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  1. Thanks Ian hope you had a safe journey home

    1. Pint Of Stellar

      Pint Of Stellar

      Cheers matey, longer than expected with the traffic but otherwise safe thanks :-)

  2. 16" reflector inbound touch down in a few days time yipeeeee

  3. As cold as ice but blowing in the wind ha ha ha

  4. A big reflector to take to the dark site

  5. Watch in you,watch in me a trip to the old dark site tonight

  6. Watch in you, watch in me

  7. Keep your eyes peeled ,you never no who's looking and why !

  8. Urban fox control

  9. Urban fox control

  10. Urban fox control

  11. Some body logged in to my account how ?....

  12. Urban fox control

  13. urban fox control

  14. Urban fox control

  15. Urban foc control,the fox did not take the food last night a no show

    1. todd8137


      Urban fox control,he did not show last night

  16. Sunshine on a rainy day

  17. Clear tonight here it it's so any wy

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