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Found 514 results

  1. Hello Saturday clear sky night I took the opportunity despite a good turbulence and the other from a fireplace. The turbulence is visible at the edge of shadows that I have not usually on my pictures. There was also a very very thin cirrus thickened at the end of the session with a beautiful halo around the moon. Click on image to full résolution. Others images at : http://www.astrobin.com/users/CATHALA.Luc.CATLUC/ Clear Sky Luc CATHALA
  2. A Lunar close-up taken on 2nd October showing Crater Plato at the top, Crater Aristillus and Crater Autolycus in the middle left in Mare Serenitatis just above Montes Caucasus (the mountain range), and Crater Aristoteles and Crater Eudoxus in the middle of the image.
  3. Evening all, last night i manage to get out and grab a quick avi to test out my new asi 120mm at moon rise so this was quite low on the horizon when captured I have also got the manual filter wheel and lrgb filters but didnt have enough time between the clouds to try them out . This avi was 30 seconds long at 1280x960 27fps I have to say there is a massive diffence in quality compared to my old Qhy5v and im looking forward to getting a full cloudless night to play with the camera and filter wheel properly thanks for looking Dale
  4. Woke up for a 2AM moon mosaic. It was cloudy with a few drops of rain when I first looked out, but I gave it 30 minutes as all the weather apps were showing a clear break and low and behold, the clouds parted for an hour for me to do my stuff. First mosaic with the 130P-DS and it was lots quicker than doing it with my 200p due to the decrease in magnification. Taken with a 130P-DS, HEQ5, QHY5l-iiC. Approx 11 panes in this image of varying qualities.
  5. Hi all, Not had the time to image and post up recently for various reasons (mostly duet the rubbish weather!). But dragged myself out on the evening of the 25th, and I have to say it was the best decision I made that day! I must have been in a spot of really stable air...not much wind, and the transparency was pretty good. I took around 30 or so AVI's of different targets, both with and without a x2 barlow. I have had an image in mind for quite a while, but wither the phase was not right, or the weather on that particular night was poor...so its taken about 9 months to get the shot I wanted....though that is not the shot below. I thought I would test out the captures just to make sure it was worth staying out, and this was the image that came back. a x 2 image of the Straight Wall, along with Arzachel. quite a lot of detail to be seen in this one. processed in AS2, RS6, PS5....and thats it. I have the rest of the images to sift through, but the one I wanted is also looking good so will take my time with that. I will post up some others when I get round to it...worth saving some for a rainy day with our summers! Edge800 HD, AVX, ZWO120mm-s, Baader Red filter. TV x 2 barlow. Not had time to do my usual blurb, so will do a final version when I see how good the other shots of this area are. Thanks for looking
  6. hello Unable to make films because turbulence so I take on old movies on my hard drive. A mosaic made with images of 2012 I reprocessed. A red filter causes kickback in the shadows, but the image quality allows a presentation to 150%. I hope you like the walk. Smallest details in Clavius between 550 and 600 m. Click on the image for 100%. Good day. Luc CATHALA
  7. Not the best image but I was excited to try out my new scope - not sure I have set things up correctly but this was the best shot of the moon last night. Not a big effort just pleased with what I got. Simple shot with EOS 100D and no processing other than cropped the original. Once I get my imaging setup sorted out I will be aiming for better!
  8. Hi, Feedback and advice appreciated. Images below were taken saturday night between 11.30 and about 2.30am. Celestron Evolution 9.25 with Skyris 445c. Captured using iCap software (comes with the Skyris) and processed with Registax (also with Skyris). Notes: Windy and some slight haziness like fine clouds. Questions: Dew shield on (essential as it is very prone to dew) and couldn't work out how to use the bahtinov mask without moving everything trying to put the dew shield back again! Focus through EP was spot on but removal of EP and diagonal to put Skyris into prime focus meant need to significantly adjust focus - this was tricky on the laptop using liveview in iCap. I think the lunar shots are poorly focused but was otherwise pleased with the detail. Saturn images are pretty much as they were through the EP and the video was bouncing and blurring mainly due to the wind. Not sure why the colour is so poor though - is this because Saturn is just so low or I need to take images through EP / barlow? Same issues with focussing in liveview. A lot of questions - early days and so much to learn! Also any idea what attachment I need to connect the Skyris to my Baader EPs - I have the Canon EOS 100D and the adaptor (from FLO) attachs to the EPs. The Skyris has a 1.25" nosepeice so I'm wondering if there is some sort of adaptor? Lastly, should I break the questions up into different topics or forum areas or is it ok to do it this way? Also what format is best for posting an image? I also tried Autostakkert but it wouldn't allow me to use the avi files created in the iCap software used with the Skyris. Regards, Tonymoon 3.tifSaturn video 0016 15-06-07 02-05-37.tifSaturn 2 video 0016 15-06-07 02-05-37.tifSaturn 3 video 0016 15-06-07 02-05-37.tifSaturn 4 video 0016 15-06-07 02-05-37.tif
  9. Mare Crisium seen from Ortigia in Siracusa, Sicily. 31 August 2015 1000 frames processed in PIPP, Registax and PhotoshopEquipmentCelestron NexStar 127 SLTGoTo AltAz mount with homemade wedgeZWO ASI120 MC imagaing camera
  10. Moon Mosaic 29-9-15 2200h, 8 panel, 400 frames per panel. taken with ED80 2X ED barlow sony alpha. thanks for looking, clear skys charl.
  11. Moon mosaic 1-10-15.8 panel 400 frames per panel, taken with ED80 2X Barlow and sony alpha iso 400, through obsy room window. thanks for looking clear skys charl.
  12. Here is a mosaic my 14 year old and I did last night. We are sorry it is not complete :-( The missing panels went hiding and we can't find them! It was great fun doing it: He would drive the CPC800 in a zig-zag pattern very carefully using the hand-control and I would wait until the image settled before taking 100 frames for each panel using EZPlanetary and the QNH5L-II. We then processed the individual AVIs in AS!2 and used PS5 Photomerge. The original is over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rlsuk/13835061133/sizes/l
  13. Here's The big man from a couple of nights ago, I'm desperate ti get a bit more info out of it but I've started with AS2 and it's pretty good software. Would love to have a go with a 4x or 5x Powermate but could do with some motor driven focusing. Thanks for looking, other stuff is on my flickr site.
  14. Just noticed this article in todays Guardian re. the lunar impact that took place in September 2013. Not heard of it before. Is the impact site and crater viewable, or, at 40 metres diameter, is it just too small?
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