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Found 57 results

  1. Aenima

    M33 2nd Try

    From the album: The next step.

    I wanted to try again on this for a while now, a gap in the clouds recently gave me the chance although it was literally twenty minutes: 19 x 60sec subs with calibration frames taken indoors. Quite surprised with the image for such a short exposure time.

    © Aenima

  2. From the album: Gear

  3. So guys after lots of advice reaserching and reading for the last 2 months i ve decided that i m going to either get a Skywatcher 200P(DOB) or a Skywatcher Heritage 130p(DOB) If i get the Dobsonian i ll be using it about once or twice a week (if i have clear skies that is) i ll be taking a taxi to a semi dark sky location(atleast darker than my light polluted neighborhood) about 1.5 km away so the transportation cost will be close to nothing.I ve heard lots of great reviews about this neat 8" telescope and am tempted to buy it !(its going to be for visual i am aware of the earth's rotation) On the other hand the Smaller more portable Version the Heritage 130p is a very neat telescope for its price(i ve heard) Its half the price of the 200p! I ll be taking this out almost every time i get out of the house(for walks or meetings with friends etc) I ve read part of the thread in cloudy nights and it seems like a great telescope! I ve even seen some very nice pictures with it (i know u need a mount). So what do you think guys? Should i go for the 200p or 130 p? I need the best value for money!
  4. Skywatcher 200p dobsonian telescope along with base. The telescope comes with 25mm plossl only (not in picture) It has been kept in good condition though the primary has caught some dust over time that could do with a bit of cleaning. The tube has some marks when it was loaded onto Heq5 for Astro imaging. If you want I can sell the dovetail and rings for that purpose along with the telescope at additional £49 if you wish to mount it on EQ platform. Also included is a degree circle manually erected (some numbers need re-writting over) at the bottom to help you find objects based on alt/az using your phone which makes it a manual goto. Price: £1̶6̶9̶ now £99 Reason for price drop: I have removed the finderscope and fitted it into my C8 as I have an adapter for guide camera so this is now listed without a finderscope at below bargain price for a quick sale! Collection from Manchester only.
  5. Hi all , The visitor from outer space was Seth the nephew , 5 and I got a shot of him beside the 200P ... The second shot is from a new lens that arrived today ES 8.8mm 82 degree beside 3 kit lenses of similar focal length for scale .
  6. Hi everyone. I'm back, and trying again to get a decent DSO photo! This is my personal favourite so far, so I must be getting better! haha Still a long way to go with the processing skills, but I'm sure I'll get there. 23x Lights - 120 Seconds - ISO800 20x Darks 20x Flats (Yes! I've started to use these!!) 20x Bias Processed using Photoshop and ProDigital Astronomy Tools Hope you like it. Thanks, Mike
  7. Hi again everyone im back asking for yet more advice haha I just got my first dslr camera (canon 1200D) and was looking at a second telescope for astro imaging but after taking a quick snap with my 200P skywatcher dob I realized something that if i get a second telescope my 200P will probably gather a lot of dust. Now I need to rethink if it is better/cheaper to upgrade my current telescopes mount rather than buying a second one just for imaging. so here are my questions 1: Will it be cheaper to upgrade my dob to a goto 2: Is it easy to upgrade to a trackable mount for my scope 3: If so which mount is best for my telescope there is probably a lot I have missed asking about as im a total noob with imaging so if you think there is something I should know but have not asked your probably right and I would appreciate being told about it
  8. Hi.. I bought a PD Video Camera Dec. last year - to use on my SW 200p reflector - I would like some advise on how to achieve focus - from someone who has succeeded on the SW 200p. i.e. what do I need to place in the eyepiece to get the correct back-focus. I've tried loads of combinations to no avail.. even a sipmle pic. diagram - doing me head in. kind regards.
  9. Hi all, I haven't played that much with my Skywatcher Explorer 200P, however, I just don't like the bundled finderscope as I find myself unable to keep it correctly aligned and focussed. What would be a better, easier (at a decent price) replacement for that ? Possibly something that once aligned will stay firm and steady and I won't have to align it again at every session. Are red dot finders any good? Clear Skies.
  10. Hey guys it's me agaiinn. Recently I have been thinking about which telescope i should buy(its going to be my first telescope!!!!!) I have narrowed it down to 2 choices! The Skywatcher explorer 200p and the Skywatcher explorer 200pds I just can't seem to chose oneee. I want to do Astrophotography and i have heard that the Dual Speed focuser is going to help a lott. can someone please explain how? I m a total newbie and have just begun reading about Astrophotography. On the other hand i ve heard that some eyepiece s will need an extension tube to help them achieve focus (due to the secondary mirror placed closer to the primary) and i really want to see through the telescope my self.I dont know if the extra 140€ that i have to pay to get the focuser and the pds and eq5 (rather than just getting the 200p and eq5 combined ) is worth it .Does it really make that big of a difference?? I hipe somebody can help me Thanks -Kronos
  11. Hello, I'm currently using the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P reflector telescope with the 10mm and 25mm EPs that came with it. I have been viewing for a while now and think its time I upgraded the eyepieces. My budget is around £500. I'd like to be able to get a range of EPs that will provide me with wide view and higher magnification viewing (a shorter length, longer length and a barlow (or perhaps a powermate but I dont know much about these other than they are seemingly better than barlows - perhaps a little over budget)). I enjoy both planetary and DSO viewing though if I had a preference it would be the latter. I wear eyeglasses having astigmatism in both eyes so eye relief is important. I mainly view from rural areas but will sometimes get it out in my rather light polluted back garden, so I am flexible with exit pupil size (the maximum being 31/35mm I reckon). There is quite a selection of vendors and I am hoping you folks can help me narrow down my choices with some first hand experience Cheers, Nathan
  12. Hey folks 2-3 months ago I started my first thread in the beginners section and thanks to all of you guys, I finally decided to get myself a Skyliner 200P! (YAY) But here's the thing... I fear a little that I'll be fed up by the stock EPs and given the fact, that I already have to pay 60€ for the shipping fees AND that FLO gives a good discount on the BST EPs, I decided to jump the rope and immediately order myself other EPs Now my question is, which EPs should I buy? I want to get some beautiful clear filling views of some galaxies and messier objects, but I also want to zoom in the maximum I can get out of the 200P Are there any buzz killers amongst them or are they all equally good? I thought of getting 2-4 EPs and a 2x barlow. Thank you for any advice folks Abe
  13. Part 1. Having purchased a skywatcher 200p dobsonian telescope at the end of last year i feel it was time to start modifying it. This is a thead about all the modifications i have done so far and any that i plan to do. It might help others who have purchased the same scope ( i certainly needed help ) The first thing i noticed was i was struggling sometimes to locate objects in the 9x50 finderscope due to the stars sometimes being dim due to light pollution even using the both eyes method. So the first modifications was to install a rigel quickfinder. I mounted this ontop of the existing 9x50 finderscope. When all three are lined up (scope, finderscope and rigel) it makes putting objects in the scopes field of view alot easier!! (I especially like the illuminated circles ) Here is the first modification. I know its to the scope and not the mount but the rest of the thread will be about the mount.
  14. Been waiting for days in anticipation for the first clear night with my new SW 200P reflector and HEQ5 mount. I found instantly that I couldn't locate the North Star due to bloody trees and also the moon was so bright it made all other objects so much more dim in my scope. The Polaris Alignment scope LED's are so bright I couldn't align any star in the scope at all, let alone see through it. I did check it was clear and it didn't have the cap on or the weight bar obstructing it. I tried adjusting the brightness but found no settings in the SynScan handset for my model! I also found out that my clock ring rotates even if I lock them to the specific axis. (Annoying) In the end, instead of just messing around trying to align the damn thing I just span it around and zeroed in on the moon and other stars. I found pretty quickly that I can only focus on the moon IF I use a 2X barlow lense in the chain and that the focuser doesn't move back as far as my older Vixen refractor. Anywayyyy to make the most out of the full moon and the fact it was clear I took some photos and made a mosaic out of 54 individual photo's I took. The original photo is 388MB, so I've uploaded a much smaller version. My first proper AstroPhotography photo, any thoughts or solutions to the problems I found on my first night out? I'm hoping the next time I go out, it's much smoother. Enjoy. - Pesky
  15. My first night imaging Saturn. After going through all the AVI's this is my best result from the lot Sky-Watcher Skyliner 200p + 2x Celestron Barlow + QHY5L-IIC. 250 frames stacked in AS2! De-Noise in Registax. Wavelets & tweaks in Astra Image 4.0 24/05/16 UT 00:30:46 Lytham, Lancashire, NW UK.
  16. hello all Just taken delivery of my Skywatcher Skyliner 200p on a dobsonian mount. Im actually in the process of assembling it now. Come with me on a journey through space and time ( well time anyway) as I hopefully take the good stuff on this forum and mod the dobs. Got as far as looking at the central bolt . Well that wont do, The bolt measures 8.8mm , the inside diameter of the plastic tube about 9mm and the hole in the board is slightly more than that so when the clearances are combined the assembly rocks like me Dad at a wedding..all over the place! So job 1 fix the bolt to the baseboard
  17. After a bit of advice on Barlows please. Thinking of getting one to replace the Skywatcher 2x I have which is "okay" but I wonder if I can get better? I have got a fairly decent image of Saturn and Jupiter with it, using an Xbox cam. Was lucky enough to receive an ASI120MM for Christmas (am over the moon) which I will be using for guiding with my ED80/ST80 but want to try a bit of planetary with it with my 200P (as I did the Xbox cam). Looking at 2nd hand barlows I wonder which one to get to assist at all with this set up. Lots of different ones out there. Any advice please for use with 200P? Thanks, Bob
  18. Hi Folks, This is my first attempt at M109 taken on the 200p and EQ5 and guided with a QHY5v, it's 1hr 10mins in subs all 300s long with flats, darks and bias. This was the last image taken before i realised that i cant calibirate properly in DSS with JPEGS as it doesn't recognise the 550D's RAW files. feed back welcome. http://www.flickr.co...in/photostream/
  19. Jupiter and from left to right, Ganymede, Europa and Io. This is 2 images combined, one exposed for Jupiter and one over-exposed for the moons. Skywatcher 200p Philips 840K flashed to SPC900 Skywatcher stock 2x barlow. Jupiter 18th September 2012 by Paul S Wharton, on Flickr Paul
  20. Mount: NEQ6 Pro Scope: 200P Camera: ASI120MC Televue 2x Powermate and 3 inch extension Was a good session last night despite my laptop continuously attempting to not work with sharpcap for some reason but I just went a borrowed Katie's and all went well. I managed to get a capture rate of 143fps last night so came away with 20gigs of data. Below is the stuff that I mangaed to get okay focus on the others (where I did not!) have been filed away under 'B' for Bin! I did manage to try out my little variable led to clip on to the finderscope objective to light up the reticule and it worked very nicely I also used the new moonlit focuser with the 50mm draw tube the FLO so kindly sent in exchange for the 38mm one I had and the extra back travel was great as I didnt have to adjust the barrel of the powermate to gain that extra bit of backwards travel I didn't manage to first light my Meg 72 however but will try that next time out I captured using latest version of Sharpcap 2, put the avis through PIPP keeping the best 2500 frames of 3000. Then I stacked in AS!2, wavelets in Registax 5.1 and then Levels, Curves, Hue/Saturation,Contrast and sharpening in Photoshop CS2. Anyway here are the 5 images that are not too embarrassing I have made them into a short animation but it is terrible so I am not gonna post it Advice and help welcomed as always Jupiter 02_02_2014 22_58_02 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr Jupiter 02_02_2014 22_58_51 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr Jupiter 02_02_2014 23_02_08 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr Jupiter 02_02_2014 23_17_23 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr Jupiter 02_02_2014 23_19_37 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr
  21. Any suggestions on positing this to a better section then please let me know... I have been using a 200p Dob for over a year now. I have been impressed with it and managed to take some decent pictures and web cam videos whilst nudging it around. www.mauton.co.uk To add to the mix I have a modded XBOX webcam along with a Canon1100d DSLR. I have decided that I am interested in DSO and have been thinking about upgrading to a GOTO/Tacking mount such as the HEQ5 and/or 80ED. My options are as follows, with questions on each: 1. Buy a new mount HEQ5 (not sure on exact model yet) with a 80ED Refractor. This seems to be a good entry setup for DSO's from various posts on these forums. Q. Will I be able to use by DSLR 1100D fine? or will I need anything further Q. Except for the obvious improvement with a tracking mount, how will the 80ED improve the images I can take over that of the 200p ? How does the f7.5 as opposed to the f5.91 make that much difference? 2. Sell by 200p Dob and purchase a 200p on a EQ-5 mount. It would be the same scope however I get to have a mount which can then be motor driven. Q. Would it be worth it in any way keeping the 200p and going with option 1? 3. Has anyone mounted a 200p Dob on HEQ5 mount? Then all I have to buy is the mount.... Q. How would the image quality etc be improved if I purchased the ED80 ? Many questions I know !!! - But please any that you can. Thanks
  22. Hello there, I thought to myself that it would be great to write everything down I'm experiencing. From the very beginning, to the very end... So I chose to create this blog and use it as my small journal for personal observations, stargazing sessions, thoughts, reflections and what I recently learned. The greatest thing about this is, that it gives the opportunity to kick of many interesting discussions and I really can't wait to get started. Around the end of winter 2017 I started gazing around with a pair of binoculars I found at home. I initially got them when I was 9 years old and literally forgot about them... They were eating dust for 18 years now. After gazing around a little I bought myself some interesting books about astronomy and how to find stars and star maps. I don't know if it was my subconsciousness leading me into ticking off a point on my bucket list, but after so much hesitation if I should buy a 'scope or n... BWAAAAH I cracked and bought one. Period! Which leads us to yesterday night. After many days of reflection and information overkill, I finally went for a Skywatcher Skyliner 200P with BST 25mm, BST 15mm and BST 8mm eypieces. I ordered it last week on FLO and I couldn't be happier! It arrived divided into three packages last night and I immediately had to assemble it! Armed with my cordless screwdriver set to 11nm of tension, it took me about half an hour to assemble it and check if it was collimated right. Collimation was not perfect but it was absolutely okay for a first ride (I really should admit that I am a little anxious to collimate it and it is so near "perfect" that I'm okay with it at the moment). All in all the pictures don't give enough credit on the built quality of the 'scope. It is a simple to assemble and use first 'scope. I'm really glad that all of you pushed me in the right direction. After assembly and cleaning there were ONLY 5 damn hours left to wait until sunset... So I figured to simply develop a small evening plan in what I wanted to watch and gaze at. I simply chose to visit Saturn and Jupiter... Humble and modest for starters but hey, less is more and I really wanted to enjoy my evening out and not dish up myself with a list that a total novice couldn't handle and therefore risk to end up with a very disappointing first night. I'll write up my first experience in the next post and if you're interested, keep an open eye. I'll also use the opportunity to thank everyone involved into getting me started with my first 'scope! So let's go! Abe
  23. Aenima

    eastern veil

    From the album: The next step.

    Part of the massive Cygnus loop the Eastern Veil Nebula, approx 25 x 40 - 60 seconds, unguided . 200p EQ5 300D. DSS

    © Aenima

  24. Recently got sky watcher skyliner 200P and trying to get started with it. I wanted to use it for terrestrial (sea) views as well. I was expecting the image to be upside down but instead it is angled/sideways. I'm not sure if there is something wrong with scope or I need to tweak anything to get it right? Appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  25. Hi Folks, This is my first caibrated deep sky image of M42, 10x 180s, 10x 180s darks, flats & bias, all at iso 400, not enough exposure really. I'm reasonably happy but it was processed in css but as JPGs as it doesn't recognose the Canon 550d Raw files. I'm not sure what is causing the concentric circular ghost pattern to the right, any clues. Thanks for any feed back http://www.flickr.co...s/41661025@N06/
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