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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I wanted to reach out to everyone here for some advice. I currently have a Tele Vue Nagler 4 17mm, viewing on a Celestron Nexstar 8SE, and am interested in an EP with a longer focal length. I really like the 82 degree AFOV, so I was immediately eyeballing the Nagler 4 22mm or Nagler 5 31mm. And this is where my problem is... which one do I choose if money isn’t a factor? I have reviewed the specs between the two, but without trying them out, I can’t visualize which would work out the best. Is going 31mm too much of a leap from 17mm? Thanks All!
  2. For Sale: Televue Nagler 31mm Type 5 eyepiece. Eyepiece is in excellent condition and I have owned it from new. Comes with all boxes, caps, instructions & sticker. See photos attached. SOLD
  3. The "mustavs" have struck again. I have a 31mm Nagler, and it is superb, but often the sky brightness is such that it requires a little more power. I have a 22mm Nagler and that is fine, but I find the magnification offered by my 27mm Panoptic to be the best compromise, hence I am looking for a reasonably priced 26mm Nagler. I purchased my 31mm Nagler this year for £350 in preference to a 26mm when I was offered both, but as I thought it could replace both my longer Panoptics I went for the N31 despite it costing a lot more. The Nagler 26 is an old, and now obsolete, design, but it is still a premium eyepiece, so if you have added a modern ep and don't use your N26 much maybe you would consider passing it on. I have tried some 100 degree eyepieces, but can't get on with them. I am hoping someone with, say, a 21mm Ethos still has an underused N26 in their eyepiece box. If anyone is thinking of letting theirs go then please let me know. Thnkyou for looking Ian B
  4. For sale three two TeleVue eyepieces in near mint condition. Bought these new earlier this year, and they have done brilliantly but have been superseded by Ethos. They are too good to keep unused and deserve to be worked hard and have pride of place in an appreciative owner's case. All with original caps and boxes, no wear whatsoever. And yes, you get the "Powered by TeleVue" sticker with each! Please note, prices in EUR (euro)! 3.5mm Nagler Type 6 - 200 euro SOLD to @Tonynexevo925 11mm Nagler Type 6 - 200 euro SOLD to @Tonynexevo925 25mm Plossl - SOLD to @Paul73 UPDATE: Prices for the Naglers include shipping to UK; signed-for delivery with value insured and track & trace. PayPal without fees please. I am available for and welcome any queries or comments. These may also be offered on other astro-classifieds locations (NL). Thank you for your interest.
  5. I have to admit I am lagging behind following the advancement in eyepiece-tech. Which would you prefer for planetary work with a 105/735 APO refractor and a c5? Delos 3.5mm or Vixen hr 2.5mm, or something else? The Delos would already yield a 200+magnification, I don't think it's too much use to stretch it further. Did anyone has/had a chance to compare these two?
  6. Astro Colleagues, Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the TV Nagler 6 5mm to the Delite 5mm for Jupiter viewing? Just wondering which would perform better with my Sky Watcher Pro ED100. Used the Nagler 5mm with a Baader Neodymium filter last night for some pretty good views of Jupiter. However did experience some distraction by those floaters that are common among my fellow seniors. Astro Colleagues, Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the TV Nagler 6 5mm to the Delite 5mm for Jupiter viewing? Just wondering which would perform better with my Sky Watcher Pro ED100. Used the Nagler 5mm with a Baader Neodymium filter last night for some pretty good views of Jupiter. However did experience some distraction by those floaters that are common among my fellow seniors.
  7. Hi there I am after a 17mm T4. Looking to pay £200 max. Payment via Paypal.
  8. 55mm TV plossl v 41mm Panoptic. Which would you choose (or use) to use for finder/zoning in/large FOV?
  9. Hi there, anybody got a 22mm T4 for sale. After a little research for a mid to long FL ultra wide that I can wear with glasses, I've decide on the Nagler 22mm T4. Hopefully someone has one in their eyepiece case feeling deserted and usurped by its cousin the Ethos. Good home waiting to lavish said eyepiece with all the attention it will ever need; subject to the vagaries of British weather of course :-)
  10. Hi. I have got myself an ED80 scope, and have been using the 28mm EP that came with it, but when trying to look at Saturn, it just looks like a bright dot. I would like to see it larger and in more clarity. On doing some hunting around I have read that the Tele Vue Nagler Zoom EP's are regarded as a good quality EP that will last. So the question is, will the 3-6mm EP or the 2-4mm nagler EP's be suitable for my ED80. I got this scope mainly for AP, but I am intersted in visual work as well, so eventually I may get a scope that is a dedicated visual scope, and hopefully the Nagler EP would suit that scope as well. Any advice would be great!
  11. Hi everyone, I was lucky enough to get a 12" Skywatcher Dobsonian (305mm/1500mm) for Christmas. It shipped with a 10mm Plossl and a 25mm Plossl, both 52° AFOV. Finally had a clear enough night to try it out and I absolutely loved it. I researched a bunch over the last year so I knew this was the scope I wanted should someone want to get me a really sweet gift before I grabbed it myself. What I didn't research at the time was accessories and equipment, something I've been doing relentlessly over the past few days. I'll primarily be viewing in the backyard until I find a great viewing spot (and a good way to safely transport). Light pollution isn't terrible but I haven't fully gauged its impact on seeing fainter objects. I'm not interested in imagery/photography at the moment. Not foreclosing on the idea by any means but everything I'm looking to add is purely for visual gratification at this point. Hoping the experts out there can lead me in the right direction. Here's what I'm trying to figure out: 1. What eyepieces should I pick up? I've read that, generally speaking, you want 2-3 premium pieces in over to cover low, medium, and high magnification. I'm currently looking at the following "sets": 5mm Nagler, 13mm Ethos, 35mm Panoptic or 6mm Ethos, 13mm Ethos, 21mm Ethos. I'm not overly concerned about price. I recognize that there's going to be a premium associated with a brand like TeleVue and with squeezing out that last drop of performance; however, I don't want to throw away money unnecessarily if I'm not going to see a benefit from pulling out the stops. I'm not beholden to TV by any stretch but everyone says they're the gold standard so I figured I'd look there first. I'm not looking to grab everything at once either. Was thinking of starting with the 13mm Ethos since it would fill the mid-range gap between my 10mm and 25mm. 2. Should I grab a Paracorr? I've read many comments that go back and forth on this but the consensus seems to be that, while it's not crucial at f/4.9 like it would be with a faster scope, it's something I should probably have in the arsenal if I'm using wide field eyepieces, which the ones I'm contemplating are. I couldn't detect any coma with the two eyepieces I currently have but I suspect I probably wouldn't given the FOV and my beginner status. I also think that once I see it I'm not going to be able to unsee it. 3. Should I pick up a Barlow? This question assumes I'm not getting a Paracorr. I like the idea of essentially doubling the number of eyepieces I have but I'm not too sure of the ultimate utility/necessity of it. 4. Any other crucial accessories I should have? I'm looking at a Cheshire collimator for when the time comes. Aside from that, is there anything else I should absolutely have? 5. Finally, any suggestions on transporting? It goes without saying but this baby is heavy. I don't have a garage, and I'm hesitant to store it in the shed, so what I've been doing is removing the OTA from the base and transporting them separately to the backyard for setup. It's not bad but I can see it getting old after awhile, especially with numerous viewing sessions in a row. After all, I didn't get this scope so it could collect dust; I want to use it as often as the weather lets me. I do plan on replacing the feet with wheels so I can at least roll it, but I'm trying to figure out a good solution to getting it in and out of the house (down 3 small steps) to the backyard without damaging it or breaking my back. I think that's all I have for now. I appreciate any help you all can provide. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can so I can have a great experience and eventually show my little guy all about the joys of astronomy. Thanks everyone!
  12. For Sale: Televue Nagler 22mm Type 4 eyepiece. Eyepiece is in excellent condition and I have owned it from new. Comes with all boxes, caps, instructions & sticker. See photos attached. SOLD
  13. Well this is a shot in the dark but I'm looking for a new EQ5 mount at an affordable price. I'm not impressed with what the new out of the box prices are so I'm hoping someone has one they want to sell for decent? I currently have one but the RA is so sticky I cannot use it. The noises it makes scare me...and warm nights of observing will be coming soon so I'm trying to get the old scope ready. And of course I'm also looking to add even just one Nagler to my collection. Thanks!
  14. Well I just now bit on my first expensive-ish 35mm panoptic Televue Nagler eyepiece on Ebay. I've only ever owned 1.25" cheapy Plossl lenses that came with my Dobsonian, but I recently bought a nice little refractor that allows for 2" eyepieces. Seeing as how star party season and warm nights are almost here I decided to spoil myself by getting my first nice eyepiece. Whether I win this one or not I'll eventually be getting one, haha...but for the sake of it wish me luck! I'm sharing this with you all because I don't think my husband or kids really give a Rubbish and I'm pretty excited about this, haha.
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