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  1. I always say this , a goto system is ok but what tends to happen is this you set up and do it's star align and the paper work will say the skies are your oyster that's not always the case ,but when it is ,it's great ,then what happens is you tend to spend a very short time on each target .because you can point at any thing it takes my eyes a good 15 minutes to really start pulling the fine detail out planets and galaxies and the novelty of the goto soon wears thin after a while

    I love to star hop I really do it took me a good 15 months to learn all the goodies that can be seen at the eye piece and the knowledge of knowing where things are is satisfying to say the least ,

    If you loose power or stub your toe on the mount it's a new star align ect

    Goto is great for some,and not for others the limited viewing nights in the UK make goto a great choice for those that want it and the technology these days is good so if it's what you require go-for it

    But my dad always said to me "knowledge is power" . when I have friends round I enjoy manually moving the dob mounted newt around ,the thrill of find in the targets is one hell of a feeling and showing other his great .


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  2. Sorry to see that,have you a solder pump and good iron,should be a easy job to sort did any thing else burn out ,get a fuse in line on any psu it always pays in the end I would fuse the power cable when you fix this all my cables are because of the very reason ,you have just had

    You should have no probs sorting ths


  3. Looks great might do tht my self but still not sure ,you did a great job it's a concrete post I want my c gem weighs over seventy pounds it's a back breaker over 50 feet.we shll see I am going to have a good look round for one first will blog it when i do

    Cheers pat

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