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Found 81 results

  1. Morning folks, I'm planning a bit of a change in my imaging setup and after much thought I need some input from others if you can. I want to upgrade my setup, currently a SW 130pds HEQ5 with a 60mm guide scope imaging with a modded 500D. I often find my imaging time limited but am planning the build of a mini obsy to make longer sessions more practical. Would mounting a SW72 ed on top of the 130pds be over kill to get an dual imaging system going and increase the data volume, both with a canon 500d and a simple finder guider, the mount should be ok with this. Or just keep the status quo and add an auto focuser for longer single scope sessions that can be more automated in keeping good focus with the lighter setup. The dual version I believe would end up having wider field images as I would probably have to add the higher resolution from the longer FL to the shorter FL images. Any 2p's worth would be appreciated I just want to achieve more productive sessions. Thanks Campbell
  2. hjw

    Prawn Nebula IC4628

    From the album: HEQ5/SW 80ED

    Another nebula just outside the Messier range.
  3. hjw

    M8&M20 II

    From the album: HEQ5/SW 80ED

    I started with these objects almost a year ago. Experience and more equipment make quite a difference.
  4. sulaco

    M27 First on the Heq5

    From the album: Sulaco

    M27 first attempt with only 9 x 180s @ 400 iso and the same in Darks sw 200p mounted on HEQ5 guided with QHY5v and PHD
  5. AlastairW


    From the album: Solar System

  6. Hi, A polite appeal to the collective wisdom of SGL to get my HEQ5 mount back together again correctly... I was trying to install a counterweight extension bar to my HEQ5 mount (it doesn't fit, but that's another story) and once I'd unscrewed the bar from below this little piece shown in the photo below dropped out. Does anyone have any idea where it's supposed to go? Any info is very welcome before I throw the offending part away and pretend it never existed. Many thanks, Jason
  7. Hello all! Long time forum lurker here, 1st time poster, with an anecdote that underlines why I have no business owning a telescope and a request to all forum members who are brave enough to share any equally silly / stupid / embarrassing "learning curves" they have (or an unnamed friend may have had!) Whilst I've long been fascinated with the stars, it was only on my 30th birthday that I first looked through a telescope and marvelled at a new perspective on the universe. I was given a 76mm Skywatcher Reflector for my birthday, and spent 2 years looking at the moon and various stars through the supplied 10mm and 25mm eyepieces, sometimes coupled with the 2x Barlow and filters. Most viewing is from my garden at home in Essex, but it always joined me on car trips to my parents place in the middle of nowhere in France for some amazing viewing conditions. Having slowly learned some reference points to get me around the sky, it was after seeing a very grey fuzzy Jupiter through my 76mm, (that left the eye piece quicker than I could swap position to show my wife), that I finally got the “spend more see more bug”. After months of research on here, I took the step of upgrading to a Skywatcher 200PDS on a HEQ5 Pro SynScan in January 2017 order through FLO. The Anecdote: About two days after it had arrived, having read the instructions from cover to cover, the weather was clear enough to set the 200PDS side by side against the 76. I removed the dust cap from the 76 and then tried to do the same from the 200PDS, sitting proudly on the HEQ5. But there was a problem, I couldn't get the dust cap off the 200PDS. After some head scratching, manual re-reading, it then struck me. For two years, I hadn't been removing the dust cap from the 76......I didn't realise that the whole big black piece of plastic, the entire diameter of the telescope, popped out. I had spent two years, and countless hours in awe of photons entering that small removable cap that sat in the middle of the dust cap. How it had never occurred to me that the hole wasn't anywhere near the 3 inches is beyond me. My wife says she has a good idea how. But that's for another forum! Anyhow, having had the 200PDS for a couple of months, dust cap off, I have never been more amazed and enthused. Jupiter at opposition over the weekend was stunning. I’ve signed up to North Essex Astronomical Society and am looking forward to the first opportunity to get up there to talk to people in the know. So, does anyone else care to share so that we all may have a laugh at your expense and hopefully learn something along the way? PS: I have another thing that I have a gut feeling I'm doing really wrong when loading the OTA onto the mount, but that's for another time!
  8. Been waiting for days in anticipation for the first clear night with my new SW 200P reflector and HEQ5 mount. I found instantly that I couldn't locate the North Star due to bloody trees and also the moon was so bright it made all other objects so much more dim in my scope. The Polaris Alignment scope LED's are so bright I couldn't align any star in the scope at all, let alone see through it. I did check it was clear and it didn't have the cap on or the weight bar obstructing it. I tried adjusting the brightness but found no settings in the SynScan handset for my model! I also found out that my clock ring rotates even if I lock them to the specific axis. (Annoying) In the end, instead of just messing around trying to align the damn thing I just span it around and zeroed in on the moon and other stars. I found pretty quickly that I can only focus on the moon IF I use a 2X barlow lense in the chain and that the focuser doesn't move back as far as my older Vixen refractor. Anywayyyy to make the most out of the full moon and the fact it was clear I took some photos and made a mosaic out of 54 individual photo's I took. The original photo is 388MB, so I've uploaded a much smaller version. My first proper AstroPhotography photo, any thoughts or solutions to the problems I found on my first night out? I'm hoping the next time I go out, it's much smoother. Enjoy. - Pesky
  9. Hi! My first post so I'm little nervous ;-) I'm still a beginner but I decided to show my work. Here are my photos taken in last 1,5 year with Nikon D7200, Sky Watcher 150/750 (Newton) telescope with Baader MPCC on HEQ5 SynScan mount with self-made bluetooth adapter and ASCOM jolo-focuser guided with 50/172 guider scope and QHY5LII Now I'm working on better post-processing and calibration of my photos... M51 20x300s ISO1600, 3x dark M97&M108 12x300s ISO1600, 3x dark NGC6960 20x300s ISO1600, 3x dark NGC7023 11x300s ISO800, 3x dark Leo Triplet 12x300s ISO800, 3x dark Best regards! Tomek
  10. Think for you help! I had some questions, i used USB-Serical(PL2303) cable to connect my Mac(OS X 10.11),and that cable connect my SynScan hands by R11-Rs232 cable. In the terminal, i finded serial port just appeared is "cu.usbserial", and the serial options appeared "usbserial" item in EQMac(1.3 beta). The EQMac notice me that mount cannot be finded. Does the Serial Port work correctly? How can set up both the USB-Serical(PL2303) and the EQMac?
  11. AlastairW

    Melotte 15

    From the album: Messier and NGC Objects

    Melotte 15 Skwatcher 130pds ASI1600mm-c (-15) 7nm Baader Ha 10x5min lights No darks, flats or bias
  12. Setting up my new HEQ5. The same issues are present (by design) on RA setting circles on the other mounts? Instructions missing for RA setting circle thumbscrew Can the RA setting circle actually be used as a normal setting circle - it seems just "cosmetic". It's either locked or slips when free to rotate. Simon
  13. Has anyone used the celestron lithium powertank (the small one, not the pro version) with a skywatcher HEQ5? It looks like it should be perfect but that is coming from someone who is relatively clueless From the skywatcher specs, it looks like the mount needs 2 amps of current, and the powertank supplies 3, so that should be good? It also looks like the power cable is a double-ended tip-positive 2.1 mm plug, so i assume that even though it doesn't have one of those 12V car battery inputs, it shouldn't matter right? (just to save people some time, i'm not going to bother with a lead battery / leisure battery / jump-start pack / etc)
  14. I tested the tracer polymer battery over a six hour period and although the red light on the HEQ5 flashed most of the time, and more rapidly as time went on, the mount moved so that the time on setting circles changed by six hours, suggesting the mount will track OK. (the test was carried out during the day). I did not try to get the telescope to point in a different direction using the handset. 1) Should I be bothered by the flashing lights on the HEQ5 mount? 2) Is tracer misleading people by saying their batteries are 12 volts? (they say that their discharge curves are flat) I found that the battery's voltage falls. Below is from the Tracer datasheet. ---------------------------------------------------------- Built-in Fuel Gauge - 5 colour LED fuel gauge mounted externally to show charge level. LED Status: 3 green & 2 red: Battery fully charged 11.7V 2 green & 2 red: Over 50% capacity 11.4V 1 green & 2 red: Over 20% capacity 11.1V 2 red: Less than 20% capacity 10.7V 1 red: Less than 10% capacity 10.3V No lights: Battery empty 8.25V ---------------------------------------------------- Thanks Gerard
  15. Hi everyone, as the title suggests, I've noticed that the RA axis of my HEQ5 pro mount has some give. I don't notice it while the clutch is unlocked, but it's very obvious with a locked RA clutch. Any suggestions on what could be causing it/what adjustments need to be made? Thanks
  16. While waiting for Jupiter to rise above my roof line I tried some Deepsky targets to try get to grips a little more with the new ASI120MC colour camera. M57, 30x21sec @ 650x480 Bin2x2, Unguided on 200P-DS+HEQ5, Stacked in RS6, touched up in CS6 M92 30x7sec @ 650x480 Bin2x2, Unguided on 200P-DS+HEQ5, Stacked in RS6, touched up in CS6 Not the best, but i'm still getting to grips with this camera and it's really aimed at guiding/lunar/planetary.
  17. Hi all, I was just watching a video on Youtube from astronomy shed about propery centering the reticle in the polarscope. So I thought I'd give it a go. BAD idea! I ended up at one point with the grub screws stuck inside the mount and now it's way off center!. I've got the screws out now and I'm trying to center it but I'm getting nowhere. Are there any tips anyone could give me on sorting this out? Cheers Stuart If this thread isn't in the right topic I apologise (there isn't a 'OH NO, WHAT HAVE I JUST DONE TOPIC').
  18. Hey everyone, So I have just purchased a skywatcher HEQ5 pro mount and been a bit lost with what I need to safely power it from mains. I have been reading different forum post and gotten a bit lost. People are saying you need to regulate it to make sure that too much power doesn't get drawn? Would this just be a normal surge protection plug adapter? I will be using my scope at home for the moment so just want to hook it up to the mains. I was looking at buying one of these -https://www.amazon.co.uk/JOYLIT-100-240V-Switching-Adapter-Flexible-12V-5A/dp/B01LYBUO16/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1533215373&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=12v+5a+power+supply&dpPl=1&dpID=51BeVSM6HKL&ref=plSrch Is this ok? Alot of forum recommendations point to Maplins products however since they arw nowclosed I'm not sure what other places to look for power supplies. Any guidance on this would be much appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  19. I have recently bought an HEQ5 Pro mount and was planning to get a SW Evostar 80ED to sit upon it so that I can learn the basics of astrophotography. I've read here and elsewhere that this really requires the SW .85x reducer/flattener to get any decent results, and that all seems to make sense to me. Unfortunately there are none of these flatteners to be had in the UK, so I have postponed my purchase. I do have a SW Explorer 150PL, which has been a lot of fun for the last few years and I plan to rest it on the HEQ5 as soon as those clouds move away, but I don't see it as a great tool for DSO AP (although I will be trying some lunar pictures). Is there and alternative to the 80ED that would be suitable for a beginner for DSO AP? I'm lucky that my budget can be reasonably flexible (in as much as I have considered the Equinox 80ED), but I don't want to throw money at something that would be wasted on a beginner. But my impatience to get started means I'd rather not have to wait a couple of months for SW to send some more flatteners to these shores. I have a Canon 550D DSLR and a Phillips ToUcam PRO II webcam. [Hmmm. Impatience - yes, I know that is not a good trait for AP.] TIA,
  20. Hi all I am at an "astronomical junction" in which I could really do with some valued advice from fellow astronomers. I have been having sleepless nights for a while now stressing backwards and forwards about what astronomical move to make next. My current set up is as follows: HEQ5 with a Skywatcher 80ED PRO Imaging through DSLR / Celestron Next Image planetary imager DSLR / Camera tripod for wide filed (non tracking) milky way work. I have been happy for a while with this set up, but to be honest, with not having a permanent pier, observatory, it's becoming a bit of a labour of love to drag it all out when we get a clear night, (spend 50 mins setting it up) then the clouds roll in..Grrrrrrr I am city based, so I can just about image some of the more bright DSO which I have been really happy with. My question is now what to do next, as it's becoming more frustrating going though the same motions overtime I want to quickly look at the moon. Here are my thoughts so far: Take a step back from Imaging for a while and focus on a investing in a nice 10" Dob and a great set up eyepieces and fall in love with the visual side of imaging again. Invest in a Skywatcher Star Adventurer for better wide field Milky Way work, and maybe add a small scope to this for bright DSO? Or go the other way: Invest in a 8" Cassergrain and mount this on my HEQ5 mount and focus on planetary / lunar work with a good quality web cam? I have had reflectors before on this mount, and to be honest the size and portability didn't work out to well. Maybe even do some planetary / Lunar imaging through the Dob? Tracking Dob perhaps? Arhhhhhh My dilemma. Is anyone in a similar position out there? or has been? city dwellers who have made a change of astronomical imaging based on their surroundings? time to set up and didn't have a permanent base to observe from? Thanks in advance all Ben
  21. This is an extended counter balance bar suitable for an HEQ5 Pro. It was made by an engineer for me in 18mm stainless steel. It has the cap screw that sits inside the mount already inserted (can be removed) and is tapped at the other end to take the standard SW counterweight safety cap. I used it with my black HEQ5 Pro when I needed more control over balancing my SCT 9.25". It is 450mm in length. £20 plus postage. I will need to buy a posting tube to ship it safely so I will guess £5 should cover P+P. Bank transfer please or cash on collection from the Ripon/Harrogate area.
  22. Hello again friendly forum! Recently I upgraded from an old Vixen refractor to a Skywatcher 200 P reflector with a HEQ5 Pro mount. My first night out was pretty horrible as I couldn't even find polaris due to a mass of trees. But instead I spun the telescope around and took a variety of photos of the moon to make a huge a moasaic. So I made turned a bad night into a semi decent one (see my profile post if interested.) Finally on my second light, the moon had gone from the sky and I found polaris and I aligned my polar scope up perfectly (SUCCESS!). The last time the illuminated polar scope was so bright I couldn't see polaris through it, but this time a combination of turning the mount on and off helped me align the scope as I wanted. So I entered in all the useful coordinates/time and started the 3 star alignment process. I chose Pleiades of Tauros to the South as I could see it. So I accepted the target chosen and the mount started slewing but instead of pointing anywhere near the target, it pointed up to the west. I am very confused and still have no idea how it's happening as I've been checking the forums but I'm pretty certain I'm entering incorrect coordinates. Could somebody please help me format the location of my scope in a format the SYNSCAN will understand. Thanks for any advice! I'd love to get my setup sorted this month as I hear January is a good mont hfor astronomy, planetary-wise at least! Cheers, Tom
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