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Found 167 results

  1. Can someone help me understand how to use the right Ascension setting ring and vernier scale on my CG-4 GEM from Celestron. Thanks
  2. Hi, I recently bought Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ and I am new to astrophotography. I have Nikon D3100 and I got a T-ring and a T-adapter to get started with it but my dslr doesn't focus at all! It is really heartbreaking Can anyone please help me out with this problem? Maira
  3. Been a very long while since I got the Big One out - NEQ6 with 8SE OTA (it never agrees with my back even though I am in good health), been using my CG4 with the reflector or refractor due to laziness. I have been wondering for a long time about a large reflector to put on the NEQ6, perhaps that would be better than the 8SE? So many scopes to buy and try, never enough money! So tonight was mostly about brushing up on how to use this setup again, have to say in that regard it went well, appears that I left everything in good working order. I did manage to see a few night sky objects - a pretty double star, a few clusters, and random areas of starfields. The dreaded dew began to form on some of my glass surfaces including the eyepiece, no trouble for my dew heater tapes! I have a small one just for the eyepiece, on it went and about five minutes later the dew was gone, magic! It was a real pleasure to see this part of the setup actually working as it should, just unlucky that both finders didn't have the luxury of a heater tape for their eyepiece sides (8x40 finder has one on the objective, that remained dew-free). I was also very happy that I managed to use the red dot finder and 8x40 straight-through uncorrected finder to locate a few targets, even if one of them eluded me (a galaxy, well it was quite bright out there with the 2/3 moon), I always had trouble with them in the past, perhaps my skill level has risen since then. A large wispy blanket of cloud began stretching across the sky signalling that it was time to call it a night. What has become obvious is that the 8SE is a different beast entirely to my refractor or reflector, both of which are closer to one another in terms of eyepiece range and capability, I was only able to use my 25mm and 10mm (though this was rather fuzzy) in the 8SE; I may need to be much more selective of which targets I choose for the 8SE and have them all planned out ready for the next opportunity to use it. The refractor and reflector seem happy to observe almost anything under most sky conditions which is probably why I have been using them a lot more. Shame I missed the best of Saturn, just didn't seem to get that clear sky window when I was able to observe.
  4. Celestron Powerseeker 60 AZ and Celestron Astromaster 130E Being absolutely new to Astronomy and not knowing much about the subject (other than scouring the internet on the topic and for reviews on equipment which would fit my budget for a few weeks before finally making my decision). I would say I have hit on lucky with the purchase of these 2 Telescopes. The first one I bought with a bit of Birthday money and put towards a few pounds,…… Purchased from Jessops Internet (Astromaster 130EQ) and this included a FREE Celestron Firecel Light, Charger / hand warmer…. All for 120 pounds incl postage to my works address. (Mid July 2016) The second purchase was the Powerseeker 60AZ (30 pounds incl Deliver from AMAZON). BH Monday August 2016. Firstly, although the Astromaster offers much more light optics and is a lot sturdier with the equatorial mount, the Powerseeker offers almost the same view (other than it is more condensed, lens quality is not there and it is a lot lighter, albeit flimsier - it takes a little extra patience to be able to focus the Powerseeker over the Astromaster - however because I was not expecting the Hubble Telescope views for the price,….. I would say either of these 2 are ideal for the first time Astronomer like me…. They do what they say on the box and then some). There is a lot of talk out there saying you would be better off purchasing a pair of Bino's first. I would agree with this (partially) as from experience, I did just that. During my travels in my 20s (working for a UK Holiday company overseas) saw me in Tunisia (Sahara Dessert) and Tenerife (Mount Teide Plateau). As recent as a few years ago (I am now 41) I holidayed in Egypt (Sanai) as well as Turkey (Marmaris). The Astronomers did manage to keep us interested (providing Beer and BBQ was included)with their torch pens. We gasped in awe as they pointed their lasers to the heavens and explained the constellations and the fact that they had around 2000 magnification Telescopes - Dobsonions I recall, all of them MEADE. (made viewing Saturn, the Moon, M51 an absolute treat). I had my Binoculars to hand throughout all of these experiences and I have to agree, they were quite good and offered me 10X Zoom and a powerful focal view of 50mm. (10 X 50) Having said that, in a nutshell…. To get the equivalent in a binocular that I have now (130X Magnification or 195X Magnification with a Focal view of 650 / 700mm - with Barlows) even if we are talking the cheaper of the 2, the Powerseeker 60AZ, it would cost you a few hundred pounds plus to achieve the same with BINO's….. Therefore If I had known I was going to get into this at a later date, I would personally have skipped the Bino's and went straight to the purchase of the Scope. Why Do I need 2 Scopes……. ???. First reason: My Back Garden in my home is (almost ) in a Dark Sky Park and with the Powerseeker alone I see a reddish tint of the Milky way. If I drive to Keilder water (40 mins away) I always make sure I have someone with me for company - the wife or a friend…. That way, they don't get bored…. Then the Milkyway, the planets and the other well known Deep Space objects and the rest of the Constellations are an absolute treat to view…. The only thing I have not managed to view during my 6 occasions out with them - is the moon, it is never out when I am free and vice versa etc. However I am awaiting a date with it soon and no doubt, albeit I will be impressed. Second Reason: the Powerseeker I use on partially cloudy nights and the Astromaster when I have totally clear nights….. Even though I have got the setting up of the Astromaster to 3 minutes, psychologically, the Refractor offers me a quicker 'GRAB and GO' Option….. Not to mention albeit more time in the field (viewing) during the up and coming Stargazing Event I am attending on 22 Oct at Keilder Campsite…. Partially due to condensation. I have 2 question I have one for the Astromaster 130EQ Newtonian……that is - If I am in the field and I get condensation on the lens and inside, is that my night over and I am limited to the refractor…. Or if I just simply point it at the floor, will I be able to continue viewing the constellations as soon as the Condensation .... if it is possible,..... has dried up? For the Powerseeker 60AZ Refractor - will I still get condensation in the lens? Thanks in advance for your responses and I hope you enjoyed the honest, practical review of these 2 Scopes which either one I would highly recommend to the First Timer.
  5. I recently got a Celestron Omni XLT 150 Newtonian reflector telescope and it came with a 25mm eyepiece and whenever I've tried using it all I see is a dark center with a faint white light surrounding it. I've pointed it at Mars, Jupiter, and several stars and this is all I see. I've also collimated it so am I doing something wrong or is something wrong with the telescope or eyepiece?
  6. Hello from central Oklahoma! Though it's not the darkest sky I've ever lived in, being somewhat on the edge of OKC means the sky to the North & West gets some pretty good views on many nights, so I can observe from my back yard. I've had an interest in astronomy since I was very young, raised on lots of science fiction, and my dad bought for me a telescope before I was a teen. I still use this scope, though it was in an attic in Missouri for years before I picked it back up one time a few years ago. It's only been used intermittently since then, but I'm starting to get more into observing these days. Hoping to invest in a larger aperture telescope in the next 6 months to a year, which will give me time to pick one and commit finances!
  7. Anyone have a used BA1-type 15x70 binocular that is surplus to requirement? No problem if it's out of collimation.
  8. Well, gone and notched up another cloud penalty by just ordering a new finderscope. In this case the Celstron StarPointer Pro. Only £27 from eBay, so not breaking the bank. Looked at a Telrad or a Rigel finderscope, but the Telrad has too big a footprint to fit on my current set up, and for some reason I didn't like the look of the Rigel, so went for this one instead. Projects two red circles on to the 40mm reticule, so will help to star hop too when judging the distance in degrees etc. To work in conjunction with my current 6x30 right angled finderscope on my ST120 frac, so looking forward to using it, when the cloud penalty for ordering extra Astro equipment is up of course!
  9. Hi. I'm new to astronomy and want to buy my first telescope. I have narrowed it down to skywatcher 130/650 eq2, celestron 127EQ and skywatcher hertitage 130p flextube. I live in the city so I have to take into account the light pollution not to mention the INSANE shipping costs to my country so my budget is around 200 pounds. I know all three are very good scopes but I want to mention the CONS due to which I have selected one yet. skywatcher 130/650 eq2: The eq2 mount will be a hassle to understand and carry to the roof most expensive of the three (almost out of my budget) celestron 127EQ: The people I've asked all have the same opinion that skywatcher is much much better than celestron (even though both are owned by the same company) so I sort of don't want to buy it. But since the price of it is so good I want to believe that it's good. skywatcher hertitage 130p flextube: I was pretty much stuck on buying this until someone popped my bubble by saying: " not terrific .... the focuser is helical, doesn't support very heavy weight you need to DIY build a black cover or shroud to cover the extended exposed area , otherwise the contrast would be poor unless at a very dark site the base for the red-dot is fixed or not dovetail base ..... not compatible with other finderscopes example right-angle-correct-image 30 and 50mm and you need a sturdy surface to put it , like a table " so what's the point of having it if the scope has bad contrast. Which one should I pick?
  10. Hi everyone! I´m upgrading my gear to a Celestron CGEM equatorial mount. I´m sure many people here would say it´s a great mount! I have a problem related to Lima-Peru´s city latitude, which is below the mount´s latitude range (which is 15° - 70°). Lima city is at 12° latitude, any ideas on how to reach them with this mount? I read about this two alternatives: 1. Extending one of the tripod´s legs to tilt the mount a little bit, adding some weights on the other 2 tripod legs to avoid the telescope to fall... 2. Buying a wedge, which have 0° - 90° latitude range, and place the equatorial mount over it. What do you think? Thanks!
  11. When using my telescope, a Celestron power seeker 127 Eq, one of my slow motion handles keeps getting stuck and won't move the telescope, does anyone know what the issue could be?
  12. Iphone 5/5s phone adapter that attaches your iphone to Celestron X-Cel LX eyepieces (may work with other eyepieces and phones). This adapter is hard to get hold of now and believe it or not cost me £50!! I've included a couple of photos taken using this adapter to show how good it is. £25 posted (fees paid via Paypal).
  13. Hello All, I recently upgraded from a department store 50mm refractor and got the Celestron Powerseeker 127Eq, but after researching a bit more, I have found out that there are problems in the design of this reflector (Barlow lens built-in). I am currently comparing the Meade Polaris 130EQ, Celestron Astromaster 130EQ and Meade Polaris 127EQ. I just need to know any important details about all 3 of them and know which is the best choice (mount, its setting circles, optics, EPs, etc). I want to know if there are any design problems that come with it (like the C P 127EQ). I would be also be glad to know about how well these telescopes can track celestial objects and if their setting circles are accurate. I know these are a wholesome amount of question, but this will be my first "real" telescope and I hope on using it for the next couple of years, Thanks a lot!!
  14. A possible solution for the dreaded Bootloader Serial Invalid Pkg 00*0 errors on Celestron HC's, thanks to Carl Randall on the Cloudy Nights forum! Seems to work for all types of mounts (not only AVX)! http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/527834-avx-hand-controller-issue/#entry7058700
  15. Hi all, So, Im trying to reset the location on my 6SE, and its not giving me the option to set the Long/Lat of the scope. It merely gives me a list of cities to choose from. Where on earth am i going wrong? Do i need to do the firmware update that i have been dreading? Thanks in advance! C
  16. The inability to achieve reliable precise focus when doing AP, whether it be deep sky or planetary has finally taken its toll on my last nerve. 80% of my scope time is spent imaging with a Celestron 8" Edge HD (with .7 reducer for deep sky) attached to a Losmandy G11 mounted to a permanent pier in a roll off roof observatory. So I have come to the decision that its overdue for an autofocuser, preferably one that I can also control from my PC. I have read posts from users of Edge HD systems experiencing problems with backfocus in the image train when using crayford type systems like Moonlite etc. So I have primarily been looking at primary autofocusers like the ones from Rigel systems, (unb stepper) Robofocus and JMI. Frankly there is so much info on the JMI page that it is difficult to see what is needed there, let alone calculate a cost. Plus the Rigel system and Robofocus do seem to fall more into my price range for a remote access system (inside my home). So I am looking for advice, recommendations, warnings etc on either of the systems I have mentioned, plus if you know of another that works with this scope, I would love to hear that to. There is the possibility that I may upgrade the 8 edge to an 11 edge sometime in the future, so a system with a conversion kit would be a great bonus. But for now I just want a reliable precise way to autofocus via hc & pc. Thanks for any advice you can give, Randy
  17. I know it's not an ideal scope for astrophotography and I'm not expecting anything special since I know about EQ mounts etc. If it could get up to 30 second exposures I'd be happy.
  18. Hi I decided to get my telescope out again. And I was looking to buy either a ZWO ASI120MC or ZWO ASI120MC - S or Celestron Neximage 5 or Celestron Burst, all depending on price and condition etc to try and get some pictures of the planets. Regards Keith
  19. Found an old (apparently USA model) celestron C8 SCT a while back, its a bit hit n miss with collimation and the optics - (some very strange star test shapes :P) but when it works it works well Here is a couple images from a couple months back. Thanks for looking. This particular night seeing was reasonably good, and collimation wasn't too bad either. Celestron C8 / ASI120MC / 2X barlow - captured in sharpcap2, stacked in autostakkert!2, wavelets in registax6
  20. Iphone 5/5s phone adapter that attaches your iphone to Celestron X-Cel LX eyepieces (may work with other eyepieces and phones). This adapter is hard to get hold of now and believe it or not cost me £50!! I've included a couple of photos taken using this adapter to show how good it is. £25 posted (fees paid via Paypal).
  21. I have for sale 2 Celestron X-Cel LX eyepieces. Perfect upgrade from stock eyepieces. Focal lengths 12mm and 18mm. These were bought brand new in February this year so are in excellent condition and have all caps and boxes included. I also have the Iphone 5/5s phone adapter that attaches your iphone to the X-Cel eyepieces. I've included a couple of photos that I took using this adapter to show how good it is. This adapter is hard to get hold of now and believe it or not cost me £50!!
  22. Hi After selling all my equipment some time ago I have now started the hobby again with a C925 on an AVX mount. Last night was my first chance to try out the Starsense Accessory, which seemed to work quite well. However I was a bit concerned that when doing the calibration for the SSA camera position and during the Polar Alignment routine the tracking seemed very jerky at higher magnifications. The video I took of Jupiter after alignment did not seem to show this (although poor in all other ways) so I don't know if the jerkiness is something to do with tracking mode used by the SSA handset during alignment. It could also be a mount fault or poor balance but I would expect that to show in the video? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks Barry
  23. I'm spending the summer in Canada so I'm looking to buy a scope while I'm there (Instead of shipping my Evo 9.25'). I'm literally looking for a reasonably priced scope motorized scope that is also capable of taking the weight of my DSLR since I do a lot of astroimaging. I've been looking at some of the Skywatcher Reflectors and a couple of Celestron's reflectors but I'm not sure what to buy. What would you recommend? I'll be shipping it back to the UK as well when I return.
  24. From the album: Vicky's Astronomy Gear

    Fitted my Celestron 80mm grab and go refractor with some visual quality solar film

    © Vicky050373

  25. Hi. In preperation for a remote box-observatory i have been setting up a pc for telescope controll and more. I now have Kubuntu working with a ssh tunnel and headless vnc setup. KStars is installed with all necesarry drivers for my celestron avx, eos 550d and orion autoguider. Everything starts up in KStars and i have controll over all the exuiptment, except! The issue. 1. When slewing to an object using the nextstar hc on the mount: Recticle in KStars moves in the same path as the telescope, and ends up at desired target. 2. When slewing to a RA/DEC coordinate in INDI control panel -> Eq.Coordinates: Recticle moves as excpected and ends up on target. 3. When selecting a target in KStars gui, right clicking and selecting slew or track in mounts context menu: All kinds of craisyness.... The recticle moves erratic. Sometimes to high in the sky, and sometimes down in the ground. At one point i ended with the counterweight bar straight up and the scope pointing more or less at polaris, when telling it to slew to the zenith. The strange thing is that the recticle in KStars is pointing where the teleskope is pointing. So KStars "knows" that it's not pointing the scope at the target i selected, but it keeps on going. I was thinking it could be some time-site issue, but the t-s is set up in INDI control panel. Using INDI to slew manually, everything works as expected. Not 100% sure how the sync option works in KStars. Could i have synced to some random place in the sky and "un"calibrated KStars? Don't know how to undo it if that's the case. New to KStars and INDI. Hope someone can help with this issue. Magnus.
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