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  1. Ordered myself online from Harrisons Telescopes a Celestron spotting scope Monday 20/2/12 @ 10:48am then @ 10:56am i recieved an email stating my order had been shipped there were no tracking details or anything given but @ 9:30am the next day Tuesday 21/2/12 the Fed Ex driver knocked on my door with my parcel. less than 24 hours from ordering to delivery that's what i call excellent service i reckon and hard to beat can't praise Harrisons highly enough for their superb service.
  2. Hi Leo and a very warm welcome to SGL to you from me too another fellow Mansfielder there are a lots of us on here it's always nice to have another the more the merrier.
  3. Well they have been selling Explore Scientific eyepieces for more than a year that i know of and possibly much longer than that . likewise they also sell Explore Scientific telescopes. Explore Scientific hope that helps.
  4. Hello Martin welcome to SGL from a fellow Radio Amateur well i am in call sign only @ the moment i'm afraid but i have a HF base station and HF/VHF/UHF mobile rig but no car or antennas to use either of them right now sadly anyways enuff said. welcome once again Martin.
  5. Yes Celestron still do that one @ Harrisons here Celestron XLT Mirror Diagonal SCT 2" and also@ f1telescopes here http://www.f1telescopes.co.uk/shop.php?id=2562&level= hope that helps.
  6. Hello Sarah and a very warm welcome to SGL there are a few people on here from Mansfield and the surrounding area including myself so you are not alone it's nice that you have joined us.
  7. I don't know how far from Wellington, Somerset you are but SCS Astro - Telescopes, Astronomical Telescopes, Celestron Telescope, Skywatcher Telescope, CCD Cameras are located there . hope that helps
  8. This is my 100th post wwo:hello2:ohhho:Doo so only another 900 to go if i ever make it that is
  9. Great report Hex well written and it looks the buisness on that AZ-4 mount no doubts you are going to enjoy it a lot.
  10. My 1000th post well lets put it this way i have been on SGL just over a year now and i am only just comming up to my 100th post so at that rate it will take me many more years than i have left to make my 1000th
  11. Yes you must tell us what you have ordered it's no good just telling us you placed an order we want to know what you ordered. More Information Required
  12. Fantastic is word i would use and so is Amazing and also Stunning and Superb not to mention Awesome these are without question some of the best shots iv'e ever seen of our very own moon. very well done sir
  13. That's a beautiful image it's different from the rest it stands out on it's own a very eyecatching shot well done
  14. That's one heck of a beast you have there, looking forward to seeing some unboxing photo's later that's a given right ? you must be built like Arnie what'sisname to lug that thing around excellent scope the wonders of the universe are there for you to discover congrats and good luck with it.
  15. yes agreed please don't leave us all in suspense wondering what you ordered. more information is required
  16. yes agreed please don't leave us all in suspense wondering what you ordered. more information is required
  17. Hello Tornado and a warm welcome from me too. i also have difficulty reading your post must be the font yeah think it must an age thing probably
  18. Thank you for your help Craig much appreciated i won't pretend that i have any clue what the problem was i have no clue when it comes to such things as this i'm just happy i didn't break it and it was an easy fix for you so thanks once again Thanks for the info Tony bigT i hadn't noticed that . it's just that when i registered i never got the original email i was expecting to confirm my email address in the first place and couldn't log in or do anything till i got that if that makes any sense ? anyway thanks again for the info i will know next time. cheers
  19. Hi everybody i just registered on the new forum today around 9:15 am and as yet not received the email requesting me to confirm my email address it's probably a glitch in the system somewhere, i have also emailed you direct from the site to admin too to make sure you got the message as you may not be aware of the problem hope that's ok ? hope somebody can look into this for me please whenever you find the time, i don't want to be a nuisance or anything just wanted you to be aware of the problem.
  20. Update.my order just arrived today @ the stroke of Noon so i'm happy now , they certainly look to be very well made and look solid & certainly built to last methinks. thanks again FLO
  21. I placed my order for one of each 2X & 3X on Tuesday 13th Dec @17:36 i received an email on Wednesday 14th Dec @ 16:48 confirming that my order had been dispatched by 1st class post and to allow 2-3 working days for delivery. Sadly it hasn't arrived as yet so i can only imagine it's lost somewhere in the postal system but hopefully Royal Mail will find it soon & deliver it before Christmas
  22. For the antispam question answer just type the word '' Focuser '' hope that helps
  23. Hello Andy and welcome to SGL try here Sherwoods-Photo link below Binoculars, Telescopes, Night Vision, Astronomical Telescopes, Bird Watching Binoculars - Sherwoods-Photo.com
  24. I have just ordered myself 1 of each 2X & 3X of these very well respected little beauties after all i have heard and read about them i just know i'm not going to be disapointed with them thanks FLO :)
  25. David Lukehurst in Nottingham makes Dobsonians link here David Lukehurst - Large Portable Dobsonian Dobson Dobsons Telescopes - Index hope that helps
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