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  1. Very nice pictures, I really like the one with the clouds going over the moon! What lens and zoom range did you use when you took the photo of the orion nebula?
  2. Does anyone have any pictures taken from behind the solar filter? It would be interesting to see what we would see from behind the film.
  3. Hello Dave, Can you please do a review of it when you get a chance and also post any photos taken from it? Ive seen a few around I just haven't decided if its worth throwing the money at them! Cheers, Tom
  4. Ok I went and had a play with them both in the dark room and these are the results: 1) Original RDF didnt work 2) Replacement RDF didnt work 3) Changed battery on both of them, still didnt work. 4) Changed the battery orientation, Original didnt work, replacement worked! So it would seem that the original was broken, but the replacement had the battery installed the wrong way round. Now I can't remember if I did that or not! Either way its working now, and I have just aligned it using Jupiter and it seems to work pretty well. Thank you for you help, and thank you to Martin from FLO who got me the replacement sent out! Now I just want a local dark site and some proper clear skies!
  5. Yeah I have tried it at night with no avail! But I have a room with no windows in the house which I can go test it in in a minute and see if I can find the dot at all on them. Will let you know my findings!
  6. Hello all, I recently purchased a 130P which includes the RDF. I set the first one up and tried it, but didn't see any dot. I changed the battery but still no hope, so contacted FLO and Martin helpfully got me sorted out with another one. This one arrived and once again I can't see any form of red dot no matter how much I turn up the power on it. I once again changed the battery to make sure but just can't see any red dot on there. Am I doing something fundamentaly wrong here? If theres nothing else for me to try, I will send them both back to FLO so they can see if there is defects or not with them. I really don't think that its my fault but its not likely to get two broken finders!
  7. Hello Rich, I bought the same scope just after christmas and I have noticed the balancing is the same as you said so I don't think you are doing anything wrong. (it covers the "Sky" part on my logo, and the counter weights are about half way up the bar. I have been very pleased with the views with it, although how much detail did you get with Jupiter? I haven't had chance to view Saturn yet! I bought a light pollution reduction filter from FLO when I bought my scope and it does make a lot of difference for me. I can see the orange tinge disapear when I use it. I have the very orange type of street lights around here, and I heard that this filter would work well on them. Let me know which eyepieces you do go for in the end, as I would like to know what difference you see. Cheers, Tom
  8. Sounds like a great idea, would be nice to have a group of local people wanting to do observing! Let me know if you find any nice sites, I've only lived around here for a short while so don't really know any where good to go! Thanks for the info Jon, is that at the car park just off of the portway road? I have PM'd you my details.
  9. Hello All, I was wondering who meets up around Wiltshire, more specifically Bradford on Avon, Staverton, Melksham, as I live around there and would like to join an observing group as I am very new to all this and would love to learn how to observe the night sky properly. Cheers, Tom
  10. Just to make sure, will this be used for astrophotography or for general photography? I really like the micro four thirds/compact system cameras which are about now. I own the sony nex 5 and love the fact its light weight yet can use interchangable lenses. If I owned a full size dslr I probably wouldn't use it as much as I wouldn't carry it about due to the size.
  11. That is me completly! That and I also like to hack/mod/integrate things I have with other things I have.
  12. Ouch sorry to hear that! I dont know why they destroying our stuff, my collie chewed through my laptop power supply while it was plugged in still one time!
  13. Very nice, and you did a good job getting it sharper afterwards, I'm still trying to do that on my picture:
  14. OK thank you all for your advice, I'll wait till the for sale section comes around and see what pops up over the next month which might be suitable for me.
  15. Don't have access to that yet Would the mods mind if Vega pm'd me the details?
  16. I believe it was 775 frames, of which 107 were stacked (the quality option was set to 80%) I'll give it another go when I can get a completely clear sky on it and see if I can get some better results from it.
  17. Hope your having fun using it starry night, I am really pleased with mine and shocked at the views thought it.
  18. Hello, Last night I was watching the moon through my scope, through clouds and then all of a sudden I got a break in the clouds at around 2am and decided to try out the SPC900 to see how it works, learn how to focus it and then play with the results etc. My image came out like this: I am pleased with it for my first go, but I would quite like to know why I couldn't get it in focus. I was using a Skywatcher 130P on an eq2 mount, with a 2x barlow. Using an eyepiece I was able to get into really fine detail, but just couldn't focus with the camera that sharply. I used wxastrocapture an registax to sort the picture out afterwards. From what I have read I should be able to get really detailed images, or am I incorrect? (Imaging isn't a major concern of mine at the moment, I want to get into it properly in the future, money permitting. But I would quite like to show people what I can see if they have never looked through a telescope before)
  19. Thanks for the responses all, I think I'll hold back on them for the timebeing! What would you recommend Astro_baby as I think you had a 130P didnt you?
  20. Welcome! I went for the 130P and was very pleased!
  21. Hi Gary, Welcome! I went for the 130P and I am really pleased with it! Have you ordered yours yet?
  22. Ok your problem is that the SPC880 doesn't work on Windows 7. People have mentioned flashing to a SPC900 model. This in basic terms is putting new software on the webcam, so that it behaves and thinks that it is the SPC900 model. Part of the reason this is done is because the SPC880 doesn't work on Windows 7/vista etc. This is why Morgan computers offers a flashing service: https://www.morgancomputers.co.uk/shop/products2.asp?CategoryID=556 (I bought mine from them already flashed last week) There is a way for you to do this yourself, but I can't find the thread at the moment
  23. Hello All, I have recently purchased a 130P and I am now looking to get some additional eyepieces and filters to compliment it. I have a local shop which has some skywatcher eyepieces for sale and I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with them. The eyepieces I was looking at was a: Skywatcher 7-21mm Zoom eyepiece (£39) or Skywatcher 6.3mm Super Plossl Eyepiece (£19) and Skywatcher 32mm Super Plossl Eyepiece (£29) I will mainly be looking at plantary objects, which is why I think the zoom eyepiece will be best, or is this just a gimmicky eyepiece?
  24. When you plug the camera in does your pc say that a piece of hardware has been attached and attempts to install the drivers? And then it fails?
  25. If you just use the windows one, it does work on W7 (thats what I have on my laptop)
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