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  1. great work ,good to see some one pushing out the box the dark neb punches out thismfine image pat
  2. Whilst stood on my back garden the clouds rolled in and the light reflected of the clouds that where rainbow colours but the yellow just shone out to me
  3. Wish i could get some clear skies to have another look,and sketch
  4. I did go to youtube and it said error tap to retry ,what was in the video ? Was it a space ship or so e thing else
  5. what a image i prefer HA images over colour pat
  6. nice work focus looks a tad of in a couple of them but great stuff pat
  7. Nothing to be worried about but every thing to be excited about should be nice did they coat both prime and secondary ? pat
  8. Hi Steve am sure theresmplenty of help here on sgl,about making mosaics ,also,youtube will have videos on this good luck Pat
  9. If like me when i first tried to find this i must have passed it loads times good luck full report on finding i hope ????
  10. Should be real easy i see this in small binos from the back garden pat
  11. todd8137


    Hi Andy great to hear from you me give up never am saving up for a new mirror set for the big monster p well not that big a 22" set three and a half grand from oldham optics be a bout a years time before i saved enough will be perm in tne shed i have the 12" till then pat
  12. What a start very beautiful crisp ,sharp and great detail this could be the start of a mosaic with great detail pat
  13. todd8137


    Hi All After a cloudy start at are new dark site at snake pass a great farmer let us use a bit of his land he and his son was amazed at the views ,so was i just looking at a dark sky so many stars and a bright milky way wow weeeeeeee! I found it hard to pick out some constelations at times . the 12" skywatcher i have on lone was superb i was worried after selling the 16" but the 12" was just as good any way M34 a nice open cluster theres plenty of bright stars and faint orange and bluish white stars low power shows it of a treat i opted not to put all the back ground stars in as it would be a wash with stars i look forward to more visits to are new dark site its a good hour and a half,drive but well worth it pat
  14. And for those brave nights even stack a few pat
  15. I spent years imaging the moon with am9.25" on a g gem pro i love the moon and view it almost every clear night it never get boring Pat
  16. Hi there focus is every thing as you now no ,what focuser do you have ?, the ole rack and pinion is ok but not great ,whats best to is try and get focus then take a image ,slightly move the focus take another ect do this inwards and outwards with the focus and see how you get on when you think you have focus drop the iso or time as its easier to lighten a image of the moon than it is to,darken in my view hers a quick edit its got plenty of detail Pat
  17. Hi will give it a whirl ,will join swl de m3xli pat
  18. the bottom one is one of the best i have seen on the double cluster pat
  19. I no this ir was banter it draws the attention away from the rest of the image thats all ?
  20. Are those yellow lines local to you ? Nev seen those in the milkynway before ?
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