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Status Updates posted by todd8137

  1. Freeze in fog

    Frosty scope


  2. I take it you wear X ray specs to look through the house ;)

  3. Wow new layout is cool 

  4. 16" reflector inbound touch down in a few days time yipeeeee

  5. A big reflector to take to the dark site

  6. Am shattered 02:15 what a great summer nights view ing

    1. Daniel-K


      Nice one Todd. Any chance of a report?

    2. Mike73


      These summer observing session wipe me out but glad you had a good one Pat.

    3. todd8137


      Sorry both just got in again,roll on the early nights

  7. As cold as ice but blowing in the wind ha ha ha

  8. Bit of S@N mars ,yes please

  9. Bored of this cloud now !

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    2. Luke


      I've ordered a few gaps in the clouds from FLO for tonight. Quite a reasonable price. Hope you get some viewing in over the Bank Holiday, Pat :)

    3. todd8137


      Yeah me to

    4. neil groves

      neil groves

      We have had high cirrus cloud bothering us for the longest time, can see the stars through it but severly limiting.

  10. Brrrrr frosty dog walk

  11. Clear tonight here it it's so any wy

  12. Date night two with the moon

  13. Does have in a 16" reflector make me part of the dob mob

    1. Daniel-K


      Is it on a alt az base

    2. emadmoussa


      If it's a Dobsonian base like Dan says,..then yes!!

    3. ronin


      If the newtonian is on a dobsonian mount then it would. If it is on anything else then no it wouldn't.

  14. Dreaming of Alpha Carinae V

  15. Have a great astro 2015

  16. I posted my 8000th post

    1. ronin


      That averages about 6.25 posts everyday since you joined in Dec 10. Not sure if I should congratulate you or suggest therapy :-))

    2. todd8137


      I never thought about it like that


  17. I spy with my little eye

    1. ronin


      I bet it is something beginning with "C". Just cannot think what.

    2. todd8137


      I wish it was Comet

  18. I'm walking on sunshine

    1. tingting44


      what one :)

    2. todd8137


      The one in andromeda a star with planets

    3. Luke


      And it's starting to feel good :)

  19. Keep your eyes peeled ,you never no who's looking and why !

  20. Moon we have another date tonight you better be nice

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    2. JessicaFaye


      Watch out though... a clear night and she's anyone's ;)

    3. todd8137


      She's there for every one to see but only as eyes for me

    4. stevend


      The Straight Wall is great but when the Jupiter transits start I'll be leaving her,

  21. More galaxy busting in Leo tonight I hope,the,16" dob is amazing

    1. Daniel-K


      the 16" is a cracking scope for picking out galaxies

    2. todd8137


      Sure is last night I thought there's some smudges out tonight and there was after use in a c9.25 ,it's like starting all over again ;)

  22. O the joys of life big smiles

  23. Pea soup now seeing as gone time to pack away me thinks

  24. Some body logged in to my account how ?....

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