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Found 65 results

  1. I have decided to buy a red-dot finder when I was finally fed up with not knowing which star the telescope is actually point at, due to my right-angled optical finder scope. Most of you probably know how confusing a view through a finder scope can be, especially when you are pointing at a rich star field with most bright stars being roughly the same brightness. This becomes an issue when you want to starhop to your destination and you choose fairly dim star as your starting point. This is no big issue with a simple straight-through optical finder, because you can align the star to a centre of a cross with both eyes open. However, this becomes a problem with right angled finder scope, due to the reasons I mentioned earlier. So, to get the initial star hopping alignment more easily, I decided to get myself something that would help me with that. Since using two optical finders seems idiotic, I thought that some kind of projection finder scope would be in order; two options came to mind – either getting a Telrad or Rigel finders, or getting a simple, though much cheaper, red-dot finder. Since I just wanted a simple solution, red-dot finder it was. I have chosen the Baader Sky Surfer III finder, primarily due to its ability to regulate the brightness of the projected red spot, which seemed handy. When I finally got it, it has occurred to me that there might be a problem – I wanted to use the red-dot finder the same way I use my optical finder, and that is, removable with a simple turn of a screw (no literary pun intended). However, although the body of the finder could be mounted to a plastic mount with a typical Synta mounting end, there was no mounting shoe supplied with it, and since I wanted to use both red-dot and optical finder at the same time, I had to purchase a mounting shoe separately. Other mounting options were pretty much permanent ones, which is not really practical when you regularly transport your telescope. When I got the red-dot finder finally set up on my telescope, I have noticed that the projected red-dot is not working perfectly when turning around the brightness adjusting on/off button. It was regularly working, and then not working. Even though I changed the battery, the problem persisted, so I was frustrated and ready to send the finder back to the supplier. And then I though, since it had cost me only the equivalent of some £9, I just thought „to hell with it“, and decided to try and fix the problem myself. As it eventually turned out, one of the cables inside the electronics was faulty, so after replacing it, the finder scope finally worked as it should have, although it did not give me any confidence in this finder’s build quality. Furthermore, there are no dustcovers for the finder, which means that you will occasionally have to remove the dust from the projection lens mechanically, or, as I did, make some dustcovers on your own. After you finally get the red-dot set up and working, you should align it with your scope during the day, because, the adjusting screws for both axes work a bit awkwardly. You have to combine adjusting with your thumb with a screwdriver, which seems complicated enough, and now try to do that at night. Luckily, once you align it, it stays aligned quite well, and some occasional deviation from the alignment is no biggie, since the finder scope does not magnify, and is basically for rough alignment. So, setting it up, getting it to work and aligning are quite complicated processes, but once done, you are ready to go and basically no additional tweaks are needed. I like the way the red-dot finder is easy to use – you just turn it on, align the projected dot with what you want, and turn it off again. Nice and easy. The combination of a red-dot finder and an optical finder is unstoppable, and using the two in tandem allowed me to find objects that were too complicated or confusing to find using the starhopping method. Upsides Simple to use, intuitive Great in combination with an optical finder Adjustable brightness of the projection dot Battery life Range of mounting options Very cheap Better than those plastic 30mm optical finders Downsides Poor build quality Difficult to align Difficult to set up The plastic mount flexes a bit No dust covers Projected dot poorly visible in daylight
  2. Can anyone confirm do the fine-tuning rings for Baader Hyperion eyepieces work with Baader MPCC for visual use? Are they the same 14 and 28 mm pieces of metal, in short?
  3. Hi SGL members! As I'm moving to 2" filters I wish to sell my 1.25" mounted filter setup. This setup consist of a kit of Baader LRGB as seen here for example: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p563_Baader-LRGB-CCD-Filtersatz-1-25----Interferenzfilter---4-Filter.html @268 Euros plus the piece de resistance, the Astrodon 3nm ones; Ha, SII, OIII. New they are 608 Euros a pop.... Example: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5153_Astrodon-1-25--Narrowband-Filter-H-Alpha-3nm-mounted.html I will part with the LRGB set for £150 and the Astrodons for £450 each of £1200 for the lot of three. That is effectively most of the haggling done already. These filters rendered me six AAPODs in one year alone, and that was with mediocre OTAs and substandard processing skills... I can accept PayPal, UK or French, UK or European Bank transfer, I can ship from the UK or France, no problem as I tend to go back and fourth. Let's say £7.50 per filter shipping cost for insurance purposes. They will also be available for pickup in London shortly. The filters have never been cleaned or wiped. They have lived in Atik Filter wheels as long as I had them. Below: LRGB set to the left, Astrodons to the right. /Jesper PS There might be an ATIK EFW2 up for grabs too once these are gone ;-)
  4. Hi I'm selling my Baader 1.25" CCD RGB filters. They are used, but in excellent condition with no scratches or anything of the sort. Price £115 including delivery to a UK address. Payment via Paypal (buyer pays fees), Paypal friends, or bank transfer Any questions, please ask.
  5. I currently have a Baader MPCC (the original v1 - must be 11 years old at least...) - I use it for imaging, but at some point need to get a visual kit to use it with my longer fl eyepieces. (This is on my f4.5 Newtonian) Does anyone have any comparison between the original version and a v3? Is the newer version any better than the original? Interested if anyone has any experience of them both as to which is the better version? Thanks!
  6. A table of Mount payload ratings and a spreadsheet for Baader Hyperion variations and your Scope & Barlow / PowerMate / Amplifier. Might be of use to a few =) Mount Payloads.xlsx Mount Payloads.csv Baader Hyperion Varsiations.xlsx Baader Hyperion Varsiations a.xls
  7. Another exotic optic. http://www.astroshop.eu/field-flatteners-other-photo-accessories/baader-2-t-2-fluorit-flatfield-converter-ffc-/p,10816?utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=10816&utm_campaign=1709&utm_source=froogle&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgb3OBRDNARIsAOyZbxAKjjZlYvKiB5GsyMuyCfMTRvArBonbD0DZyXKDS39sttouCbQfPtcaAkDSEALw_wcB&utm_content= Which types of scopes are likely to benefit most from using this, and what types of views and objects? Any owners/users here?
  8. This is described as: Baader Pan 3 "/ EQ Dual clamp 230mm (for Losmandy and Vixen-standard) Part number is #2451566 It is a very solid and well engineered Losmandy and Vixen Dual standard clamp, 230mm long. The clamping mechanism is very smooth and precise with non-marring brass clamps which provide a very good grip. The clamps can be tightened via an Allen key for additional security. This one is in basically very good condition, functionally excellent but with one or two small nicks here and there. Looking for £120 plus say £2.50 towards P&P via PayPal fees paid or bank transfer. Offering here first and then will put on ABS at the weekend. Thanks, Stu
  9. Hi, Am looking to replace my Ha filter, which had an accident and cracked. Anyone have one sitting around looking for a good home? Thanks Fakhri
  10. I see a significant price difference between the Baader and the Astronomik filters, has anyone compared recent H-alpha/beta, O-III, S-II filters from the two brands? Astronomik claims higher transmission, but like to see if that's true. Question is also if a 10-15% difference in transmission justifies an almost 2x higher price tag? (Looking it the other way around: the price of a 12nm Astronomik H-a almost buys me a 3.5nm Baader piece, which would allow me to make use of full-moon nights, which, according to Murphy, are usually the only clear nights for multiple months around here). So far from the charts Astronomik seems to be better, however this post says otherwise: behind higher transmission values of the Astronomik filters there is a higher tolerance against undesired parts of the spectrum. Apart Baader & Astronomik: are there <5nm O-III and H-beta filters around? Astronomik offers only a 12nm piece for H-Beta and the Baader is 8.5nm FWHM with around 75% transmission, there is some potential here...
  11. Surplus to requirements I have a Baader 2" clicklock for Celestron or Meade SCT's. This came with my Celestron C8 SCT, but it is now not required. Looking for £40 which includes P&P in the U.K. In excellent condition. Link from FLO for details. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-click-lock-2-for-celestron-meade-sct.html Pictures below. Now sold. Thanks Richard.
  12. Hi Folks, I have a full set of Baader Hyperion EP's in black (purpose made) hard case For Sale Also included in the bundle are the two extensions rings 28mm & 14mm - Just research online what this complete set will give you in terms of power and eye relief. EP's are a great condition and I also have individual boxes if for some reason you want to box individually. So that's 7 EP,s Two extension rings and the Baader Hyperion Carry Case.... 24mm 21mm 17mm 13mm 10mm 8mm 5 mm £350 Collection from Birmingham preferred...
  13. - Hi folks - I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to astro gear but it's time for a spring clean. Since upgrading my set up I simply don't use these EP's any more. They are all in tip top condition and have been well looked after. I will have a few posts going up so keep an eye out for a wee bargain. If you fancy anything drop me a message and we can sort it out. Payment via Paypal is preferred or if you are near Edinburgh save yourself the P&P and collect in person. Thanks for looking 1.25” Hyperion 13mm 68 degree afov modular eyepiece £70 + p&p - 2” Sterling Plossl 30mm/55 degree afov £35 + p&p - 1.25” Vixen Lanthanum 9mm/50 degree afov £50 + p&p - 1.25” TS Planetary HR 20mm/60 degree afov £35 + p&p
  14. Todays quick snapshot of the Sun. I waited a long while for a gap in the clouds by which time the Sun was skimming the rooftops which didn't aid the seeing. 66mm ED Apo Baader Solar Film Baader Hyperion Zoom Sigma DP3M Single shot, processed in LR5 / ACDsee Pro 6 / Gimp I now have a simple 52mm - 43mm reducer ring to attach the camera to the Hyperion zoom. Again glimpses of detail but the conditions today were against me
  15. Hi i would buy a new LRGB filters ,and would like to have feedback from Users and what they Recommend !!!!! , whats is a good brand filters ???? (bassder,Astronomik,Astrodons ) ??? it is for my new qhy9m that have kaf-8300
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