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Found 36 results

  1. Hi guys Can anyone identify which control box this is? Is it focusmaster? And does it run off robofocus driver in Indi lib as I cannot get a successful connection (in indi within ekos) I bought a robofocus motor with this control box second hand. I have faith with seller that hardware works as should. I've tried other cables and USB ports too. The software (k stars) I use does do port search when connecting equipment.. Any help appreciated Wayne
  2. I acquired a second hand Coronado PST. The focus knob doesn't seem to have any effect on the image and, although it turns, it feels as if something inside the scope is "slipping". Is it worth opening up and taking a look to see the focus knob in action? Is there anywhere that services the PST without sending it outside the UK? Are there any nasty surprises if I open it up (springs, pressure points etc)?
  3. Hi I’ve recently got some shiny new kit, and last night was the first clear skies here when I had the opportunity to try it all out. This is not my first time observing, so I’m well prepared for unexpected issues, but it is my first time ccd imaging. There was lots of learning, including; cable management needs to be better, I (still) never have the right USB cable, and the focus tube needs some mechanical refining to address slippage. But the problem I’m not sure how to solve is one of focus. I bought the SW Trius 814 kit (Trius 814, mini usb filter wheel with OAG, and Lodestar X2) and naively thought that perhaps if it was sold together it would all work together. And maybe it does, I’m not immune to stupidity I could achieve focus with the 814 relatively easily, and even captured a test image and solved it in Ekos, all very heart warming. But I couldn’t then get focus with the Lodestar X2 (attached to the integrated OAG in the mini wheel) without pulling the focus tube out considerably further (approx. 50-80mm I didn’t measure). This obviously isn’t ideal. Am I missing something? The setup is: ED80 -> Field flattener -> filterwheel with OAG -> Trius 814 with the Lodestar attaches directly to the OAG. All advice appreciated, and please don’t imagine that I won’t have missed something ‘obvious’ Thanks Justin
  4. I recently acquired a Meade Lightbridge 16" scope (f 4.5), and realized that I'm unable to focus with my barlow attached ( the barlow is a Celestron X-Cel LX 3x barlow). After some experimentation, I found that it's because the focal plane of the primary is too short - it's just at the end of the focuser when it's fully retracted. By removing the 2"-1.25" adapter, I found that I'm able to focus with the barlow if it can go about 6 mm further in. Other than cutting my truss tubes to shorten them, or buying a lower profile focuser, is there any cheap, DIY method by which I can achieve focus? An astronomer friend of mine suggested fully tightening all the primary collimation knobs, so that the primary mirror moves up a little inside the OTA, thus bringing the focus further out of the focuser, but that didn't help ( it probably moved upwards only by a couple of millimeters)
  5. Hey ? I took delivery of a Skywatcher 200p last night and got it set up ok I think. I got a good view of Jupiter with the 25mm lens but when I put the Barlow lens in I couldn't focus it. I also tried the 10mm lens but it made everything grey, no real light comes in at all. It came with a thing that might be called a focuser extension, not sure, but it didn't help. What rookie mistakes am I making?
  6. Hi I have a Skywatcher 200PDS. I managed to get images of saturn, jupiter with the telescope and the ASI120MC-S camera. However, to get a bit more magnified image of these planets I got myself a Barlow Tele Vue 3x and Revelation 5x. I am having trouble with this setup and really disappointed now. I am not able to achieve focus with any of these barlows using my planetary camera. I have added extension etc. but no luck whatsover. I just see a blank black video preview in SharpCap. I have seen people using the same setup and getting good images out of those. Any help highly appreciated. Thanks and Regards, Yogesh
  7. I have been researching Radio-Astronomy and have not been able to determine information on antenna directionality. Do RT mounts require axis motors to keep the object in it's focus area? What are the resolution ranges and factors that determine the discrimination of say one star from another which have very small degrees of separation?
  8. Evening all, After a bit of faffing around with imaging train to resolve some tilt managed to move on to fitting of custom built robofocus solution finally got my scope back after what seemed an age (2 weeks ). Of course it timed perfectly with a hectic week of work and a full moon and lots of cloud so managed to get out Wed night to set up FocusMax which was an interesting experience - worked first time except for the last focus image which system defaulted to 0.1 seconds - seems like an oversight when application calculated so many exposure times in the focus run you would have thought it could identified this value was not sufficient. However it worked once I found this out and would advise any newbies to review all settings - I actually updated my *.ini files manually to alter a few bits that do not appear to save. Little help for any first time users that may suffer the same issue. A patient wait (yeah right, very frustrating wait) and had 1.5 hours of light before the moon came above my horizon to get a few shots. V-Curve worked perfect getting < 1 FWHM's on focusing subs which is by far the best focus I have had on scope. In short manual focusing for imaging on a fast scope is a skill I don't have and would recommend investment to anyone. Only managed 2 x Ha/Oiii/Sii x 600 before moon interfered with veil which I selected for its brightness as new did not have much time. Here is a that Ha and a sample colour - for 2 light subs was impressed and officially an advocate of auto-focusers now! And finally apologies - now I have a working rig I am obviously totally responsible for cloudy nights for at least next two weeks. Paddy
  9. Hi all, Absolute newby here - my first foray into astronomy. I bought a Saxon 1400mm 6" refractor secondhand complete with a EQ mount for a bargain price and I'm keen to get it working properly for both planetary and deep space observations. I invested in a few extras such as a laser collimator and a 3x barlow. I think I have a handle on how it all works including the EQ mount. I took the scope out for a test over Easter - which just happened to coincide with a ISS transit of the full moon. Rippa, I thought, that would be great to capture on my first night of observations. The problem I have is the complete inability to focus the scope to anything like sharp enough. I have some photos I took with the scope attached: The scene with the normal camera lens for my daylight practice session A shot of a distant house with the telescope (using a Nikon D7000 on a t-mount adaptor) The same house with the barlow attached A shot of the moon- no barlow - as sharp as I could get it - certainly no way to see the silhouette of the ISS with the scope this out of focus When I was collumating the scope, I noticed a that the reflection on the primary mirror was not a single spot but rather a line ... which means that the laser on the collimator target is a line rather than a dot I confirmed that this is not a problem with the shape of the laser beam coming from the collimator by showing the shape on my hand at a distance of 14m I'm not sure if the distortion of the laser is the fault of the secondary mirror or the lens(es) in the bottom of the eyepiece mount. I'm also not sure if this distortion is what is causing the inability to focus the scope, but I suspect that both issues are symptoms of the same problem. I'd appreciate any ideas on what to do next to resolve the focus issue.
  10. hi..i have star discovery 150p scope with rockandpinion focuser... low magnitude is ok, but with greater magnitude (8mm eyepiece) i just cant get nice focus...stars canr be dots... i colimated it perfectly with lasercolimator
  11. Two questions if I may. 1. Can the three screws marked by yellow arrows in the picture below be used to mount a second finder shoe on the C11 EDGE HD scope, permitting both a straight through and a right angle finder to be fitted? 2. The EDGE has field flattening optics inside; is the distance from the visual back to the chip critical, or by making adjustments to the position of the mirror to achieve focus on a chip say 250mm away from the visual back mean the field will still be flat at that distance? Thanks. James
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