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Found 81 results

  1. Pardon my ignorance in the matter, but I was wondering if I could get some tips as to what I would need if I were to buy either HEQ5 SynTrek or similar mounts. Not sure if I would upgrade my 6" very soon, maybe to an 8" in the future.. Maybe I'd go for a NEQ6. But anyway.. Lets leave guiding out of the equation for now, what would I need to be able to track? Do I need some sort of USB > ST4 cable and a laptop? Or is the SynGuider a better option? If I'm leaving stuff out, please let me know, cause I have no clue as of yet. Oh, and I probably need some heavy batteries as well. How do you hook that up by the way? Lots of question, hoping for lots of good answers. Which I know I'll get from you magificent people Cheers. - Ken B.
  2. Hello, Does anyone have experience of using both these mounts for imaging? If yes, can you advise on which you think does the best job of accurate tracking and is the az eq5 gt quiet in its native form, i.e. doesn't need a Rowan belt mod? I was going to buy the heq5 pro with belt already installed, but now I see this other mount with az capabilities as well. I wonder if there has to be compromises in its performance somewhere? I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks Mark
  3. I am thinking about a future setup capable of doing both astrophotography and visual. Right now i have a Bresser Pollux 150/1400. It is a bird-jones telescope which means i can't do prime focus photography. I can see the orion nebula and ring nebula with it even in fairly light polluted areas (about a 5-6 in stellarium). The two scopes i have thought might being the future scope is the following: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-150p-ds-eq-5-pro-goto.html And the skywatcher explorer 130p-ds with the heq5 pro synscan (which i can't link to). Am i going to regret that i got the eq5 mount with more aperture instead of the less aperture and the heq5? Is the 130p-ds going to give me the same views of DSO's as the scope i have now? (because it doesn't have the "corrector" lens in the focuser) would i be able to use the 130p-ds for planetary views and imaging, or would it be impossible? (btw, i have a 2.5x barlow and a 6mm planetary ocular) Sorry for any misspellings (i am 14 years old and live in Denmark) but i hope that you can help me out by telling me your opinion
  4. The standard Polarscope Reticle with the HEQ5, at least the one in mine, is a simple circle so using "Polarfinder" pictures is a matter of guessing its position. Other types of reticle seem to exist in which there are 12 or 24 graduations around the circle. Does anyone know of a source of such reticles for the standard Polarscope or a replacement Polarscope assembly with such a reticle? David
  5. Whilst I was tinkering yesterday I took a few pictures of my mount for my future blog. Then I thought some folks might wonder what a Rowan belt mod looks like? If so, here is a photo of mine on my 9 year old HEQ5 Pro. I fitted it earlier in the year. Subjectively it made the mount quieter and easier to adjust. Objectively there is very little backlash especially in Dec validated by watching the calibration in PHD. No, or at most 1, nudge is required to bring the star back to centre in striking contrast to before the mod when up to 6 steps may be required. I hope its useful.
  6. Hi all! Yesterday I was out taking a few pics of M56 and M71 (no nebulas or galaxies, because the moon is still quite full). This was the first time I tried my new coma corrector, which I think works fine. One RAW sub: A few problems, though. As you can see from the above RAW example, there is no coma anymore, but all stars are kind of triangular in shape. Is this due to collimation error, ie warping the primary by tightening too much? I tracked (unguided) using also PEC... Second problem. On RAW sub that wasn't so good...: These subs are frequent, one in every 4, on average... I'm guessing my HEQ5 is old and not too precise anymore... Or could it be something else still? Here is the stack of the good subs (no post production), to show the beneficial effect of the coma corrector again: Ideas? Gerhard.
  7. Hi all, I had been anxiously waiting for a clear night to try out the used C8 I got off a bargain that came with some nice goodies. Luckily it was clear last night so decided to just plan out a quick observing session to test the scope. Kit: C8 on Heq5 along with JMI motofocus and f6.3 focal reducer. I managed to polar align fine but I suspect the mount wasn't properly level and in my excitement I totally forgot to balance the scope, just installed the counterweights and went off with polar alignment. I used to use an 8 inch Newtonian so I really enjoyed the lower weight of the OTA. The whole setup took me about an hour as there was cloud cover over Polaris. That said once alignment was out of the way, it was too late to point at Saturn as it was behind the trees already (what a pity), nevertheless I decided to home in on my second favourite target, Andromeda Galaxy. Andromeda galaxy looked so faint I realised my Nexstar 5se gave better views of it until I looked at the corrector plate and it was dew'd already! What the hell? I just took it out. Got the hair dryer out and cleared the dew. As soon as the dew was cleared up, I looked again and the core was looked bright like anything and I just reallllly kept looking at it marvelling at it trying to make out the wings which I couldn't (severe light pollution in Manchester). During alignment, I tried to point to vega when it was at zenith and it was split straight away which was quit a beautiful sight and made me realise the power of this scope. I next tried to point at Vega again later on in the night and I couldn't split it. Didn't make sense! Was I looking at the wrong star? I am sure Vega was a double! This was proof the seeing wasn't good as Vega had moved away from near Zenith by now. Anyway, next tried the Hercules cluster and was left disappointed as I had hoped it would look brighter but when I zoomed in on it with a 6mm eye piece I was quite surprised at the fact that I could make out some stars at such magnification! Still not the best view imho but I need to test HC again when the seeing is better. Before the Hercules Ckuster I had tried the double cluster and having seen it in the Newtonian 8 inch 2 weeks ago I was glad it looked the same in the C8 and the fact that it fit properly in the 25mm eye piece was great as my Nexstar 5se at f10 never managed to handle it well. Also double cluster was always dimmer in my Nexstar. That said, since I had been out of practice, targets weren't coming to my mind so I decided to just follow the guided tour on the heq5 which was a bad idea as it decided to take the scope all over the place instead of moving on targets in an area range fashion which meant the scope was always looking at trees etc. Then a point came when I was trying to slee to M81 that my heq5 went crazy and started pointing at the ground! I was like whattttt!!!!! Alignment had gone badly out and this meant I had to realign again in that painful 6x30 finderscope. At this point I missed my Telrad that I had sold a lot. There were clouds coming so I had to quickly do a 3 star alignement but the aligbement triangle wasn't the biggest. At this point I decided to connect my Samsung scb-2000 camera onto the scope and view things on the tele. Bad Idea! It took forever to focus and the view was sooo zoomed in (picture of Caph attached) that when I tried to slew onto Hercules Cluster, it was out of view. I was really obsesssed with making HC brighter! Anyway there went another hour wasted but at least now I knew the SCB is not meant for this scope even though I have used it on the Nexstar once but it was still too zoomed in. I had thought th focal reducer would have fared better. Next I looked at the back garden and the moon was about to come in view and was coming from behind the house and I got all worked up as this meant at F10 and on a stable mount like heq5, unlike the Nextar, I would really get to study the moon but this was not to be as whilst waiting I tried to slew to Neptune which had now come in view and as soon as a faint dot came into view that I could apply more power onto, the clouds homed in and this was the end of my first light with the C8. I also tested my 15x70 celestron binos I bought for holiday and was quite impressed with the results and managed to use them to make the most of the night. Had a quick look at the moon and andromeda galaxy and now can't wait to go checkout darker skies when on holiday. Overall, the C8 is a powerful scope and I am sure will give great results with a DSLR which I am going to buy as I sold mine before (what a shame). This was a test as I intend to build an observatory with the C8 installed along with an ED80 resting on top of the C8. The C8 would be used for observing, whilst the ED80 would be used for imaging along with a 9x50 finderscope for guiding which is already fitted onto the C8. Quick note about the JMI moto focus; words can't describe how easy it makes focusing on targets when powering in with high power eye piece. Just a matter of pressing two buttons and this came free with the telescope - what a bargain! Hope you enjoyed reading the report and if there are other targets I should have tried which are reachable within the light polluted skies of Manchester than please let me know. Thanks for reading. Clear Skies
  8. Hello, I hope this is the best place to post this... I recently acquired a Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P DS and an HEQ5 Pro to go with it and couldn't find that much information regarding what was actually in the boxes, to know if I needed to buy anything else, etc.. So I made this unboxing video so that people can actually see what the boxes contain and get a bit more information regarding the kit. Bear in mind that this is my frist unboxing video and that I don't have any intention of being a know-it-all... I just want to share information with people out there... If you find these helpful I'll continue to do these (since I'm waiting for the arrival of an eyepiece and a Barlow, otherwise I'll just stop... Cheers
  9. AlastairW

    IC1805 Heart Nebula

    From the album: Messier and NGC Objects

    IC1805 Skwatcher 130pds ASI1600mm-c (-15) 7nm Baader Ha 10x5min lights No darks, flats or bias
  10. From the album: Messier and NGC Objects

    7 x 600second Ha 10 x 600second OIII 10 x 600second darks Skywatcher 130pds, HEQ5 QHY Img2pro 6nm Ha Astronomik Clip filter 12nm OIII Astronomik Clip filter

    © A.Woodward, 2016

  11. From the album: HEQ5/SW 80ED

    I came across this nebula while searching for targets I had not seen/imaged before. It hides behind more famous neighbors, M8 and M20.
  12. From the album: Sulaco

    21 x 180s @800iso & 20x darks only SW200p on Heq5 Guided with QHY5v and PHD

    © © 2013 Campbell Muir

  13. Hi folks, Having setup my kit last night to image Orion I found the Heq5 mount making a hard clicking or grinding noise depending slew speed only in Declination and only when pointing west. Tried with handset as well as eqmod, the mounts power is supplied with a mains power pack. I don't get as much time to image as I'd like and often image object in the east as they rise. Tried slight adjustment of Dec but still happens. Throwing it out for suggestions. Thanks Campbell
  14. As I’ve started the murky fall into AP I decided to mod my ST80 (originally fitted for the SW desktop mount) to be able to fit my HEQ5. So... 1 x used short Vixen dovetail from RVO - £8 1 x 1/4-20 UNC Countersunk screw (5/16 long with Allen head) - eBay £1.65 (for 2) inc postage With a bit of a mod to the Vixen dovetail, she now can fly with the big boys... even the SW supplied Allen key fits... its destiny... Now all I need is a clear night...????????
  15. I have a 2012 model HEQ5-PRO and it has the older reticule in the polar scope. Could anyone direct me if I can urchase a new polar scope reticule or a new polar scope with the latest reticule?
  16. A tale of two mounts - not too much between my old HEQ5 and it's replacement, a Celestron CGE. Unless your compare counterweight shafts. Though the CGE wants a pedestal (for the electronics).. I think I have a solution to fit this on my existing pier, though it came with it's own pier and a massive Celestron tripod. I will need to test and adjust to find the right height in my pulsar dome and order a Losmandy dovetail in from FLO.
  17. I recently stripped and reset the RA axis worm of my HEQ5-PRO mount. Asfter a fall in 2014 it has developed a lot of backlash and it was only recently i referred astro-baby's tutorial and reset the worm. The shake is gone now, but the RA axis is so tight even hen the clutch is loosened that I am unable to balance the scope well. Any advice in this regard will be appreciated.
  18. I have the HEQ5 hooked up to the lappy with Stellarium 15.0 using Lynx FTDI cable - all works fine except... I've always noticed that when imaging planets the target seems to drift all the time - it needs constant correction by small amount mostly EW but also a bit NS. I always assumed my PA was a bit off and just lived with it. But tonight I notice for the 2nd time that the scope "target" on Stellarium doesnt stay with the planet - in this case Jupiter. Its drifting all the while and seem to match roughly the actual drift on the live view screen. I don't understand that at all - any ideas please??
  19. My HEQ5 and 200pds has arrived. Woohoo! Haven't had a proper clear sky yet. So trying to prepare everything and understanding polar alignment. Please have a look at attached image. So my latitude in Norway is about 63.25 degrees, but setting this degrees with the t-bolts (1 + 2 on the image) on the HEQ5 mount is rather tricky, as the bolt in the back/south (2) is crashing in the polar scope cover (4), or the polar scope itself if I remove the cap/cover. By crashing I mean that I will not be able to rotate/adjust the bolt further because the "handle" will not have room enough to rotate. The two t-bolts have different length, but if I use the shorter one in the back (2), I'm not able to get even close to 60 deg (3). So I will have to use the longest one. The only way of achiving this that I've found is to leave the front/north t-bolt (1) out. Then tilt the declination/latitude forward to a "low" degree. Then adjust the bolt in the back (2) approximately right. Then I tilt the declination back again until it stops, to see if I have the correct degree. If not correct, I have to tilt forward again, adjust again, then tilt back. Is this really how I have to do this? Is there something here that I've completely missed out on?
  20. Hi all, just posting some new pics I took the other night in Saint Barthélemy, at 1633 meters above sea level (very good seeing): M27: M31: IC1396: The usual problems arise: guiding, coma, and noise from the camera (especially visible in the M31, I think). These are pics from 30 73secs exposures at 800 ISO with darks and bias. I did not take flats... Do you think that would improve the noise problem? I'm hoping to construct a flatbox some time... And maybe acquiring a laptop to use for serious guiding. A guide scope would already be available from my astro club... Any thoughts, suggestions would be very welcome! :-) Gerhard.
  21. Have you noticed that SkyWatcher has recently downgraded the payload capacity of the HEQ5 and EQ6/NEQ6? They've been around for over a decade and the HEQ5 has always been listed as a "15kg visual payload" mount (which from my experience seems accurate if I compare it with payloads of Celestrons, iOptrons etc - everybody exaggerates a little, especially for "visual"), while the EQ6 was usually listed as "18kg imaging / 25kg visual". When the AZ-EQ5 and AZ-EQ6 were introduced, they were listed at the same capacities as the HEQ5 and EQ6 respectively. A while ago I had compiled a neat little comparison table and charts for the various goto mounts on the market and I was surprised that someone commented recently that I was favoring Skywatcher mounts by listing them higher than their rated capacity. I opened the skywatcher website to discover that their HEQ5 is now listed at 13.7kg, the EQ6 at 18.2kg, while the AZ-EQ5 is still at 15kg and the AZ-EQ6 at 20kg. As far as I know, the old mounts were not changed, so the only possible explanation I can give is that the SkyWatcher marketing dept. had a hand in this, wanting to give some extra reason for people to shell out more for the newer mounts - justify the increased cost in any case, and as the new AZ's can't actually take heavier loads than the old mounts, they simply had to downgrade the latter. Which is a bit ridiculous, the HEQ5 is now rated less than the Celestron Advanced VX and the iOptron iEQ30, which would be pretty disappointing for the 10kg mount head if it was true. Thoughts? I didn't see it discussed in another thread, but sorry if I missed it.
  22. Is it possible to mount an 8inch (200P) flextube scope to an HEQ5 mount, or is the flextubing going to get in the way?
  23. Dear Stargazers Community, Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, my HEQ5 was stuck in a wet/damp garage for a lengthy period. Today I was able to salvage it. Initially I had some issues getting the motors going, but I was able to do it - despite the mount being very wet - with water actually in the power port. After a while it stopped tracking, and emitted a constant whine. I noticed the Syntrek handset was flashing - ALL keys. Nothing I pressed did anything. The LED on the actual mount was consistent. After a series of removing and reinserting the power/handset I was able to get it working again. Shortly after it failed again. This time I could not get it to work. I brought the head inside and dismantled it to see inside. The compartment with the board in looked dry, so I removed the front port panel and checked there. A small amount of water, which I dried. I put the whole thing back together to no effect. I left it for about 5 minutes, then retried and now it works again. I've just left it on and tracking now. Since I don't seem to be able to find anything online about flashing LEDs on the handset, I have not been able to confirm what the problem actually is (although it does sound water damage likely). Anyone familiar with this, heard from someone else, or just any tips about keeping it running? I'm worried it might just give up completely. It is possible to replace the board in this situation, and if so, how much do they cost? Thanks for reading.
  24. As title. Not the best to look at cosmetically but in good working order. Mount has upgraded latitude bolts. Will throw in the following: Sky-Watcher power supply HiteCastro DC focus controller EQDIR cable to control mount from laptop Long UK plug mains power cable USB hub Lovely Lords Cricket bag £375 ONO Based in Kent near Maidstone. Collection only. Cheers
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