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  1. Hi Dale, welcome to the forum... I used to go to school in Rayleigh, many years ago...
  2. I'm wondering is this could be scaled up enough for a decent propulsion system. Would attaching a buttered bagette to the back of a lion give a few more EPCs (Ergs Per Cat)?
  3. I would think that there are more similarities than differences, comparing landscape photography with astro photography. Landscape photography, especially when photographing dusk/dawn shots often rely on long exposures to reveal hidden detail. Knowing how to use the equipment, be it a camera, scope, tripod, webcam, point 'n' shoot compact, etc and knowing the limitations is much better than rolling up with the latest 18" EQ mounted light bucket, and not having a clue where to look. A decent, large telephoto lens bears more than a passing resemblance to a refractor scope, and mirror lenses are small reflectors. I would say that astro photography (at least at the amateur/home observing level) is as different to landscape photography as studio portrait photography is to landscape photography - Different skills (and many of the same skills) are required in all three disciplines, but they are all aspects of image capturing. Oh, and they are all money pits.
  4. Hi Paul and welcome, don't worry about being moaned at, I get moaned at all the time, but being with the scope in the garden means I can't hear it I'll get me coat
  5. Hi Marko, Hello and welcome from Derby. Leek and Buxton sound like great areas for dark skies. When I used to drive down the A52 to Stoke, there looked to be a lot of potential sites for some good viewing...
  6. Hi Christophe and welcome, I had a week in Western Scotland last year and the skies were stunning!
  7. I'm sort of hoping it stays closed... My post Christmas bank account can't handle the strain... But I've been checking every other day just in case
  8. @ncjunk - that sounds about right... It's a limit based on our theories of everything. Simon, digging out some very hazy memories, there shouldn't be an upper limit of energy that can be applied to a particle by its speed. To accelerate a particle with a non-zero rest mass to C would require an infinite amount of energy, and could therefore be classed as infinitely hot. To get an idea of how hot the Planks Temperature is, it's almost as hot as the filling in a Macdonalds Hot Apple Pie
  9. It's possibly Plank's Temperature - 1.416785× 10 to the 32 K At least until someone works out a working Grand Unified Theory I'm going to lie down now, there's some deeply repressed memories coming through
  10. Ahhhhhhhhh! A stalker I wonder how many dark sky sites can be accessed by canoe!
  11. Hi Carl, Hello and welcome from down the A50. Glyn
  12. HI Kharga, welcome to SGL... Are you straying from SOTP (or is there another Kharga in the area I'm confusing you with?)
  13. Hi Dan, another welcome from me!
  14. Hi Slangers and welcome from Derby
  15. Well, that could have been worse... Put the scope out before sundown. Nice and clear. With a dark sky, there were actually stars! After popping inside to grab a camera (and assorted accessories), there were a few clouds, but it looked like it would clear... Five minutes later and, BANG, wall to wall orange. Grrrr. I think someone is having a bit of a laugh... Still, at least something was visible for a few minutes
  16. There's a strange blue colour above Derby... I'm just going to the garage, to check the freezer and not to grap the 'scope. I definitely will not be going in to get a scope out, oh no
  17. +1 for Ian M Banks, and pretty much anything else with a SciFi twist! I loved Contact, but was disappointed by the film - the book was much better. It may be time to go book shopping again... At least it's something to do whilst waiting for the gaps in the clouds
  18. If the cloud gods have heard and decide to regroup tomorrow night over the midlands, I may have to shake an angry fist Here's hoping it's clear, but very, very quietly...
  19. Hi John, hello and welcome from a starless and overcast Derby Glyn
  20. Hi James, another welcome from the east side of the Peaks. Glyn
  21. Hi Stephen, Another welcome from a fellow Derbyite Glyn
  22. Not too bad for the first time out this year. Looking mainly south at Jupiter, Orion and Pleiades. Quite a lot of orange (not purple) haze. I need to spend a while sorting out both 'scopes mounts, which may have to be a spring project... I did pop out later on (after Star Gazing Live) with just the camera and a tripod and it was much clearer. I just need to get my head around Deep Sky Stacker to get the best out of the images
  23. GlynSmith


    Hi Ewok, Welcome to SGL. Hopefully there'll be some clear skies in 2011 Glyn...
  24. I've decided to tempt fate a little tonight... The forecast looks promising, there's a weird orange disk setting over Derby and there's a hint of a strange phenomenon I believe the old mystics call 'Blue Sky'. So the 'scopes are out in the garden awaiting nightfall. Anyone else risking it?
  25. Nope On the plus side, I'm planning to write to Dragons Den with a plan to irrigate the deserts of the world by forming astronomy groups in their centres...
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