prime focus. Took 1.5 minutes (Saturn) and 2 minutes (Jupiter) videos, stacked and processed with Registax and Instagram (lol). Hope to get better image later.
  23. I'm currently on my annual leave in Italy and the sky has been clear all day with no air turbulence. The telescope is out - of course - and I managed a session before dinner. I thought about sharing some photos taken with my phone and a couple of sketches.
  24. Hi everyone, These are hardly comparable with some of the incredible Saturn pics we've seen on here over the last few days, but thought I'd show what I managed to get out of the set up mentioned in the title, and a standard kit 2x barlow back at the start of April. No real beauties yet with the 3x barlow, it's so dim the only way to get a reasonable image is to slam all the camera settings up so far that registax can't make out the planet from the noise! That barlow did only cost a tenner though, so I guess I shouldn't expect miracles! 5 min avi, captured through Sharpcap and run through Registax. I'm working on learning to use other software, but until I can be sure I'm getting better results from that, I'll still with what I know! Tons of room for improvement on the processing, and although a part of me wants to rush out and upgrade my kit, there's a part of me that says "hey, you see that little dot in the sky up there, I took a picture of that with some pretty basic kit from my back garden and it came out like this!" Curious to know how long other people are running their captures for on Saturn - it seems to me there's less surface detail to suffer from rotational blur as there is on Jupiter, so I'm wondering whether there'd be any gain from running a 10 - 15 minute capture to maximise frames, so that you can be really picky about stacking only the best? As always, any advice welcomed. D.
  25. Hello, I woke up at the ludicrous time of 5am to figure out if Saturn would be visible from my garden. Thankfully it will be nicely placed between 2 trees for about a hour. The next clear morning I will therefore be setting up and having a first go at another planet (I have only seen jupiter so far). I was just wondering if anybody has any tips for focusing on Saturn? I understand it will be a lot smaller than Jupiter through my 200p. Plus for Jupiter, I use its moons to achieve perfect focus whereas I won't be able to do this with Saturn. I've never tried focusing on a star through the camera before and am a little bit skeptical as to how accurate this will be for a planet. Thanks, Dan
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