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Found 55 results

  1. I am thinking about a future setup capable of doing both astrophotography and visual. Right now i have a Bresser Pollux 150/1400. It is a bird-jones telescope which means i can't do prime focus photography. I can see the orion nebula and ring nebula with it even in fairly light polluted areas (about a 5-6 in stellarium). The two scopes i have thought might being the future scope is the following: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-150p-ds-eq-5-pro-goto.html And the skywatcher explorer 130p-ds with the heq5 pro synscan (which i can't link to). Am i going to regret that i got the eq5 mount with more aperture instead of the less aperture and the heq5? Is the 130p-ds going to give me the same views of DSO's as the scope i have now? (because it doesn't have the "corrector" lens in the focuser) would i be able to use the 130p-ds for planetary views and imaging, or would it be impossible? (btw, i have a 2.5x barlow and a 6mm planetary ocular) Sorry for any misspellings (i am 14 years old and live in Denmark) but i hope that you can help me out by telling me your opinion
  2. Hello All, I found a "fix" for having a damaged worm drive that I thought I would share. Earlier this year I managed to snag the RA slow motion cable on my jacket and snap the end off the brass worm drive. After reading some helpful posts on Stargazers Lounge i removed both worm drive assemblies and switched the RA with the DEC as a short term fix. It is a bit of a pain in practice as its awkward to reach the DEC knob when viewing. Last week I decided to take the plunge and buy a GOTO kit. Just before ordering I realised that the side of the worm drive shaft that is needed for the motor gear is the broken side. After scouring the net, and talking with a few shops, the end result is that it will cost around £30-35 for a new worm drive shaft and approx 4 month wait for it to arrive from China!! It suddenly struck me yesterday that the worm drive turns the scope in both directions and there was a good chance it must be symmetrical. Good news, it is!. It took around 5 minutes to take apart and re-assemble with the worm drive shaft the opposite way around. Very straight forward. I now have some brass shaft on the correct side to mount the motor gears. I hadn't seen this fix suggested anywhere before, it was only after staring at lots of pictures it become an obvious thing to try. I hope this helps someone else out there. Callum
  3. My current setup for astrophotography is an eq5 pro mount with a 200p telescope, using a canon 1000d camera, I’ve been looking at what I could upgrade to improve my astrophotos and my top priority is getting a light pollution filter and it in the middle of a city. But next I’m torn, between getting an autoguiding system and getting a new mount (heq5 or neq6 if I could find one used) I recognise I will need both eventually it’s just about which to get first. I’m that respect if I were to get the auto guider first, I would probably have to find a different way of mounting it because of the weight limit, I found a old thread that referenced mounting the autoguiding system to the counterweight bar which would not increase the weight, I see a few problems with this but for the sake of saving the weight I figure it’s a good idea. Im not sure what autoguiding kit I would get but I’ve seen that the st80 is highly regarded and probably a Astro ccd around the £150 mark. Any advice on which to get first for my setup would be appriciated and what mount and autoguiding system that is advisable. Thanks in advance.
  4. Dear All! Please read everything!!! I have a big DEC backlash on my EQ3 mount near to 8000ms, and the pulse guide correction is slow and the 2000ms doesnt enough to correct this issue. So I decided to correct it with this great EQMOD project to add some new code in the backlash correction The plan was to use the slew direction to correct the backlash! WARNING!!!! this code works like the slew controls so its minimally override the DEC coordinates. Installation from zip file: 1. install AQESCOM - final version\EQASCOM_V200j_Setup.exe 2. Copy files from final version\common files\eqcontrl.dll to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ASCOM\Telescope or C:\Program Files\Common Files\ASCOM\Telescope, but make BACKUP first! 3. run EQMOD's toolbox and register eqmod.exe 4. Happy testing. In my case the correction ratio is 800 and duration is 290ms PS. Thank You for the developers to this great project!!! final version.zip
  5. Hi Guys, Desperately need help here. I have recently got a setup Skywatcher 200 with EQ5 so a newbiee me. Anyway I am setting up Polar alignment perfect. Using compas, mount bolts and lat is spot on. GPS and time is also spot on. Using 3 star alignment as well as 2 star alignment. Synscan goes to the first star which is not even in FOV of the finder scope, Then I use hand held to get it in view and alligned. Second star nearly is on target and with handheld I align using the handheld. 3 rd star is also way out. Once aligned I go to an object which does not center at all and is in the top left of the FOV. I have to keep re-aligning every 15 min to see anything. However Polaris remains where it should be using polar alignment scope. What am I missing? Pls help
  6. Here's my first attempt at a wide field from last night, this cygnus taken on an unmodded canon 550d with a Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens, mounted on an EQ5 pro and guided with a finder guider with a QHY5v. Consists of 12 x 180s @ f2.8 & iso400, stacked in Nebulosity and finished in CS6. There's a fair bit of coma in the top left so any tips on development would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. I've just recently flashed to the new EQ 3.32 handset firmware. However, there are still a few things i'm still unsure of - big shock there When I set-up each time - i cant have a permanent fixture unfortunately - I often get confused as to how exactly I should go about aligning the mount. I have heard people say to set the lat for my area (ie 52) , and occasionally its been referred to as a seperate step to getting polaris in the polarscope. This is likely my mistake, but, to my way of thinking, wouldn't getting polaris in the crosshairs of the pol-scope do the same thing as setting my lattitude correctly? The goal being in both cases to get accurately polar-aligned.? Which brings me to the other query. After levelling mount and aiming 'N' leg North, then roughly sighting polaris in the P/scope - how would I adjust things to get polaris at the right 'hour' in the reticule? So far I use a combination of adjusting the lat/az bolts and nudging the actual tripod a bit by grabbing the rear two legs while looking through p/scope. This seems a tad sloppy to me, as the two different ways of adjusting the pole star's position in the reticule might leave room for error, or rather more error than necessary. Ive not yet tried the new firmware - could anyone be nice and explain the steps so an idiot - thats me btw - can follow them? Skywatcher actually have quite a good instruction manual for this update on their site, highly recommended, but after a few reads I still need a little clarification. Regards Aenima
  8. With EQ5 Synscan there are 90 stars embedded for polar alignment (source: http://www.vcse.hu/konyvtar/Cikkek/SkyScan_Alignment_Stars.pdf) and I was fiddling with NEQ6 the other day and it only showed me 20-odd stars. Could it be that Synscan is "hiding" the stars that are below horizon or close to it so that they don't appear or does it really have fewer stars for polar alignment?
  9. Hello all! After a recent upgrade my EQ5 pro is now up for sale! I'm looking for £350. for that amount you get: EQ5 Pro (good condition) - missing the polar scope cap...but doesn't affect operation at all. I have also made sure the polar scope is aligned to the mount! Tripod 1 x Counterweight Synscan Handset and Motor control box (these were only very recently replaced by Rother Valley Optics) Polar scope illuminator Cigar lighter power cable. Due to the weight, i can't really get it delivered. However I am located in Birmingham and the buyer would be welcome to collect or if not too far we could arrange to meet. This is also listed for sale on Astro buy/sell and on Facebook
  10. I bought a used EQ5 before Xmas from a well known auction site. IT came boxed, and seemed in good condition. Due to the pitiful weather here in Caerphilly, South Wales, UK, and also to my old arthritic joints being what they are, I finally and for the first time got it all out this afternoon to look at the sun. All was going well, I managed to find it (!) and got it tracking. After about 40 mins or so, I noticed it seemed to have stopped tracking and decided to try to figure out what the issue might be (with my very limited knowledge, this means check the power) The mount was still running, and allowed me to use the direction keys on the handset to move the mount in both RA and Dec axis...up to a point. It seemed to have no problem moving the RA, but the Dec ( I think its that one) axis would move completely in one direction, but then stopped moving when it got to a particular point in the other direction. No movement at all once it had stopped though the motors could be heard running. There also seemed to be a few "clicks" heard. Im completely stumped by this and not a little disappointed about it as it would seem I have bought a defective mount. Being a total newbie doesnt help, but my guess is that the gears are stuffed. Can anyone please suggest what to do next, though Im new to all this, I have no issue with trying to fix it if anyone can point me in the right direction please.
  11. My EQ-5 (actually an Orion Sirius EQ-G) mount functions normally when the telescope saddle is on the west side. When I unlock the RA axis and swing the saddle over the top to the east side, it moves normally until the saddle is about halfway to the horizon. Then it hangs up, and I would have to force it to go further. Same outcome when the RA axis lock is closed and I try the slewing with motors. It hangs up in the same spot. Has anyone encountered this problem, or care to speculate on the cause? I am aware of Astro-Baby's strip-down guide: http://www.astro-baby.com/heq5-rebuild/heq5-m1.htm I'm hoping someone recognizes my symptoms, and that my mount is in need of an adjustment rather than a strip-down/rebuild/hyper tune.
  12. Hi all, Im living in a fairly light polluted area, and have a Skywatcher 200p on an eq5 pro mount (which does have a synscan hand controller which has an autoguider port) and ive got a webcam which ive converted to fit in a standard eye piece. My question is, when i connect it to the finder scope what wires do i need to buy to use it for autoguiding, i figure i need a st4 to usb cable, but everywhere ive looked has said i need a GPUSB device, im planning on using PHD guider but have also heard i may need eqmod and would just like some clarification on what i actually need to purchase thanks Daniel
  13. Hie guys... I have just started machining my own equatorial mount. I purchaced an eq5 RA clock motor. But now i have no clue how to get the worm and wormwheel machined. All i know is that it has a ratio of 144:1 . Does anyone know the proper diameter or radius of the wormwheel...??? Could someone please help me out with this as it will save me a lot of time if i get the wormwgeel dia.
  14. I've been into astronomy for a while now, but it's always been using manual telescopes (mainly a big dobsonian). I recently started considering upgrading to a goto mount and I'm looking at the EQ-5 with an 8-inch newtonian. I have a question regarding power supplies, the official skywatcher and celestron battery packs seem to be rather expensive for their power capacity, and I have an old 45ah car battery (It provides a steady 13.85V after testing with a multimeter). My question is what advantages do the official power supplies provide over the car battery? are there any downsides to using the car battery instead?
  15. So over a week ago, i recently got my EQ5 + a GCO 6" Ritchey-Chrétien... as of two days ago, the EQ5's legs have decided to do what i call "Spidering" Completely going their seperate ways at a near 50 degree angle sometimes if i attempt to stand it straight, it was not doing this when i got it and i cannot find much about it, even with the assembly that keeps the legs in screwed tight + the bolts on the legs also tight, what on earth is possibly causing this to happen? Bought from a well known Australian Astro Retailer known as "Bintel" - This has become stressful now as all imaging sessions do not last longer than 10 seconds due to the leg drifting out destroying polar alignment.
  16. Well this is a shot in the dark but I'm looking for a new EQ5 mount at an affordable price. I'm not impressed with what the new out of the box prices are so I'm hoping someone has one they want to sell for decent? I currently have one but the RA is so sticky I cannot use it. The noises it makes scare me...and warm nights of observing will be coming soon so I'm trying to get the old scope ready. And of course I'm also looking to add even just one Nagler to my collection. Thanks!
  17. Hi folks I have a Skywatcher set up with a 200P on an Eq5. I am pondering on a new mount prior to building a fixed pier in the garden. My thoughts are that the AZ-Eq6 seems to be an improvement on issues recognised with the (N)Eq6, but have some of their own. The Eq6 issues seem to be well documented with available fixes. An Eq6 syntrek upgraded with belt mod and bolts upgrade / Eq6wedge and maybe an ADM saddle would come in around roughly the price of the AZ-Eq6. Do I save a few more pennies and go for an Eq8 head ? or go with the previous option and have a few quid spare for another Delos (or two) I mainly view at the moment but plan on imaging. Also, as I have a synscan handset with the Eq5, presumably this can be used with an Eq6 ? Any thoughts on this would be welcome, apologies if this has already been covered somewhere else on this forum.
  18. Hi all This is my first attempt at imaging the moon with my QH5l (Planetary Webcam) I took about 2000 raw frames at 14bit through my 80ED with a 0.5FR (to get the moon into the frame) I have stacked at 25% in AS!2 and done minimal wavelets and RGBautoalign in Registax. I have played a bit with the gamma and midtones via filters to try to even out the brightness. Rotated moon and placed against a black background and reduced the size for this forum. Any advice as how to reduce the bright spots without loosing the detail. Or is this what it is supposed to look like?
  19. I know that a QHY5 is a pimped webcam, but it is not a dslr or a CCD. So I am a bit over imaging Jupiter for now, so I turned my attention to the moon. Anyway enough waffle, with out further adduce my first attempt at lunar stacking. What do you guys think?
  20. Hi Folks, This is my first attempt at M109 taken on the 200p and EQ5 and guided with a QHY5v, it's 1hr 10mins in subs all 300s long with flats, darks and bias. This was the last image taken before i realised that i cant calibirate properly in DSS with JPEGS as it doesn't recognise the 550D's RAW files. feed back welcome. http://www.flickr.co...in/photostream/
  21. I came across this, and as I was always looking for a step by step guide to PA, I assume that someone else will be too. Hope it helps http://stevebb.com/polar_alignment.html
  22. Aenima

    eastern veil

    From the album: The next step.

    Part of the massive Cygnus loop the Eastern Veil Nebula, approx 25 x 40 - 60 seconds, unguided . 200p EQ5 300D. DSS

    © Aenima

  23. Can anyone help? I'm pretty much a novice at this astronomy stuff but loving the steep learning curve. I started by using camera lenses modified to use an eyepiece but after much debate, deliberation and saving up, I have finally bought my first proper telescope. Unfortunately I now have a problem. Last year I bought a second hand Synscan EQ5 mount which has worked perfectly each time I have used it. I used it about a month ago for the first time with the new scope (last time we had a clear sky). Everything worked as it should. At 2 am I parked the scope, dismantled everything and put it away. Nothing was dropped, snagged or got wet. The forecast said we might get a clear sky last night. Anticipating this I got the mount on the bench, stripped, cleaned, polished and greased the DEC axis plain bearings (hoping this might help with guiding). When finished I connected the motor controller and handset and switched on. I was greeted with the following messages: INITIALISING then CAUTION BOTH AXES NO RESPONSE. If I press enter and carry on through the menus, then everything appears to be as it should except no motors run. I have tried everything I can think of and would be very grateful of advise or suggestions. These are things I have tried, so far: Factory reset Different power supply. I have been using a motorbike battery which is giving 13.5V constantly when I switch on. I have tried two other batteries with a 2A charger connected. Continuity tested the cables from the plugs that go onto the motherboard of the controller all the way to the motors. I made up the RJ45 and RJ12 diagnostic cables suggested in the manual and the handset appears to be ok. Removed the motors from the mount to make sure that they turn freely. Replaced the RJ45 cable from the handset to the controller. Examined the motherboard for dry joints and damaged components. Assembled everything in the tripod to make sure that the earthing tab on the controller made no difference. I now feel that the problem is the controller motherboard but logic tells me that it was the mount I disassembled, so the fault should lie there. Is there anyone who has had the same problem or who has the same system that could help me diagnose the problem. I'm in North Shropshire but happy to travel to anyone who could help. Unfortunately I don't know anyone with the same mount.
  24. Hi Folks, This is my first caibrated deep sky image of M42, 10x 180s, 10x 180s darks, flats & bias, all at iso 400, not enough exposure really. I'm reasonably happy but it was processed in css but as JPGs as it doesn't recognose the Canon 550d Raw files. I'm not sure what is causing the concentric circular ghost pattern to the right, any clues. Thanks for any feed back http://www.flickr.co...s/41661025@N06/
  25. Hi all, bit of a long shot but does anyone have a spare leg and/or a leg spreader for a CG5/EQ5 tripod? The leg clamp on mine is broken can no longer be locked extended. Thanks for looking Roy
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