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  1. 22 minutes ago, Stardust1 said:

    Hi Pat,

    I know this is an old post. But I was wondering how the shroud worked out for you? Did you make one?

    My dobson has also three truss poles, just like yours. I would like to make or buy a Light shrouds. But I'm hesitant as the shroud might cut some light.


    Yes still does the job and does it well if your worried you can make,metal hoops the same ones that are in wedding dresses but to be honnest it does not cut to much light 

    I have tested it on dimmer galaxies shroud on and no shroud it made little to no change to brightness or contrast

    keep looking up 


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  2. The only thing i need is white conte pencils and black card  no need for coloured pencils unless you doing the odd double ,all in all  every one finds there fav pencils black or white looking forward to some drawing my self this year 


  3. Hi Mike great sketches the moon is some what a obsession of mine well for the last 11 years i would say imlove dso's,but the moon and its shadows just blow me away every time i look forward to some of you sketches i the new year great dso,sketches by the way i look forward ro more of you work 


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  4. 14 hours ago, John said:

    I don't sketch other than to confirm relative postions of things but both the above are superb to my eyes - they really capture these beautiful subjects under excellent conditions :icon_biggrin:

    The 3D effect you have caught on the lunar surface is remarkable :icon_salut:


    Thanks for your kind comments  the moon as caught my eye since i started its always around and it never looks the same ,the reason i sketchd from day one is because you look for,longer at what ever it is a dso or the moon ,before i would spend five minutes looking at as many things as i could but never realy looked for,long enough have a great xmass and new year 

    I was t going for a 3D effect at the time with the moon surface but when i saw those shadows bing cast by those mountains wow i could not belive how great they looked .




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