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Found 523 results

  1. Not taken with my telescope but my Fuji HS20, still learning about the camera so hope to get better soon. sorry if this should of been posted elsewhere with it being a camera image. single shot with minor photoshop adjustment.
  2. My first try out at processing a color moon image (produced from a stacked image taken afocally from an AVI with a small digital camera and through my Tasco scope) From other images I've seen, I think the colors have come out quite well but as this is the first time I've tried this so I cant be sure. Comments welcome
  3. I guess the thin cloud has its uses other than ruining my attempts at Jupiter earlier. There's a nice halo visible here right now with Jupiter sat on it at about 2 o'clock position. I originally tried to image it with a 15mm lens, and it barely fit. So I broke out the 8mm fisheye to get this scene of what I call a garden and the wrapped up mount.
  4. Whilst out earlier i had my camera with me and took a shot of the Moon at around 26% crescent, but forgot my tripod.....D'oh But considering its handheld, i'm more than pleased with the sharpness, most were blurred though lol I've had worse shots with the tripod
  5. Hi All, Having seen some of the stunning pics on here, I'm a little anxious about sharing mine for the first time, but you've got to take the plunge at some point right?! Mak 127, and fairly recently acquired SPC900. 30second captures in Sharpcap, followed by some fairly clueless clicking in my first experience of Registax. My word that programme is cool. A blurry, fuzzy picture just pops into a (by my standards) most presentable image with a simple slide of the wavelets tab! Much to learn here as I think I got a bit carried away with the wavelets! Seen a few posts with links to tutorials etc, so I must look these up again. The seeing was terrible, the moon was low above Leeds city centre, barely an inch away from a street lamp and the scope wasn't aligned so had to keep tracking it across the sky (my word the SPC900 gets you close to the surface...can't wait to try with a barlow ). So whilst I'm happy to see a big improvement from the old "point a camera down the eye piece, hold your breath and click" method, I know there's lots of room for improvement. Can't wait to get my kit pointed at the planets... Capture_30_07_2012_22_23_37.bmp Capture_30_07_2012_22_26_19.bmp
  6. Transparency good, winds light, let's do this. C925 with the 294mc pro ( ir/uv cut filter ) best 30% of 1-2k frames in AS3. Lightly sharpened in registax and processed in photoshop. 2 panel mosaic Plato and Montes Alps Clavius Montes Apennininus 2.5x Barlow Decided to get some data with the 178 mono and 685nm filter M
  7. Hello all, This is my first post on SL, so please correct me if I have started this topic in the wrong place. I am also relatively new to astrophotography, so please ignore my naivety! I had some clear skies last week, so decided to do some lunar imaging with my new(ish) ASI224MC. I captured my frames in SharpCap as RAW24 AVI files, stacked in AS!2 and processed in Registax and Photoshop. When i got to sharpening in Photoshop, I noticed a sort of mosaic pattern over the image, which took away from some of the detail, and really ruined the image the more I sharpened. I did a quick search and it turned up with 'debayering'. This is a completely new concept to me and all of my attempts didn't seem to improve the image at all (perhaps I was debayering in the wrong order?). I have attached some images and also my some of my SharpCap settings in case they are of help. COLOUR SPACE: RAW24 CAPTURE ARE: 1304x976 OUTPUT FORMAT: AVI files (*.avi) EXPOSURE: 0.29ms GAIN: 282 Thank you in advance Regards, Josh.
  8. Hi. Its been 12 days of lockdown here in New Delhi, India. Gave me some quality time to spend on my childhood hobby. After a long time, I pointed my 10" Dob towards the Moon. And surely it does not disappoint. Its always a pleasure observing its surface. Observing it through eyepiece was a hair raising experience as I moved from 25mm (48x) to 6mm with a 2x Barlow (400x). Later I connected my dslr to the scope and took some quick pictures attached below. Also took a video. Here's a link to my google drive. Please excuse me for the background noise that is there in the video. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XzKDibKV_krsYeOaQGgCwuPfFCxaJu55 MOON SURFACE - Ultra Close up.mp4
  9. Hi guys, So on Tuesday night I spent the evening imaging the moon with my Celestron 9.25 SCT and DSLR as shown below and am happy with the images I collated (I only took images as I did intend to take capture video but I got carried away and time was getting on). I have approx 350 jpeg (and the equivalent in raw) images and have used the Microsoft image composite editor to stitch the frames together without editing them first etc but I wonder if I'm going the images an injustice? I'm not ready to pay for editing software as I know there is a lot of very good free downloads out there and I'm asking for recommendations. Should I be processing the frames before/after stitching and what software would you recommend? Please offer any advice you have. I will post the resulting image once I'm happy with the outcome Thanks in advance!
  10. Another clear evening on Saturday near Preston, Lancashire. Although, it was pretty cold. 7 shots into this one (plus one dark), stacked within Photoshop and some level adjustments to brighten it up a little. Camera: Canon 600D Scope: Skywatcher 127 w/AZ-GTI mount ISO: 800 Shutter speed: 1/400s
  11. Hi, included some images of April 12th. One image of Vallis Alpes, witht he large craters Arsitoteles and Eudoxus. Rima Hyginus, with lower in the image Triesnecker and Rimae Triesneckes to the right of it. The Apennines. A large mountain range. This is a two panel mosaic. and last byt not least a high res image of the lunar terminator from the Large crater Ptolemaeus all the way to the South pole. All images made using CFF CC300 f/20 and asi 174MM at prime focus. An Astronomik proplanet 807 filter was used to stabilize seeing. Enjoy the images, and feel free to share your toughts, comments etc. All images are also visible on my Astrobin page.
  12. From the album: HEQ5 & ED80 Pro

    210 x 1/1250secs subs through trees 100 x darks 100 x bias
  13. Jonk

    Moon 08-12-14

    From the album: Jon's images

    Another attempt at the moon seeing as it's so blinding nothing else can really be seen! This time I took 1500 frames of video on the DSLR and stacked in Registax, before editing a bit in Lightroom. Any tips to improve this?
  14. I took some photos of the moon the other night when we actually had a clear sky. Some of the pictures I stacked 10 - 20 with Autostakkert (first time using it) and some levels adjustment on photoshop.
  15. From the album: Jon's images

    10 shots taken with a DSLR, stacked and fiddled with in Registax, then in Lightroom.
  16. From the album: Stargazing

    © DaveFrance

  17. From the album: Moon

    A final reprocess of a raw image I took of the moon on the 11 Jan. Maybe over-processed but this was the best image from about 50 raw shots taken on burst mode on my DSLR attached my scope.

    © Rob Carlton

  18. davefrance

    Moon 12/03/2014

    From the album: Stargazing

    © Dave France

  19. rjc404

    Moon 2014 03 07 19:56

    From the album: Moon

    One processed raw image of the moon from 7 March. Single shot at ISO 100 1/60 second.

    © Rob Carlton

  20. rob1

    Moon 20/04/13

    From the album: Astro pics

  21. rob1

    Moon 20/02/13

    From the album: Astro pics

  22. From the album: Lunar Images

    Lunar Mosaic taken on 17/2/2013 from Wimbledon Backgarden around 18:00. Taken using C6SE with x3 Barlow using Canon 1100D 1/25s ISO800. Assembled in photoshop.
  23. skywatcher58gb


    From the album: Dave B starter

    Single shot using ED80 and Canon 450D
  24. Jannis

    Moon mosaic

    From the album: Astro Gallery

  25. From the album: DoctorD's Photos

    Moon taken with SW102MAk F3.3 reducer and SDC435 video camera - composite of two screen grabs with colour adjusted
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